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  1. Can you pls explain the ending Is sang sang visible while jump down with NQ? Is she reunite with NQ end of season 2?
  2. Cc and Nini are the best leads in Love and destiny An unforgettable screen couple Every micro expressions and dialogues deep in our hearts
  3. LAD award nomination results https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_and_Destiny
  4. So nervous about tonight results Best director best writer best Supporting best actor and actress All the best for L&D
  5. extra ordinary comment don't get angry copy and google translate yourselves Samantha Lu 女主角,我不喜歡.臉太大了.跟張震一樣大.可怕! 但是,扮演青瑤醫仙的仙氣十足,婀娜多姿,我喜歡! 讚好 · 回覆 · 23小時 Lee An Nah huh??????????????????? 讚好 · 回覆 · 1 分鐘 p.s please don't get angry and take any silly action Thanks for co-operation
  6. Is there any chance the writer herself not sure how Jc came back too?
  7. True If depends on popularity on Weibo they might less some number of voters
  8. I just figured out his new outlook really fit the character of the Monkey god Shifu
  9. If they helped to release him they should appeared on the screen in final episode In my opinion we should find out the answer from the writer PS As Jc said ling Xi should responsible for him Then the writer should responsible to solve our myst
  10. Oh now we know its not easy to perform the kiss scene in front of the camera
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