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  1. @SeGafanlady did she really abandon her child?? Is it her child or someone else's?? As far as the episodes go, I did not see any clarification of these questions yet.. The child is hers. The scene where CHS told JTO they were dead, she walked away before he could tell her he found/located the baby (the nanny came with the baby after she walked away). I am not sure about the circumstances, whether she put it up for adoption, let it in an orphanage or her mother took care of things. As unhinged as JTO seems to be, I give him high marks for taking responsibility and raising the child himself. I think JTO really loved CHS and she hurt him terribly, but I believe the trigger was the fact that she walked away from the child. To JTO, CSH is a fraud, she acts as if she is someone she is not. I am not sure, ( I need to watch the episode again); however, I believe I heard someone talk about rumors of how many boyfriends CHS had and wild she was while away from home. Knowing her history, guess JTO feels why should CHS be happy, and act as if she doesn't have any responsibility, plus without her help he could possibly lose the one thing he loves above all... his child. I am loving the chemistry between the characters of HeRa and TIJ their eyes tell the story, especially TIJ's. He looks as if he could consume HeRa. The way he looks at her, I expect the room to go up in smoke at any minute. . I love this drama. I am watching several drama concurrently and I am into all of them, the genre's are different, and the plot/story line is different; however, the actors are doing a great job in all of them.
  2. It is a little early; however, this drama has just moved to number one on my romantic drama list. I don't see two people with an age gap, a class gap, or a wealth gap, I just see two people falling in love. JH is very mature for his age, and although CSH is older than he, because she has always been told what to do in her personal life, CSH is on the same level as JH when it comes to love. I am so impressed with the level of writing, the direction and the cinematography. Encounter is a joy to watch. It makes me reminisce and reflect on when I first fell in love. That stage of a relationship is so special and this drama captures it perfectly. Some thought the kiss should have been more, I thought the kiss was just right for a first kiss. Most people are a little hesitant about their first kiss, and under these circumstances, I thought the kiss was just enough, I loved the way it was filmed with the close-ups, the panning out, the party in the ballroom and their encounters... it was a wonderful kiss that left something to our imagination. (I can imagine the after party and the next morning) All of the actors are outstanding even the evil m-n-l and the pushy mother. I am not always happy with the outcome, but I am always left feeling satisfied that I have watched great episode where all the actors rose to the occasion. This is a first class drama, good work from all involved. Thank you. @rdturbo I am glad you joined our conversation. I used to post on other sites; however, I found many of the posts on those sites were personal attacks on the actors and other nasty irrelevant nonsense that did not move the conversation forward or add insight to the topic. I am glad I found Soompi. Most of the posts here are about the drama and characters. We do not always agree, but for the most part, everyone is respectful of others opinions, analysis and critiques.
  3. If the woman was of child bearing age, although she was older, having children would not be a problem. The ages of these two characters are 34 and 27, there is not reason why they could not have children.
  4. I don't have time to read the posts; therefore, I might be stating something that was stated before, if so please forgive me. I jumped up and clapped when Sunny threw the food, ice and water on the emperor and pulled the hussy (YR) by the hair. You go Sunny!!! Wow, what is scene. LOVED IT!!! I knew that the grand dowager (grandmother) would die when she told the emperor and emperor's mother what she was going to do. Why is it that people in k-dramas cannot do anything without telling what they are going to do? WB's mother is dead, why? because she had to tell what she was going to do. When YR said don't tell anyone, she should have said, okay, your secret is safe with me. The grandmother should have called the council... make up some story to tell her daughter-in-law and then do what she needed to do. When are they going to get it... telling what you are going to do before you do it will get you killed. If you don't die, it wasn't because of the lack of trying, ask the Empress Suni. However, it did not stop her, maybe the death of the queen mother will shut her up and keep her thoughts and plans to herself. If I was WB, I would not trust her either. He is still alive because he has kept his mouth closed.
