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  1. Hi friends...hope we will have a happy ending for HJ n JW. I read SJJ interview again....maybe what she said was we might see less love story between HJ n JW in 2 last eps...because there're many unfinish business in his life. SJJ: "....If Jin Woo is supposed to take his relationship with Hee Joo seriously, he will have to handle more things and solve them thoroughly. I hope audiences will pay close attention to thestory in which Jin Woo will pay his mental debt to Hyung Suk instead of his love affairbecause this really is an important thing to me.."
  2. I dont mean disrepectful towards other actresses that is why i said SORRY in my statement, coz it is uncomfortable discussing someone private life. And will say SORRY again...... SORRY and SORRY....dont want to hurt anyone here... Yes 100% support MOA And if happen to be Real Couple it is Magical and i would say it is a POWERFUL couple....
  3. Did she date KNG? Hmmmm their agencies denied stating become closer after the movie but not dating. Same case as with SJS. She is now 37yo but she hasn't dated yet. Hmmm isn't it unusual... Anyway it's her privacy....i am sorry! Just feeling impossible she is dating HB. But nobody knows....maybe after MoA i will be shocked....wkwkkwkw.
  4. Yeaah i dont knoa either but years ago SYJ had a rumor with Yuri....google it...and i hope it was not true... Apart from that rumor she's never had a boyfriend....correct me if i am wrong. That's why i think she and HB is not dating....unless the old rumor is not true than she and HB is now dating. Well i really dont know just my feeling. I just knew the rumor after i searched about her. SORRY!
  5. Hiii.... I might be wrong..but i dont think the rumour is true. It was a post from unknown on online community...this is weird when SYJ agency said her parents are in Korea. That online claimed with her parents...maybe there was hidden intention to create a rumour like this. Maybe someone knew SYJ nd HB are going overseas and also mixed up with PSH who is also traveling overseas with her parents....so maybe because of lack information this person just create that he reckoned was right. And no photo or video. I also read a posting on SYJ fan saying the actress went to Bangkok...but not sure though...still curious coz 11th was her bday ...ha ha ha so idk.
  6. Hello... Can't wait to watch Call....when can we watch it? Any info? I love to see her acting that i haven't seen before....really thankful to the Director! Re Moa...her acting is also marvelous.. i mean everytime she cries i cry with her. It means she really nail her character so well. I know HB is also good but he is much better when acting together with SH. He must be very thankful to SH that he got high motivation to work harder for MOA. I watched his last drama Hyde, Jakyll n Me....i couldn't continue till the end. I salute SH, she always creates warm and friendly working environment. I really hope people who work with her realize that and thank her. I watch her crying when the interviewer (little house in the forest) asked "are u happy now?" SH said ...no....but she is thankful... why so painful knowing she was not happy....hopefully she is now. Hopping she gets what she deserves in life. I wish she can get many awards this year...and see her slay the red carpet with my proud eyes. She definetely should get award from Moa...and wish from Call as well... Cheers!
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