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  1. In the alley when DG first encountered and fought with the Scar guy, DG hit him with a kind of wooden board ( with nails on it). And I remember the guy was hurt. Not sure if it’s the nail from that scene.
  2. It’s up on Netflix only 1 hour after it’s aired in Korea. How wonderful is that?
  3. It's a long time, HPL fans. Regarding the smoking issue, Koreans smoke a lot, not only actors and actresses. I'm from a culture where most smokers are old men, so I found it strange at first. But then I realized smoking is everywhere in Korea.
  4. Yes, he can't escape fangirls. I don't know why but I love love love Eun Gi and Hyo Jin together so much. Maybe I was surprised, never think of them as a couple before. It's such a relief that the show didn't go into that route of second leads getting together, because it's just too convenient and unreal. And I love the way she calls him ajushi and they seem to take time to know each other. Just had a look at that Naver post by Soop, it's stunning, KJW glows so much that I feel blinded.
  5. Wowww, I still can't believe that the show is now over. Which drama am I gonna watch now? Is there any show out there that can beat this chemistry, this visuality, this level of sexual tension and fluffiness? I remember I screamed in silence every time they looked at each other in the first half of the drama. So heart-fluttering. And then for the second half, I had STS symptoms every time they talked, touched, hugged and kissed. I even made 5 FANARTS about them, can't believe that. I had never done that before to any drama couple. So, what should we do next?
  6. love this final scene so much. Who wants to drink with me?
  7. I can die happy now. They kiss at that museum wall, in their gorgeous looks. I love them in mono-tone color so much.
  8. Ahhhh, I'm so happy that Ryan's past with his mom is now solved and we moved into new challenge for our couple. Just one more week, so soon!
  9. lol I have tried to sum up my impression with Ryan, hope you enjoy it: Ryan Gold - a liberal we need more of https://ha-art-turquoise.tumblr.com/post/185105008059/ryan-gold-a-liberal-we-need-more-of As Her Private Life is coming to final episodes, I feel like people have tried to de-code Ryan Gold to every detail to explain why this man is so attractive, admirable and, at the same time, swoony. To me, I have always seen Ryan as a standard liberal who is far more open-minded and progressive than many alive men in the whole world. Raised in the US and being a prominent artist, it’s not hard to understand why Ryan is considered liberal. Because art itself can’t exist if people don’t respect the opinions of others while at the same time stand firm with their own ones. Otherwise, artists are no more than copying machines that produce standard excel sheets. With that being said, Ryan is still considered a strong example of how liberals would believe and behave in real life (Please excuse my English!) 1. He respected a personal decision, even if it’s not exactly favorable to him. Don’t we all melt when Ryan found out Deok Mi’s fangirling status and acted so cool about it? Fangirling might intrigue negative impressions, but if you think of it as a religion, it makes much more sense. Just like a liberal who respects religion right of others, that “I believe in and worship to Budda but I respect your choice to pray to God, even if I will never consider him my God”. Ryan has treated DM’s fangirling like it’s her freedom of religion to put her belief in whatever God she wants. And then when Deok Mi kinda rejected him and refused to let him talk, he took her decision with care. He took time to think it over and respected her even when she acted weird and created that uncomfortable atmosphere he didn’t like a bit. Take another example with Eun Gi. I appreciate that Ryan respects Eun Gi’s choice to fall in love with DM without questioning and trying to stop it. In the context of their (very healthy) relationship, Ryan has fewer reasons to worry. But in many other cases, we have seen a boyfriend trying to stop affection towards his girl from another male. “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” - said Abraham Lincoln keke He did that to preserve his own freedom to love her, even EG is all “please stop to make her flutter” and “how can you know about her more than me?” 2. He should be Ambassador for LGBTIQ+ rights I have worked in gender advocacy field for quite some time to know that even a male Ambassador for gender and LGBTIQ rights can fail to deliver the right messages all the time. Born and raised in a traditional society, even they received training before being an Ambassador and being pretty open-minded themselves, there are still moments we hold our breath when they say something a little off and subtly gender bias because it's so deeply rooted in their minds. But Ryan is perfect to be an Ambassador, he treated the (even misunderstood) lesbian love between DM and SJ with the right attitude. Not only does he respect their equal right and opportunity to love and be loved, but he also sincerely feel an obligation to protect and create a favorable condition for them to perform their rights. Haha his monologue in the bathroom and his determination to get Eun Gi down in a judo fight is epic. This is exactly the key message behind a lot of gender behavior change campaigns. “Equality” doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. If a person belongs to “social minor group”, she/he needs MORE care and attention to be equal to others. 3. He takes sexual consent serious Ok, we talked a lot about this. Being one’s boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t mean we can invade the other person’s privacy. In term of skinship and sex, consent is everything. Ryan has been making sure he has consent for everything he does. Given the fact that many people got raped even in marriage, having someone that takes consent that serious is pure gold. The only case when he made a sudden love is to (fake) kiss her to fool Cindy. But then he made sure his thumb was in the right place (even all of us and DK wished the thumb wouldn’t have been there^^). Having said all of the above, I believe we need more liberal and sexy people like Ryan Gold as male leads to advocate for freedom!
  10. Although the episode is heavy, don't we all love the grumpy boyfriend that glared at his gf for not telling him her birthday? And gosh, I know he is thinking hard about Lee Sol, but can he stop being so suggestive (look, she is so excited and open to the idea too) and then sent her home??? I bet we will have a bed scene by the end of the show!
  11. CAMPING TIME, guys! Waiting patiently for live recapping from good souls here :*
  12. Oh, I don't mind reading your fanfic about HPL alternative ending right now :))
  13. I know it might sound too dreamy, but I am praying for a wedding by the end of the show. Huhu I want to see it so badly. Must be a gorgeous scene to watch.
  14. We each need a Lion Gold for our own, don't we? Umm, Soompi kind of compressed my pic so it loses colors and details. And some people asked me for all my fanart, so I uploaded them all in high-quality to my blog here: https://haartism.wordpress.com/2019/05/08/to-you/
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