  5. I have not had a chance to read all of the posts; however, I would like to make a case for older women marrying younger men with the following list: 1) French President Emmanuel Macron's wife is 24 years his senior. 2) Tina Tuner's husband is 16 years her junior 3) Hugh Jackman's wife is 13 years older than he. 4) Carol Burnett's husband is 23 years younger than she is. These two characters are only 7 years apart. CHS and KJH can have that happy ending. I understand that they have more than an age gap to overcome; they must also overcome the wealth and "class" gap. However, it would be nice for them to overcome those obstacles and have a happy ever after. They are sole mates. Are sole mates determined by age? What CHS needs in her life, now is someone who cares for her solely. That fact that KJH is not from a prominent family or a wealthy background is a plus, his focus is on CHS, what makes her smile, what makes her happy. Up to now CHS has lived for others, and what is expected of her. She is successful in her own right and does not need a man's arm to be recognized. It is time for her to start enjoying life and I think KJH is the one who can fill that role. Side bar: Do you realize what a heady experience it is to have a younger man think you are cute, sexy, and is falling in love with you and want to jump your bones? CHS, don't let anyone come between you and your chance to have a happy life...go for it. If her ex-husband not only fell in love with a women of humble means, but one older than he...it would not only drive his mother insane but kill her.
  6. I love this drama. I am on a wonderful ride with these two. I think that the K-drama has finally grown-up to air a drama portraying two individuals, an older, divorced, well accomplished woman, and a younger, well read, mature man, falling in love. I am loving the journey from strangers connecting in Cuba to their "some" relationship. Their chemistry makes my heart do somersaults. I am 100% in their corner regardless the obstacles. I do feel sorry for her ex-husband, but not enough for her to be in a relationship with him again. I would love to see him embrace her decision, move on and wish her happiness. It would be nice to see him find someone to love, someone of a humble background so that it would drive his mother insane. How do I describe it? The plot is fast paced; however, the story line is slow. I have watched how they've moved from phase to phase in their relationship and not have had that out of breath, rushed feeling. The walks in-hand, the bicycle ride, playing in the sand on the beach, and thinking about each other smiling, makes me reminisce about when I was falling in love with my mate; the I can't wait to see him again feeling, smiling when I thought about him, and not being sure if I wanted to entered into a more permanent relationship with him. I applaud the writer and the directors for one of the most beautiful K-drama love stories I have seen in years. Even the poems and illustrations are perfect. I am hoping for a happy ending.
  7. I felt the same.. I guess communication was the failure in this relationship.. Her husband also seems to be loving her n she also did try for pleasing him.. I want to know more n more abt their relationship too.. I loved all the flashbacks in today's episode as it showed more abt CSH n KJH!! Ultimately their parents (mothers) might have had something to do with the failure of their marriage. Even when you love one another the first couple of years, (if you have not lived together before) are the hardest because you are really getting to know each other. With those two mothers, I can imagine it make things much harder. Hopefully we will be given more insight into the break-up of their marriage.
  8. I agree with you. I have been thinking the same thing for the last couple episodes, elope. That would stop Ms. Crazy lady in her tracks. As CWH's wife asked Crazy Lady "You do not know what it is like to be married to someone who doesn't love you." In essence, you cannot make someone love you and you will be forever miserable.
  9. Perhaps that explains why LH's mother is so protective of him. She feels she has to help him, rule the country. It would also explain why she did not want him to marry YR. YR is easily manipulating the emperor. She really doesn't care about him, the country, or the institution of the monarchy, she only cares for herself and living a grand lifestyle. Blademan said Dude I get that you want to gain the Emperor's loyalty but dang! How does this make you any different...? Perhaps he is coming from another angle. He can see Sunny hurting and he wants her to stop at the same time he has to do something to throw suspicion off of him.
