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  1. Actually the oldest co-star playing as main lead againts Park Min Young was Kim Myung Min (1972), but there was no love line between them. Other OTP whose older was Sung Seong Heon (1976), followed by Jang Dong Geun (1979), Chung Jung Myung (1980), Kim Jae Wook (1983) and Yeon Woo Jin (1984). But the most popular of PMY drama (sungkyunghwan scandal, city hunter, healer and wwwsk), paired her with same age to younger costar. But I agree that this is the first time Kim Jae Wook ever got the girl in Kdrama. So PMY was special for KJW. PMY herself said it in ep 0 that KJW was generous.
  2. I love Ryan human's moment listed by @fauna. Even though we can all agree that so far Ryan Gold is the best boyfriend in K-Drama land, but he is a flawwed human afterall. I've read all of HPL recaps and review all of you chingus had recommend, I also watched KThree review on youtube. All of their review are good and thought provoking, but there were several unanswered questions about why Ryan did this or that. So I have my two cents about some issues. Upon rewatching 1st to 4th episodes, I have different comprehension after finishing the series. I now understand more Ryan's motives on so many scenes. On the first watch I only enjoy the comedic aspect of that episodes and not put a lot of thought into some scenes. First question floating around was why Ryan come to SK (to work at Chaeum) in the first place. Just to make a snoozefest exhibition? Yes Ryan did come just to make that exhibition, and yes that exhibition won't be an exhibition that monumental enough for Ryan's Gold career coz that was not his intention. If we go with logic, why did the famous Ryan Gold come to SK in the first place; the youngest ever to be an art director in Mono Art Gallery NYC; the hottest art director in NYC who other follow to borrow his insight; leave his current job to be an art director in a gallery who recently involve in slush fund case. In normal situation I'll say this as a career suicide. Even though I think Director Eom did make a good offer (big sum of salary maybe), what we see in the episodes that Ryan was flown in business class to SK, stayed in penthouse suite then given luxury apartment and luxury rented car. But still anybody else won't leave mono art gallery for that. The only reason that Ryan agreed was Lee Sol and Cha Shi An. 1. In 1st episode, his friend the shrink advised him to find the painter behind it. After knowing that Cha Si An own one of the painting, his friend advised him to contact Cha Si An to look at the painting. 2. In the 1st episode, he met Deokmi in the auction house. He flown to China just to acquire Lee Sol's painting. When Deokmi looked at him and said to her self that he looked like Cha Si An, I think he heard "Shi An-nni", so I now think Ryan said those cringeworthy stuff to Deokmi not just because Deokmi stared at him, but he annoyed hearing about Cha Shi An again. So when Deokmi bidded agaist him and ask him to release the painting to her, Ryan was already suspected that Deokmi wanted the painting for Cha Si An. It won't be hard for him to find information that she was worked at Chaeum. He knew he cannot just met this Cha Si An for no reason. So he invented this whole celebrity exhibition, which will include him. Of course Ryan Gold had his reputation, so he cannot make just a so-so exhibition even with hidden agenda. So his pursuit of the latest work of the photographer, owned by Noh-jagga, was important. Remember that that latest work was sought after by collectors and museum all around the world not to avail. If Chaeum sucessfully exhibit that works, it will be great achievement for Chaeum, and himself. Then there were questions about this whole firing fiasco. And a lot of viewers asking question why Ryan forgived Deokmi so easily after she accidently poison him. Some of them see it as personality transplant. I disagree. 