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  1. SPARTACER QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Introduce yourself! Username and a fun fact? As much or as little as you want to say. My name is Kenny Skywalker ( yes that's my real name) from Singapore! Fun fact! My name really is Kenny Skywalker! 2. How long have you been watching RM? What got you into the show? I have been watching RM since the debut! I loved family outing, as soon as i heard KJK and YJS are on the show, I got hooked 3. Who's your favorite RM member(s)? Has this changed over time? KJK! it has not changed since 4. How long have you been shipping spartace? Do you believe they're dating? What convinced you? I have shipped spartace ever since they met in Family Outing. I think they are dating, I find them subconciously doing things only lovers will do 5. What's your favorite spartace moment(s)? What made your heart race? What made you laugh? What made you think "no way they're not dating"? The Japan episode where JH exclaimed catch me if you can to JK! Also everytime JH takes care of JK 6. What's your favorite spartace episode(s)? If you had to show a new RM fan some episodes to convince them spartace are dating, what would you show them? Not really convincing that they are dating but the episode where spartace worked together and ripped everyone's nametag! Also 7. Which RM member is really the president of the spartace ship? And who's the VP and who's the treasurer? JSJ is the President, Haha VP, YSC treasurer 8. What's your favorite spartace fan video? No preference but any Fanmeet brings out the best SA interactions 9. Any spartace fan fiction recommendations? Theres too many out there for me to decide! Pick any and start reading and get hooked! 10. If you had to pick a song that best describes spartace, which song would you choose? Hide n seek! 11. How would you honestly fare in a game of nametag ripping? 10/10 in the first 5 minutes 1/10 afterwards
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