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  1. I’m getting out from my lurker mode to profess my (unexpected) love for this drama & especially the CA & JH couple. I frown when they get upset, swallowed profanities at those who hurt them, tear up when they cry beautifully (and how they do!), squeal when they throw their honey looks & sweet smiles to each other, drum my desk in excitement when they ramp up their love-meter & the list goes on. This drama is my first discovery of SIA & KJY, I will surely keep track of them after this. I didn’t think I would ever follow a long Kdrama again after Life is Beautiful (2010), Wonderful Days & Marry Me Now. Too many episodes, too much work to keep up with the sub plots, too impatient to know how the stories tie-up in the end. But I accidentally clicked on a recommended BLWL YouTube video & was charmed by CA & JH in one of their earlier uber-cute banter episodes. So I checked this drama out & that was that & here I am still at 72 episodes & counting (despite real life work piling up like crazy! why am I committing to a long Kdrama again?! Le sigh!!) In some Kdramas the level of ridiculous makjang-nism (Ha! Is there such a word?) makes me give them up totally. But BLWL is different to me, as if its sweetness overrules its negative parts. eg, I can take the craziness extra of XX. She is evil but sometimes she makes me laugh. I totally love it when she loses out against the housekeeper, JW, JH & KSW (oh the gum scenes, hilarious!). The Judge, I thought she was unlike her younger sister in chaebol-entitled-antics but she became worse than the latter, she kept her negative side well covered up thus far. She is really giving me the chills now as she is slowly becoming unravelled. But I still can tolerate her scenes. HR, I wish I can just FF her scenes. May she migrate elsewhere grim & dark, pronto! JW! Oh JW! Poor JW! I thought I would totally hate on him, committing adultery with HR (eww!), betraying his marriage vows (kar-pow!), trying to interfere with SA’s career after the divorce (grr!). But nevertheless despite his flaws, JW has successfully wormed his way into my sympathies. He also has his sweet funny & loving side. He is also teasingly sweet to JH. Recently, I even found myself tearing up at his most silent scene with SA (at TR’s restaurant when he did not say a word to SA back & just left the scene). OMS is another actor unknown to me that caught my interest & I will surely follow his acting career from now on. KSW tugs at my heart too, he deserves a better happier life. (He did in another recent shorter Kdrama that I watched, heh). I do follow BLWL forum enthusiastically behind the scenes (took me weeks to back track to read from the earliest posts to the latest!). Loving the translations, insightful posts, discussion, videos, screencaps, funny strips etc. shared by members. Keep ‘em coming, I say! Much appreciated by a lurker like me! TQ!! My fervent wish: may JH & CA live happily ever after (please show us the wedding & some married life scenes, do you hear, writer-nim?).