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  1. Oh wow, I want to know about the script sooo much, hope to see more about it here And guys, idk why, but seeing LSK in Cannes film festival and IU working on her own project makes me feel like there's a big chance of reunion in a movie? Like in the inner drama/movie cycle MA actually got a huge recognition and I'm sure many film and casting casting directors would have eyes on them. Haha I'm talking fantasies buuuut like the chances seem kinda real??? I really don't know why I'm like this lol
  2. I'm living for the recognition MA is getting so satisfying and a real joy to see that the drama is getting all the well-deserved awards. LSK not getting any award is still disappointing but I'm still incredibly proud of the whole team. I won't get tired with talking how amazing MA really is, even today just a little thought is enough and my heart is full with warmth and hope for the future. Definitely love seeing them together. Watching the videos it made me want to see IU and LSK again together in something new. Just imagine, what a dream come true it would be. they are too good together
  3. OH MY GOD I'm really sorry for offending anyone but did they really just give Lee Byung Hun a Daesang while LSK was nominated???? They gave LBH a daessang for Mr Sunshine??? Are you fking kidding me???? wow the nerve????? wow????
  4. I'm not insisting that EC will fail in protecting AS, but rather what I want to say is the fact that yes he is very logical and works things out very well, but most of the time it is his American status that gives him a big advantage and I'm not sure until when it will help him out, considering the fact that the situation is getting chaotic every day. That aside, he is more about sacrificing himself, like we saw what he did when AS shoot the Japanese soldier. It will get harder for him, since US is pretty much moving out from Joseon and losing their influence. And I can't say anything about DM either, so far we haven't seen what he achieved by cutting her hair, maybe their's still something to it. EIther way, Grandfather saw something in his move that made him worthy of asking to protect AS and I hope the writer won't mess it up and make it hard to understand what she is trying to achieve with DM's character. I'll take a break fro The DM/AS/EC drama and want to talk a bit about HS. I feel so sorry for him??? Like the boy wanted to have a simple life, to enjoy the flowers, the wind and the sun and all the little things but look at where he is now. Holding a gun, soaked in blood. My heart really broke for him and honestly he is such a tragic character, I feel like he won't have a happy ending and it saddens me so much. Cinnamon roll deserves better
  5. I do remember, but how many times do you suggest he does it before he ends up jailed somewhere, leaving AS on her own? This here, you said it already. That's why Grandpa didn't ask him directly to protect AS, because it is a crisis time and AS might end up in a critical situation at any given time, where EC's ways of helping AS won't be as effective. I'm not saying that DM is better or knows better how to protect her but i'm trying to be reasonable here, who will succeed more in keeping AS alive, no matter what?
  6. Yes and adding the fact that he should do the "killing" of T. Mori because he is American and will save Joseon from the direct war with Japan EC has to stay American and if he quits the US military I'm not sure how he manages it...
  7. I'm few of the people that didn't criticise DM over that scene since I was sure there was some kind of deep meaning behind it, but I got to agree with you here. I thought we would get some kind of explanation in the 19th episode but there was none. However, we are most probably missing out the message the writer wants to deliver. Just think about it, Grandpa went and beat him up but still appointed DM as the protector at the end of the day. Maybe it has to do with the fact that both EC and HS are too soft when it comes to AS and are ready to just let her be even if she decides to jump of a bridge, while DM is ready to do anything to keep her safe. Grandpa's last wish for AS was to stay alive no matter what and logically speaking DM is the only one who will stick to that wish and not get swayed by AS's independent nature. So far, this is the only thing I can conclude.
  8. unfortunately 20th ep is still early for WI to die, since he is one of the key figures in the drama right now. He will probably survive somehow
  9. Won't she be able? Yeah probably... Anyway, what weirds me out, is the way AS always looks at DM. I know that she doesn't love him but she always has this weird sad look, I'm not sure why but she seems to care about him a lot and just saving his life in childhood seems like a not enough reason to me. I guess AS somehow regards him as a friend? She definitely has this soft spot for him for whatever reason...
  10. UMMM GUYSS?????????????? I think they just included a future scene in the new BTS video?????????? Starting from 1:50 we can see AS holding a sword against DM's throat and it's probably right after the haircut scene?????? wow
  11. Thanks for bringing up this topic. Kyle is kind of a cheesy character for me and I agree, right now his only purpose is to show off LBH's English speaking abilities That aside, you might be right, but I'm not expecting Kyle to become a villain in a traditional sense - he will play an American consciousness of CE. With this I mean, he will try to remind EC that he is American and that his duties lie there and might somehow end up messing his plans of helping AS and fighting for Joseon's independence. US wasn't exactly there to play a hero - they will back down after Japan's annexation and this is where EC will end up having problems because he won't be able to help AS or the RA in any way, might even be forced to leave the country.
  12. UGH thanks for posting those gifs and bringing up their break up scene, it was definitely one of the highlights of the episode. Watching it, my heart shattered into pieces, SH's character is really the one getting better and better every episode, showing us sides completely worthy of falling in love. The way he is so selfless and ready to give up his interests for the sake of his loved ones is so beautiful and an example. It really breaks my heart to see him so vulnerable and sad, we can see that he genuinely cares for AS and loves her. And yes, BYH is killing it with his amazing acting, you can feel the pain and all the emotions
  13. Thank you for this interesting information, it really makes sense! And well said about his actions. Anyway going back to the last scene of ep 18, i'm starting to even surely believe that DM's motives are greater than we think. Like i said he is cleverer than to think that a haircut will stop AS from exiting her house. More than that, why did DM cut her hair so ceremoniously in front of the whole street while he could have easily visited her anytime he wanted privately. This fact proves that his motives weren't simply about saving AS from public's eye and ensuring she stays hidden from society. Moreover, DM's face says it all - he looks utterly devasted by his actions, he has tears in his eyes knowing perfectly well, that what he's doing is unacceptable but he has no choice, he is ready to accept AS' hatred if it means she will be safe and somewhat protected.
  14. Thanks for sharing your opinion about DM, pretty much anyone here is very harsh when it comes to his character. The way I see it, at the first glance, I concluded that he did so in order to actually give people one reason to talk about AS and stop all of the numerous malicious rumors that they spread about her. The possibility of DM cutting off AS' hair just so she can't leave her house seems to simple to me and I don't think he expects AS to just stay at home 24/7 because her hair was cut off. Anyway, I understand why people find DM unlikable and are bothered by his actions but we also should remember his background and the fact that no one taught him any better. He was a lowborn and only saw bad things his whole life. I'm even surprised he isn't acting any worse and is clearly trying his best when it comes to AS. The only reason one could hate DM for me is that at some point he betrayed his country and served Japan's interests. That is definitely something that should be looked down on. other things are only I'd say natural, he can't be any other way
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