1. Ryan came to Chaeum with hidden agenda, so his concept of celebrity collection exhibition was part of that hidden agenda. He knew that him cancelling planned artist exhibition was selfish of him, so he already planned that he will exchange it with exhibition in New York. That was why he was so angry at Deokmi for ruining his plan. He was more angry that he hurt that artist feeling (for his own selfish reason) before he could negotiate an alternative which was NY exhibition. 2. After finding out that Deokmi was not guilty, he went to apologize. But he couldn't said the real reason why he undo the firing as he already promised Kyung Ah. He eventually made Deokmi more angry. I think if Deokmi knew about Kyung Ah she wont be too angry at Ryan, she'll be angry at Eom Dir and Kyung Ah. After he woke up in hospital he forgave Deokmi after he asked her how did she find him. Why did Ryan forgived Deokmi so easily? I think there were several reason. 1. Ryan had nightmare that night. When he woke up, having Deokmi held his hand did console him. We see Ryan looked at his hand after she left. 2. Even though Deokmi poisoned him with coffee, she did saved him afterward by taking him to hospital. 3. He found out that the artist want to talk to him in person about NY exhibition. 4. He regreted that he unfairly fired an employee who's a minority in society. He was not able to retract the firing to protect Kyung Ah. So if this situation made her want to work again it was all good. 5. He did not buy Deokmi excuse about Cha Si An, so he asked her to accompany him to his house. So he had multiple reason to forgive Deokmi. About Sinagil diary and Deok Mi secret. Some asking question why did Ryan hold on to Sinagil diary? Hmm I had this question too. It is not odd that he had it in his posession, what was odd that he carried that notebook everywhere. After rewatching I understand. At first Ryan just picked up the notebook randomly. Then he might be open it out of curiosity. After finding out that the notebook contain many information about Cha Si An, he decided to use this notebook to study about him. That was why he carried it everywhere he go. Reading that Lee Sol was Cha Si An favorite painter in the notebook was the trigger. After the whole Si An dating scandal blew up, he saw the notebook as a leverage. He want to return it in exchange of a blogpost featuring him and Deokmi dating. While rewatching with knowledge that Ryan found out about Deokmi's secret before Noh-Jagga cabin visit I see first few episodes with new comprehension. I am now sure that Ryan did not buy Deok Mi's lies about her hating Si An. At first he even suspect Si An was her client. That's why he ask her to accompany him to Si An apartment. Ryan was stunned to see Deok Mi dressed so prettily that day. Even though at that time he thought Deokmi was a lesbian, he coulnd't denied that she was so attractive that day. He must heard when Deokmi slipped saying that "Si An-nni" loves white wine more". He's a smart cookie and he remember everything. Seeing her at the elevator and in front of the door, already raised his suspicion that she's lying about hating Si An. I think when Ryan was seeing her expression when looking at Sinagil photo of Si An, he knew that Deok Mi lied about hating Si An. Even the artist said that Sung Curator bad at lying. But seing Si An do not seem to recognized Deokmi, Ryan also knew that Si An was not Deok Mi client. So whom Deok Mi bidded Lee Sol painting for? I am sure that Ryan had this thought in his head. So when Ryan finally find out that Deokmi was Sinagil, I bet his mind did replaying Deok Mi antics when visiting Si An apartment with him in his head (though we only see flash back of airport scene and fall from ladder scene). So after this he hold on to the notebook with mischievous thought, Deokmi antics amuzed him. He wanted to see how Deok Mi try to retrieve the notebook herself. He grinned naughtily when Deok Mi offered to go to the post office. When she forgot to do it (distracted by Si An visiting the gallery), he used it as a resource to answer VIP quiz in Sinagil website. This "latte" thing was a human side of Ryan, his naughty and mischievous side.
