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  1. I agree with you.. i really need more screen time of our Kudo Hina! really cant get enough of her scene. I do hope the writer explores Hina character as well, Kim Min Jung acting is very good even though she only appear for few moments. Her strong aura is not a doubt! Can i board the ship as well? i am rooting for Dong Mae and Hina, their chemistry together are so hot. Besides i believe Hina and DongMae are already close together, know each other well so maybe they have potential to be together..
  2. Is there anyone here who wants more of Kudo Hina??...i loves character like Hina, seems strong and enchanting but only got to see her for few minutes,like 3 to 5 minutes the most.. T-T cant get enough of Hinaaa, wish i can see her more in following episodes. i want to watch story revolves around Hina as well, mybe the sisromance with AS, chemistry with DM, and how her teenage days were..really curious ^-^
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