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  1. Now that I am done with the drama, I will probably go back and re-watch the series (we'll see) since I bought the Viki sub for this month already. The last few episodes have a fair amount of flashbacks so they weren't really worth watching, IMO. If you don't want to let go yet and have yet to read the translated novel, here's the link: https://hui3r.wordpress.com/2016/06/20/stewed-squid-with-honey-蜜汁炖鱿鱼-intro-prologue-and-chapter-1/. The novel is mainly about TN & HSY's relationship so it doesn't dwell as deep into the Team Solo issues that the drama go into. It's a cute, fluffy novel that's easy to read. MBFB have other novels (also translated on the same website) that are similar in fluff as Honey Stewed Squid (I liked Really, Really Miss You a lot). Also because the novel is gaming vs CTF, I liked the novel better. About Dt & Appledog, I wonder if we'll get another drama with their story? In GGS, they didn't really touch upon this relationship almost at all.
  2. I think this is my biggest gripe about her wardrobe. Where are the cat stockings that HSY liked so much? LOL I like the actress and the chemistry between her and the male lead (and I don't know who else would have made a better TN) but she wasn't what I had in mind when I imagined TN. She's 20 by the end of the drama and although 20 is young, there are some scenes where I found her attempt to be cutesy kinda childish. I wished they can differentiate between innocence/inexperienced and just straight up childish. I wished they kept her hair longer and gave her clothing that was more fitting (I thought the outfit she had in the last episode cute, except the waist purse because c'mon she also has a backpack!)
  3. Someone mentioned in comments previously that Zheng Hui turned out to be such a creep! I finally saw the episode yesterday. Wow! I don't feel any pity for him and didn't like him in previous scenes. He was obvious in his interest in her but TN was so oblivious and she never treated him as anything more than a good friend. He has it in his head that only he is the perfect match for TN and to be honest, TN's parents gave him hope in this regard.
  4. @gladys57 I think that is such an important message because that was one of the things I couldn't shake when I first read the book. I felt like when it came to their relationship, she blindly followed him so I'm glad to see HSY telling her this. However, outside of their relationship, I find her to have her own personality (with school and her hobbies).
  5. To be honest, I don't know what's going to happen from Episodes 38 to the end. I feel like we've already covered everything from the book, what else are we missing?
  6. I personally think they didn't consummate because TN usually remembers what happened after she's drunk and the fragment she remembered was of him touching her breasts. Plus, knowing how HSY is and his promise to her parents, I think he would have hold off. And the last scene of him punishing the K&K club members for getting TN drunk probably showed his sexual frustrations, lol.
  7. Man, Episode 37 was confusing af! At the competition, they sprung upon the original members of Team Solo a celebrity match against the top 5 highest current players (looks to be Dt, Grunt, 97, the team captain of Buff, and a member of SP). However, K&K (who have 3 players in the top 5) lost to SP? And then Team Solo also beat the current players in the celebrity match. The match between K&K and SP was anti-climatic. Before we knew it, SP won. And we didn't even get to watch Team Solo play, just a speech indicating they won. I know that Team Solo was the best in their heyday (a decade ago) but 4 out of 5 of the members aren't even currently competing. Not to mentioned, Little Mi's score was so low that he was replaced before resigning from SP. It's unrealistic for Team Solo to have won but then again, this is a drama so I guess I shouldn't expect accuracy. HSY proposes to TN, she freaks out, he takes his proposal back, and everyone now knows that TN rejected HSY's proposal. Obviously this wasn't in the book. The way she had pursued him and always seem to be the one accommodating him makes the rejection a little unrealistic. There are 4 more episodes to go so I guess it's TN's turn to go through a character growth. One of the things I hate about the flashback scenes are that they are repeated. I know that HSY think about his past with Team Solo a lot but I wished they showcased it in a way that we're not seeing the same flashback scene again (for example, the rooftop scene where they all talk about their dreams). I felt like they wasted a lot of air time on repeated flashback scenes.
  8. I love the expression on Wu Bai's face whenever HSY comes looking for him because he thinks HSY need money, lol.
  9. I was away for a few days and finally caught up to Episode 34. I thought their first kiss scene was actually really well done (not the quick peck in the earlier episodes). I find that most female leads in Asian dramas usually have this deer in the headlights look when being kissed - mainly to show how chaste, inexperienced, and innocent they are. This being both TN and HSY's first relationship, I think it being more innocent makes sense. I'm really enjoying HSY's character development and mending relationships with everyone. With him & grandpa, him & stepmom, him & the other members of Team Solo.
  10. That's a really good point. I forget that they were very young then. However, with Su Cheng, I understand not wanting to stay in a relationship just for the sake of a child but to not even be a part of your daughter's life for 10 years? Solo didn't seem like the kind of person that would prevent her from seeing her daughter. Though I remember Xiao Ai mentioning her grandmother telling her about her mother so maybe the grandmother had something to do with it? I also really enjoy all the insights in Episodes 26-27 and also the reconciliation of our main leads. They will still have to battle mommy dearest but it's nice to see them sweet and smiley again. I think what I appreciated most in the Episode 27 was learning about Gun's character and how he was willing to sacrifice himself (to be Xiao Ai's father so Solo and Appledog can reconcile). Gun's a good man even with all his flaws.
  11. @gladys57 Ah, thanks!!! I did love how happy she was that he was also suffering and it wasn't just her alone. Also, I love that he admitted that when he went to Norway, it wasn't for matchmaking.
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