  3. Yes, he was cruel. Why Deok Me forgave him so easily? We must take into account next scene. When Deokmi with EG and SJ, Deokmi said it her self, that at that moment she was more afraid that Saja will be dissapointed at her and hate her. She knew that her being in the studio room was wrong. She did know that Ryan didn't paint anymore and realised at that time that somehow that was connected to Lee Sol painting (she knows that he lied about buying Lee Sol painting for his client). She realized that did something that may be unvorgivable to Ryan, like uncovered his secret?. So when she saw that Ryan chased her right away to her home, out of breath after running for fourth storeys high, she forgave him right away. She was relieved that Ryan did not hate her and dissapointed at her like she was afraid of. She even apologized her self. Then take account two scenes unfold after that, when Ryan acted as full fake boyfriend mode right away. Thumb kiss to protect her from stalker Cindy and politely agreed to have dinner at her parents house. Those two acts, for me somehow, was Ryan's made it up to Deokmi. It was like, in his mind he said, I did said that did you really want to play somebody's girlfriend so bad. That must hurt you. But I regret what I do and I am sorry. So I really want to act as your "fake" boyfriend... so the bold move: the thumb kiss. Even after that He dropped her at home and sincerely apologized again in his car. In the later episodes, Deokmi herself, said that now that she understand Ryan more (after knowing all of Ryan secret), she owes him apologize for having entered his studio at that time...
  4. Yeah I kinda sad too about lack of bromance between Sian and Ryan. One thing for sure, when Sian immediately go to Deok Mi for her birthday when Ryan ask him to, Sian's willing to do anything for his hyung. He seems to be perceptive enough to let his hyung process the meeting with his mom, so he kinda gives him spaces. Maybe the bromance called for fanfic? Will Sian sing for his hyung and noona wedding? Bonded before they found out that they're brother was more significant to the story. To think that at first Ryan approached Sian with hidden agenda, even rented apartment in the same building on purpose, coz Sian was his only lead about Lee Sol painting. Ps: I have watched Butterfly Sleep. The writer house architecture and interior is to die for, especially the library. Japanese book cover are always beautiful. With longer hair, KJW always look younger, so KJW pulled off as a man in his 20th... So chan and Ryan is totally different person, so kudos to him.
  5. Chingus I found this, the real artist whom Ryan Gold painting style based upon. He is one of aspiring South Korean Contemporary artist. Here is the link of his past exhibition in New York https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-beyond-impasto-social-commentary-in-the-faceless-work-of-kwangho-shin Hmm i wonder who's the one who made the real painting in the drama. Anybody fluent in Korean can notify me if somehow it was written in drama credit?
  6. Thank U so much @Ondine and @Sky8lue for this list. Looking at that list make me realise that Her Private Life was Deok Mi journey to become a sucessful fan (the ideas taken from the webtoon). She is one lucky fangirl indeed. Let me recap all Deok Me sucessful fangirl moment. 1. Episode 1: getting Cha Shi An used water bottle (imagine that you have something that your idol's lip touch). 2. Episode 3: meeting Cha Shi An at his own home 3. Episode 3: finding out that Cha Si An notice Si Na Gil, even thankful to the point framing and displaying a photo taken by Si Na Gil. 4. Episode 6: meeting Cha Shi An at work 5. Episode 7: win a spot in fansigning with only one album purchase 6. Episode 7: win a selca/selfie with Shi An with Kong Plussy as a bonus 7. Episode 8: meeting with Shi An (but she was not enjoying this as much, coz he was expecting date with Lion). 8. Episode 9: another meeting (she was brokenhearted by Lion) 9. Episode 13: meeting Cha Shi An's mother 10. Episode 13: breakfast with sandwich made by Cha Shi An's mother 11. Episode 14: Cha Shi An asking if Deok Mi is a fan 12. Episode 15: having Cha Shi An as birthday present. 13. Episode 16: chance to take family potrait 14: Episode 16: knowing that Cha Shi An was sad for Si Na Gil fansite hiatus. Offcourse the most succesful thing as fan is being together with Shi An brother, which mean that Shi An will become her family: her brother in law. This is the main idea taken from the webtoon, albeit very different story. So I am not agree with people who said that HPL deviated from fangirling theme. Even though the OTP were written and acted realisticly, but still HPL is kinda cinderella story from fangirl POV (Damn Deok Mi luck as fangirl is too good to be true). Not to mention the whole my boyfriend don't mind and support her as fangirl. Episode 6 (Ryan knows that Deok Mi is Sinagil). Episode 11 (Deok Mi find out that Ryan knows her secret and find out about Latte) Episode 11 (Deok Mi invites Ryan to her fangirling shrine: her penthouse). Episode 16 (Ryan help Deok Mi securing concert ticket). In ep 12 story puts emphasis in Ryan's secret. But there is a scene when Deok Mi fangirling/admiring Shi An generosity for donating plussies and scene when Cindy donate her Cha Si An cd for the kids at the orphanage. So fangirling theme was never forgotten in each episode (in ep 2 there is a flashback about why Deok Mi must hide her identity as a fangirl). Not to mention fangirling slang thrown here ad there that (kinda lost in translation for us who do not speak korean). Too bad that the tv show about fangirling that Seon Ju's hubby made, was only used as plot devices (we only see the aftermath). This is missed opportunity to explore how mainstream media and society perceived kpop fandom culture.