  10. I agree with some of what you've surmised but not all. CSY because of how she was raised, would not have walked out of the marriage just because her husband had an affair. She asked him why hadn't he remarried. She said that she only let him go, because he said he could not give up the other woman and wanted to marry her. I think CSY, although she felt as if she was sold off, would have stayed in the marriage had he made her feel loved and important. I do not know why he cheated; however, I think he came to the realization after the divorce that he let a dynamite woman go and that he actually loved her. When they first married he could have also felt resentment for having to marry someone whom was forced on him and his way of rebelling was to have an affair. I do agree that if he had fought beside CSY during those times, she may have seen his intentions more clearly.
  11. This story is visually exciting, engaging, and tantalizing. I love the story line, it very different from many other K-dramas I have watched It is a step up with the on location filming. This drama is appealing on many levels. It appeals to gamers, those who love thrillers, mysteries, and action dramas and of course millennials.
  12. @stella77 and @ktcjdrama I could not agree with your more, I have not seen any provocative sexual scenes that would make anyone blush, or turn away in disgust. What I have seen are bed or bathtub scenes tastefully executed. It is left up to the imagination as to the what actually happened. Therefore, I conclude that those who are protesting about the sex in this drama have "dirty minds" Oops, I know your secret. No worries though, having an imagination is a part of being human. I love that this is a fast moving drama. What keeps me hooked is all of the twists, and turns, such as finding out the the nanny is the little princess daughter and not the spoiled, unhinged princess, which makes the child her niece (thank God). Now I understand why the little princess visited the king so often, it is his daughter. I am curious as to what nanny's position was before she give birth to the king's daughter, was she his personnel assistant also? The person in the grave had on a necklace and earrings that looked like the heirloom set the king gave to Suni. Therefore, who is the person in the grave? Was she someone the king impregnated also? It is obvious that the king loved his first wife, what happened that she took her own life it that is what truly happened. We know that his daughter is 7, and the wife has been dead for 7 years, is there a correlation between the two events? Is the king's brother an author and why is he estranged from the palace? This is why I am watching the drama. I have loved watching Choi, Jin Hyuk since the Gu Family Book; however, he is not why I decided to watch this show. I love Jang Nara's acting, but she is not the reason I am watching this drama. I was looking for something to watch while the drama I was watching was translated into English and after watching episode one, I was hooked. After episode one, I had many questions that I wanted the answers to. How to get those answers...watch the drama. So far, this drama has not disappointed me. I am looking forward to the next episode.
  13. @sal2 Thank you for the explanation. I can understand how you feel, because I commented when it happened that he just left the bed of someone else. (I wonder if he even washed) Although that and the massage room scene put me off, it wasn't enough to stop me from watching the drama. Unfortunately, men (in real life) around the world go home to their wives after leaving their mistresses houses, one night stands, and women of the night, and I find it disgusting and dangerous to the wife. However, when I am watching a drama, these scenes tell us what type of character each actor is playing. From these scenes, we know that YR has no feelings for anyone, not even the emperor. She uses people to advance her person agenda; NWS, his mother, the queen mother, and the emperor. The emperor's behavior tells us that he thinks he loves YR; however, he will do his duty if he must, i.e. go to bed with his wife. He also thinks that YR will help him break away from his mother so that he can become the emperor in his own right. I look at this drama as a historical drama, with a modern backdrop. The palace has always been cut throat and a dangerous place to live. Therefore, I look at the drama through a different lens.
  14. Really... that is sad and stupid. I don´t see how people even care for romance anymore when they are doing this. trowing scenes like that without building the romance at least. I am out of here. so for those that like this show enjoy @sal2 I am sorry that you do not like the show and I hope you find a drama that you will enjoy watching. I am not sure I understand what you are speaking of. Are you upset about the Emperor and YR or are you upset about the Emperor and Sunny (his legal wife) having sex? It is nice to build a relationship first; however, in many cultures, arranged marriages are the norm. Therefore, there is no romance building before marriage and they have sex first once they exchange vows, they learn each once they marry. If I used many K-dramas as a guide, I would say poor people marry for romance, rich people marry for finance. The show isn't so much about who is zooming who, but as it proceeds it will be about Sunny (the empress) and CWB (her body guard) solving a mystery and bringing down the monarchy. People aren't perfect in real life and have sex for many reasons other than romance or before they build a relationship. Again, I sincerely hope you find a drama that will make you happy.
