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  1. Hmm, interesting discussion? But why so somber? IMO I do think that Kim Seon Ho already play his card right. If you read his interviews, he wants to do both tv and theaters. I've done some readings and for an actor to transition from theater to tv is not an easy feat. In 2018 he tried to juggle both but exhausted, so now he'll only do tv and theater in different schedulle. Catch the Ghost is an underated drama, but it manage to be career propelers for four somewhat new TV actors. These four actors of Catch the Ghost (2019) TvN really get their breaktrough roles in 2020 dramas
  2. Mom married chaebol are really an ilogical strech in the plot. Like how did the two even met? But after finding out that the rise of startup and gig economy was part of hell chosun, how youth milenials fight against chaebol corporate culture, I get that. Dad's beaten: symbol of toxic SK corporate culture. Dad was a corporate dog. Mom's comment that if a dog runnaway, it'll became stray dog. The irony was when she married chaebol, she and Inje were treat as a chaebol dog. This whole drama is full of tropes: but all trope are given twist. Candy girl in love with hand
  3. Yes I agree that he needs to work on his delivery and timing. His reflecting on that and became a better person is what I hope for his character growth in this drama. If we are prunning the tree for it to bear fruit, it's better to understand how the best way to cut so the tree did not end up die. His word fraud to Yongsan's brother is unnecessary and too much. Also agree to all of your point above except for one. The one he said at the first time he met Samsan Tech (early episodes). The hardest time for a VC when to say No is when there's a problem with the team. Samsan tech at th
  4. Even angel investor here (family, friends, fools) are ready to chase you around with wooden stick (dosan's dad) and took back his investment. So even in the drama, if you get funding, then prepared your funder press you to explain how the money being used (a.k.a business plan, balance sheet). There are no free lunch.
  5. I agree with a lot of your points@cmoirae2, because Venture Capital world is such a niche market. Startup will only grow and get funding if they get referal into the network of funders/VCs. In real world, if a startup founder ever throws a punch to a VC from Softbank Venture (SH I assumed were modelled after softbank venture, the only one invest in AI in 2016) and the news spreads, he'll be blacklisted forever and can kiss their startup dream away for good. I get why NDS angry, I understand why he is what he is. I like NJH since forever. But to be honest if this is real life his at
  6. I wrote thread in twitter explaining how much each samsan tech shareholder get from the exit. But it's pretty long technical one.
  7. When did JP join SH venture? Is he already join SH venture and involve in Sandbox in 2011? That info is not available to us now. CEO Yoon already CEO in SH Venture in 2001 I suppose? She mentions that she once run a business like Dalmi. So her career in VC I suspect is through succesfull career in being startup founder herself. (That's why her mentorship style is more founder-friendly). Then she switch into VC industry. While JP surely comes from financial/investment background. If he went to finance/business major in uni (definitely one of SKY) for 4 years. Then probab
  8. Thanks @Nodame. I am not that knowledgable. It's just the geek in me made me a lil bit good on google search keyword. Sometimes I miss the old me who watch kdrama as is when the internet is not as advanced. PHR was always have grey character vilain with backstory. So curious why this CEO won is so B/W. I also recognized that the k-drama thropes used had many parallel with many concept of tech startup itself. I am able to recognized this coz I am like kdrama watcher since '90s and also work in IT. Being both sides of the table made me catch that. I dig something and one thing lead t
  9. Thanks. I suspect HJP was modelled on Jo Youn Hwan story. He's the main activist on aged-out-orphan right. The way always felt uneasy but secretly happy when being called "a good boy". Jo Youn-hwan when he was abandoned promise to be a good boy if mom's comeback. He also said he carry a lot of han. Heartbreaking. https://t.co/8qAqdanhEp. So this is the biggest reason of his late realization of love, fear of abandonement. Agree that Kang Hana's part is less than halmoni. She's like the anchor of every character. Symbol of SK Aged Society. If we go with the story premise, the story i
  10. Start-up, at first I hope for more start-up drama like HBO silicon valley. But maybe those will be to heavy for kdrama general viewer? So PHR hides many social commentary that are foundation of why youth choose the startup way Why Jipyeong so can suddenly so angry? He carries a lot of han: the Chinese Character 恨 (Han) which is often described as an internalized feeling of deep sorrow, resentment, grief, regret and anger. Due to his status as aged-out-of orphanage While Nam Do San breaking the plate. My brother is a programmer who is nerdy and always avoid conflict.
  11. Finally the thread in this forum is alive. I've been busy in twitter trying to cool the shipwar. I think I had a small win. Loves both NDS and HJP and the actors. Surrounded by a programmers myself I get NDS. There's a reason for suzy being cast. What man in SK who saw an opportunity to be one day date with a nation firstlove would say no (thats arch 101 parodi is for). We saw NDS was already smitten from afar then was touch by her letter. He's deeper2 in love, lil bit greedy and opportunistic understanable for me. Saw many geeks in love in his 20s. While HJP, researchi
  12. What's up with who's the victim discussion here? You totally missed the whole set up of start-up drama. Nobody were a victim in this drama. Even though I am in SLS camp, but I recently wrote some long essays to defend Do San qeqeqe... This whole shipwars are kinda fun, but both camp needs to chill. Do not go overboard with butchering the drama characters that are not in our ship. That's not cool. SLS happen coz Kim Seon Ho is such a scene stealer. He is somewhat new k-drama actor (debut in 2016), compared to Suzy and Nam Jo Hyuk, but he was in theatre since 2009. So he lack popular
  13. I think many who watch this drama were misunderstood Do San like his parent, they think that Do San is never ambitious and never dare to dream big. On the contrary, Do San has big dream and ambitions. This drama was marketed as youth coding drama, with the title Start-up. But many sees this drama with ordinary K-drama lenses, romance drama, without any clue about start up world. There are tidbits of start up world explained in the drama, but understanding start up is not easy for a non techy person. Do san is pursuing AI, coding an image recognition technology. This is still consid
  14. Watching episode 8, I am glad that the truth about the girl in the swing both In Jae and Dal Mi were known to the CEO. I was wrong on predicting the start-up solution. The writer comes up with a better ideas. Kudos to her. I am bewildered watching the shipwar btw, the fan hating on other character on other ship. While me like both Do San and Ji Pyeong, and understand the motive behind their actions. Both petty in their own way but I think their antics were hilarious. About the letter lies, at this point the three of them Granny, Jipyeong, and Do San all equally at fault. Everyone p
  15. Both were on the swing, they were much younger then. Remember before divorce, both sister get the same warm treatment from their dad (the same as music box gift and fried chicken tradition). I can imagine, dad would protect his two precious daughters the same way. Sandbox to protect them from the fall. An incubator space for startup weren't common in Dad's time. So I can imagine when Sandbox female ceo want to build an incubator, she was inspired to name it from Dal Mi's dad story. A desperate pitch, ideas ahead of it's time, an investment made, but tragedy striked, those somehow memorable for
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