  7. I agree, the story that Deok Me continue as a curator then art galery director is more realistic. There is an acclaimed art institute in my country, that haves alumnus that became famous artist in my country. But one of the professor in that art institute said that art institute won't produce any artists, only produce scholars with sufficient knowledge of art. If somebody want to be an artist, she/he must do art themself (keep on creating and exhibiting art). Mastery of art skill, could it be drawing, painting, photograpy make you a good artisan. To be considered an artist one must be able to convey an original ideas, evoke emotions to create something original. Going to acclaimed art school abroad actually won't guarantee that a person can be an artist. But to be able to live in an environment who value art with many art galleries is conducive for artists coz there are more opportunities. Failed to go study abroad was not the only factor that made DM did not become an artist. She could always try to pursue as an artist in Seoul. I think she gived up art more due to her family financial situation (art material is not cheap) and her wrist condition. I think she is okay with that, she still loves art and has career in art industry. Offer from Mono Art was a recognition of her skill as curator. So having her suddenly became a photography artist might not be too realistic. I think HPL did a great job to potray a glimpse of curator as a profession. The success of an exhibition is a fruit of curator labour of love. HPL also featured other art profession such as Art Gallery Director, Art Magazine Journalist and Art Restorer.
  8. Chingus, please enlighten me on this issues? If a drama was appeared in streaming app (like netflix, viu, viki etc) will the production house and the cast get extra profit? Considering rewatch through that streaming app when the drama already available. Ps: From so min (running man), she said that when her drama 1% of something get a rerun, the production house get extra profit.
  9. Chingus I love our interaction here, and now I am sad that the drama end. I realy loves PMY act in all romantic scene in HPL. I notices something different. To prevent my self of being bias, I try to see any available clips from youtube of PMY and her previous co-star, U know for research purpose LOL. Turn out that I am right. A. Other story that Park Min Young did, involving the theme "we are not suppose to be together", so there were a lot of "goodbye kiss" or "dont push me away kiss", and "longing kiss". She did well in all of those kisses though, especially in Healer one. B. In WWWSK, the first kiss can be categorized as "don't push me away kiss". Other kiss is always passionate but may be the directing want it to be rather dramatic build up to something? PMY's reaction after kiss was as someone that receiving an overwhelming passion? She received it because she love him too. It did make sense with the storyline that YJ love and passion kinda erupting, after all he must hold it in for 9 years. C. Here in HPL, we can see multiple reaction to the kiss from PMY. And I think emotional delivery in every kiss she did in HPL was so vary and different from her previous projects. In HPL she managed to pull off different emotion. 1. In thumb kiss she has bewildered look in her face. 2. In imaginary blind fold kiss after she initiate the kiss her eyes express worry, what if Ryan did no feel the same way, then after the magic word do you want me and she nod, she express longing for Ryan afection so well. 3. In workshop kiss, after the first gentle kiss after Ryan said that he want it to be real, her teary eyes looking for reasurance that Ryan did like her for real. Than after that kiss that unleash all pent up passion and emotion. Her eyes said "ottoke" when the interuption happen. Then continuing kiss in hiding (coz the pent up passion and emotion had not been released yet). Than this is my favorite: smile and laughter after wood falling accident, never appear before in her previous kiss. The laughter and smile really emphasis that they are so happy together. 