  15. I had an opportunity to watch this drama last night... loved it. I cannot believe that I am currently watching four dramas that I like, this year I cut back to one or two dramas at a time; however, last night while waiting for next episodes of Love Alert, the Last Empress, and The Encounter, I decided to see what this drama was about. The drama started off gritty, with HR's brother paying for stolen leather from the pier (loading dock) and then their shop being raided by the police. Another scene two brothers are arguing and one hits the other. Okay, now I am interested. It gets better, TIJ, the second generation chaebol son's reporter girlfriend is off the chain. She approaches HR, and warns her to stay away for TIJ. I am now getting into the plot, and the plot thickens, TIJ's fiance is JTO's ex-lover, and she possibly has a child by him. He has a potential collaboration with TIJ. The final connection between the four happens when JTO meets HR, because his handmade shoes, which her father made, needed repair. It is a delicious tangled web, especially when the JTO proposes a business deal to HR to steal TIJ's heart from his ex-lover. The first four episodes are well written, and well executed. I am looking forward to watching the rest of this drama.
  16. You are spot on, but funny... I was in stitches as I read your post. You forget to add the massage scene; I would have loved to read your thoughts. Many thought that this drama posts would be polarizing; however, so far, I have had a blast reading everyone's posts. Everyone have a great sense of humor. Great post.
  17. @Lmangla I choose option three... we find out the Sunny actually has brain cells and figure out who the locket belongs to.
  18. It is the end of 2018 and I am just returning to this drama. I am surprised by how much I remember. I hope that all the episodes have been subed in English. It is a pity that more people have not found or commented on this drama. I think many dramas outside of the country of origin, do not get much traction if they are not picked up by one of the major screening companies such as Vicki. Great story, I hope that eventually more people will find it and watch it.
  19. I have watched the first two episodes and I am loving this drama. I found myself wishing that I had waited to watch it because this is a drama that I would love to marathon. I think complete strangers first meeting (especially under her circumstances, stolen pocketbook, no money) would be a little awkward towards each other. Therefore, their reaction towards each other and their awkwardness were spot on. Some have stated that this drama reminds them of a movie, and I have to agree. I think both actors are doing a fantastic job and their emotions are realistic and fit the situation.
  20. I watch episode 7 last night and I do not know where to begin with my comments. My strongest reaction was to YR. I understand she grew up in poverty, and did not have anything, and the hopes of becoming the king's mistress/empress were enticing. However, YR knew that if the royals found out she had a child, she could never be anymore than a booty call. I do not know if YR promised to marry Na, Wank Sik; but his mother and he were under impression that she was his girlfriend and future wife. The character of YR is a user and she devoid of real human emotions. She does not love the emperor, she never loved NWS. Although I have no love lost for the emperor, I think that given a chance and space, he would fall for Sunny. Sunny is naive; however, she is a breath of fresh air in the palace. Just Suni's presence has brought live back to the palace. The Lee Hyuk does not love Sunny and she knows that, but she intrigues him, she does the unexpected. It think that is why YR acted in the despicable way she did in the the massage room. If you noticed, the emperor did not seek her, YR sought out LH because he would have been more discreet because he is now married. YR wants to hurt Sunny, she is trying to mark, like a dog, her territory, the territory is not hers. When YR get finish debasing herself with the emperor, Sunny is still the empress. Lee Hyuk might not turn down the booty, and does not love the empress, but he is going to protect her has his wife. The love scenes between the Emperor and YR are tacky, tasteless and steamy , but I am not put off by them because it explains YR's character and how she thinks. The make-out scenes were not written just because the writer wanted add some racy scenes, those scenes help us to define YR. We all know how men think, therefore, the emperor responding to YR is no surprise and the scenes do not bother me. When I was young, my mother explained(drilled) to me the difference between men and women, it is unfair (thank God for the "me too" movement); however, it is true. Woman are precious jewels; perhaps it's because we bring forth life. By my mother's teaching once the emperor decided to marry Sunny, YR should have walked away. Even if LH came to YR, her answer should have been no. The character of YR has no self respect and in her quest, to get back at the queen mother and show Sunny, she has the emperor, she lost her dignity. Do I feel sorry for whatever happens to YR...the answer is no. The grandmother was so funny, I like her. She was hilarious in the family's restaurant. I love her character.
