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  1. They're pushing the SA couple narrative, yes yes yes yes yes. This episode was pretty much a fan-service to all the SA shippers out there. Let's see if this is going to be an one-off thing or they're going to consistently callback to this. Hopefully with this narrative we're finally done with the HJY loveline which is pretty much zzz at this point, at least in my opinion.
  2. Happy New Year y'all! New year, new news! Well at least hopefully. With all these relationship news coming out, really thought there would be a lead on SA but the wait continues. Here's to 2019, the year SA gives us what we really want.
  3. Wow, 1000 pages; looking lively as ever. Can't thank y'all enough for being strong and keeping the thread going; keeping our hopes alive! It's great to see so many newcomers and veterans back at it again. Here's to 1000 more pages; and to hoping SA becomes official before then!
  4. Thank y'alls for keeping the forums alive and active
  5. In @mn0096's second IG video, you can see SM take a glance toward JK near the end of the video. That whole conversation was: JK: Have you ever been shy, JH? JH: No. *JK chuckles, stays quiet and looks out the window for the rest of the conversation* SJ: No guest made your heart flutter? JH: No. Seolhyun: Did you want to impress anyone? JH: No. SJ: Did you like anyone? JH: No. Not at all. *Wide camera, JK chuckles at her answer. SM gives JK a glance.* PD: It's been 401 episodes. credit to where credit is due.
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