4. Stealing kiss after two wrist kiss, I love when she smiled afterwards. She smiled with her eyes and wrinkly nose to. Here she was naughty cute. 5. In 1st rooftop kiss, where she smiled while receiving forehead kiss and nose kiss, and then smile in between when he held her hand, then sime again when it ended, her eye looked up to his eyes, it so romantic giving me all the feels... One of my favorite. 6. Two lusty Sinagil kiss in the sofa where she takes the lead. Too bad there were bell and Cindy interuption afterward. 7. Kiss (peck) coz finding jealous ryan to cute 8. We can call sujebi kiss as playfull kiss. Here she also smiled in between kisses. 9. Studio kiss was so emotionaly charged. I love how both of them saying sarangheyo softly. She is so beautiful when her tears fall. Kiss after that, was more like them pouring all the love that they feel. Less passionate then workshop kiss but more in deep emotional level. 10. Lipstick kiss. This was also an playful all smile kisses. I love at first she kinda do stamping-lipstick kiss, then give up and do the real smochy kiss than fix the lipstick afterward. 11. Soft kiss after saying that Deok Mi was something more precious than his ability to paint. 12. Wall Kiss. She was the dominant one here: she asked kagoshippo yo? While Ryan leaning on the wall slightly sitting on the railing, she showehed him kisses, I miss U kisses. Here Ryan was seen smile in between while Deokmi just kiss and kiss. Here we see confident Deok Mi who already succeed in career and succeed as a breadwinner who support her fiancee to come back as an artist. (Bonus cut kiss scene after proposal) Other than those kisses, we also have two almost kiss, faking wall kiss and avoiding coffee alergy kiss. Other than lip kiss we also have, wrist kisses by Ryan, Go Stop wrist kiss by Deokmi, rooftop forehead kiss, snugling in the sofa forehead kiss, cheek kiss after breakfast delivery, bribing ryan kiss in the car, and forehead and cheek kiss after waking up on Ryan's bed. I love all PMY reaction after all that scene, whether she initiated or as a receiving end. So in my opinion in this Drama, PMY had the happiest kiss (with record number, tehe... not including ng etc that don't make the cut). FIGHT ME if you don't agree! Kudos to both PMY and KJW (after counting I can understand your blistered lip). Why I gives praise especially to PMY in all this kiss? 1. She has more experience as first lead in tv drama. KJW himself said in interview that he leaned to PMY a lot. After seing the BTS, i see her gave advice to KJW on angle and where to craddle her face so it will be pretty in camera. So she is a pro. 2. Given better character and opportunity to do add lib, PMY succeeds to potray Deok Mi as a women in love, albeith with insecurity at first, give love happily and confidently. It is so empowering, that in love relationship that equal, both can also be happy and content. She did her best given her character written in her previous drama, but wow did she shine in his drama as strong women. Off course I won't discount KJW roles. PMY said herself that KJW act with his eyes. So I think it was easier for her to potrays emotion by looking at KJW's eyes. They both did those amazing eye acting to each other. It also help that KJW has the best stare, compare to her previous co star. Handsomeness is relative, but eye acting and eye stare, hands on KJW is the best. Smile between kisses that I love so much, I think also influenced by how easy going KJW behind the scene, always smile and burst into laughter. Making PMY comfortable and easy to create happy kisses. On side note: Making KJW never get the girl in his previous drama is a waste dear Kdrama producer and writer! Less chance utilizing his kissing skill! He did select second lead coz it has more interesting characters. Then why don't you writer start to create more awesome character as first lead that would interest him? So I can see him more in my TV?