  21. I always though after he saw her just out of the shower and looked like he was going to jump her right there combined with the towel drop meant they did it that night. It is open for interpretation... I say that they slept together that night...He said he was going to eat her alive...I don't think he (or she) stopped at a kiss. I watched this drama when it aired and I loved it. Anyone new to K-drama and want a recommendation, this remake is one of the dramas I would recommend. Now I will have to watch episode 13 again...Tee He
  22. I also agree that this drama will cause a lively discussion. I hope it is not polarizing, but thought provoking and above all respectful. I love watching dramas that cause the audience to have strong opinions. The first two episodes, I felt sorry for the emperor because he could not seem to break away from his mother's influence. I understand the cultural influence and the deference many men give to their mother; however, as the head of the country, the emperor should treat his mother with the utmost respect, but draw a line that she cannot cross, because in essence she is subservient to him and not the other way around. I admit that I am disappointed by the emperor's weakness as a "ruler" and because of that weakness, he is being manipulated by MYR to get back at the Dowager, Queen. I could not get over the fact that MYR tried to kill her mother. If she hadn't hit her, I do not think her mother would have walked out in front of the vehicle. Nor could I accept the fact that she did not cry knowing that her mother was killed, wow, now that is cold-blooded and sub-human. I think initially Lee Hyuk would have reported the incident, because it was an accident. At that point, I was in the emperor's corner. Once he called in his fixer/cleaner and would have also killed MYR, also I said, &!ll no, the emperor is weak, cruel and devoid of any real emotions --- he just went the bed with this woman and now she is collateral damage? Any feelings I had of being sorry for him went right out of the window. I am looking forward to the next episode.
  23. I was going to give this drama up after the first episode, but decided to give the second episode a try. I am glad I did, I will be sticking with this drama until the end. It reminds me of an historical drama, but set in the modern era; the overbearing, power hungry queen mother; the scheming (in earlier centuries it would have been a noble consort) personal secretary; and the ruthless king and his "cleaners" (elite soldiers). Therefore, life is still dangerous in the palace. Even in 2018 you can lose your life in the palace. I love Jang Na-Ra as Oh Su-Ni or Sunny. She is great in this part. The only problem I have so far is her clothes. Why do they have to be so ugly??? Sunny's character can be naive without looking frumpy and tattered. What's with that? Maybe someone can explain it to me. In most Korean dramas, why do nice and/or naive female characters wear such awful clothes? Is a nice shirt/blouse/sweater and a decent looking dress, skirt, or pair of pants too expensive for a nice or naive woman? Is it that nice or naive women don't know how to dress? Okay, I am finish with my pet peeve. So far I am enjoying this drama and cannot wait until the next episode.
  24. My thoughts about this drama. Asian dramas often have a message. For me the message of this drama is true beauty comes from the within. What appears to be a curse for HGS is really a blessing, she has a profound understanding that on the inside everyone is the same. Regardless of how her outer body appears; whether her spirit is housed in a young or old body; male or female body; or a body of a different race or ethnicity, inside HGS is still the same person with the same principles. DSJ cannot distinguish faces, he has to rely on people's gestures, the way they talk, walk and innate kindness. Both these conditions if you look on the surface appear to be a curse, however, both conditions allow them to see the world as we all should see the world, without bias based on the superficial. What a great place the world would be if we all only saw the beauty of a person's spirit.
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