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  1. Oh wow, I want to know about the script sooo much, hope to see more about it here And guys, idk why, but seeing LSK in Cannes film festival and IU working on her own project makes me feel like there's a big chance of reunion in a movie? Like in the inner drama/movie cycle MA actually got a huge recognition and I'm sure many film and casting casting directors would have eyes on them. Haha I'm talking fantasies buuuut like the chances seem kinda real??? I really don't know why I'm like this lol
  2. I'm living for the recognition MA is getting so satisfying and a real joy to see that the drama is getting all the well-deserved awards. LSK not getting any award is still disappointing but I'm still incredibly proud of the whole team. I won't get tired with talking how amazing MA really is, even today just a little thought is enough and my heart is full with warmth and hope for the future. Definitely love seeing them together. Watching the videos it made me want to see IU and LSK again together in something new. Just imagine, what a dream come true it would be. they are too good together
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