  10. I love Yun Woo Jin in Marriage no Dating and Arang. He is a good actor. But i have not watch any of PMY Saguek Drama, so I cannot comment on their acting and chemy. I cannot bear to watch City Hunter, coz I love the original manga so much (i love Kaoru so much, not fan of Ryo pervy side, rather dissapointed with the adaptation). That was why i skip that drama even though I love Lee Min Ho.
  11. Bingo! You are wright https://images.app.goo.gl/D6gH1zfem7xt2SKL9
  12. I was wondering why Lee Sol was hit by a sedan of doom. Finally the truck of doom appear... It's k drama after all. At least watching Kdrama will always remind me to drive savely and be careful when crossing the street.
  13. Hey, whoever said that this drama has to much kiss or too fluffy just don't get it. First of all, if U have a boyfriend like Ryan Gold, U are crazy if you just kiss him once or twice. Don't forget that Deok Mi is a fangirl (fangirl always love fanfictions) and we see for our selves that her imagination is wild (blindfold kiss imagination). She got a boyfriend that is amazingly handsome and her type, can be cute, very caring and overal has good personality (always saying sorry first), having the same passion in art, and understanding to her hobby as a fangirl: almost too good to be true. If I am Deok Mi, I'll also will shower him with love, hug and kisses. It is illogical if the writer opt for less skinship. I think other TvN Drama, Another Oh Hae Young also has a lot of kisses, true to the OTP character. I do also think that people who comment that PMY character or the HPL plot is too similar to WWWSK just don't get it. WWWSK use childhood story as plot device to bridge different social status between the OTP (chaebol and her secretary) and due to his trauma YJ cannot be with other adult women: Miso is his one and only. While in HPL their bond is through the same passion: art, their childhood connection is not the reason that they are together now. In WWWSK YJ chose to hide his identity for 9 years, sacrificing himself, so Mi So won't get hurt, but finally made a move coz he was not willing to loose her. In HPL nothing was kept secret for too long, when the pain from the past appear, they handled it together maturely. Between two dramas, there are vast differences in OTP characters and how they handled issues in their relationship. I love HPL, but I also still love WWWSK (I love PSJ since One Warm Words). Both HPL and WWWSK in my opinion are good rom-com kdrama. And oh I also still loves Healer so much. No wonder PMY, fastly agree to work in HPL right after WWWSK, because she was falling in love and cannot forget DM character. Here in HPL, Deok Mi is a bold girl who do not afraid to take the lead (Mi So is more pure, at one time she felt that YJ was moving too fast in their relationship). There are similarity between Deok Mi and Mi So, that they are a sweet cheerful girl who competent and professional in their job, but poor Mi So did not have a luxury of work-life balance, while Deok Mi does balance her work with her private life. I think PMY briliant in both roles. Through her acting, I can see Young Shin, Mi So and Deok Mi as different personality. So kudos to her. PMY's acting shines more if she is paired with a co-star with a good acting skill (remember that trainwreck drama involving ever beautiful mr. Hand Towel_the most handsome of PMY's co-star_ where PMY's acting was wasted, and OTP was not believable). Ji Chang Wook, Park Seo Joon and Kim Jae Wook, all very handsome with good acting skill, so their collaboration with PMY are resulting in some of the best Kdrama OTP pairings, even initiate the fanwar between shippers. As for me, I'll be happy for PMY, whoever she chose as a real life partner.
  14. I am so agree with you on this. You explain it so beautifuly. From Da In comment, we know that Ryan had many relationships before, but none of them last long. Before meeting Deok Me, I think Ryan hadn't found anyone who he can bond with. So that conversation was the pivotal point in their relationship. She inspired him that he: Ryan will always be more valuable than his art, that he is still valuable even though he lost his ability to do art. From this moment Ryan begin to like Deok Mi and go extra miles to protect her. Misunderstanding her orientation also helped to make him just be with her without his guard-up. Her personality and beauty slowly make him smitten, so when he know the truth he was already fall for her.
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