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  1. I think MKT knows that KMY is the girl from the past after finding out that her father is the patient in OK hospital. Everyone know that he is originally from this city and his daughter is gorgeous and famous. MKT is smart enough to figure out then.
  2. Hospital playlist is much more than romance drama. But the romance also an important part of this story. Life begins at 40. At 40s the lacking 5 members, got their lovelife restarted at Yulje. Anyone notice at episode 1 that the lacking 5 members were introduce as pairs? First pair S duo, Seokhyong and Song Hwa (Seokhyong House) and Second Pair JW Duo, Jeong Won and Junwan (Jeong Won Car). Interesting to note that the pairs were introduced in Seoul Boys property, single vs dating, both talking about band. After some scenes introducing them as doctors, the last member Ikjun was introduced not as pairs. He was introduced in some kind epic entrance with Darth Vader helmet and saber, with his kid (and nanny). **This scene made me belive that this Ikjun Character were gonna be special. Also due to the fact that He was the first actor casted. And PD picked the lead actress as per his recommendation. Ikjun roles seems to be specially crafted for Jo Jong Suk. Work Together at Yulje + Band Restart were the Seouls Boys doing. Both single by choice and in the midst of problems that made them in dire need of their three friends. Seokhyung with divorce trauma and an ongoing messy family problem. Jeong Won while dealing with grieve from his father death, decided to pull the trigger on priesthood while planning for his DDL program sustainability. While their friends at that time aside from their busy work schedulle also busy with their partners/family. There was a scene when Jeong Won asked Song Hwa if she has a time, then she answered that she has a date with Prof. Jang. Jeong Won also express his feeling left behind to Jun Wan when he plan to go dating in Busan. So as the band restart the lacking 5 were not in the same chapter in their love relationships. Jeong Won was single-virgin, Seokhyung was a single divorcee, Jun Wan was in relationship, Song Hwa was in steady relationship, and Ikjun was in long distance married with child. Two were single by choice, and the three were happily in relationships. Then betrayal and breakups happen to Junwan, Song Hwa, and Ikjun. In episodes three where the theme song is "lonely night" were all when all the lacking five became all singles in their 40s, back to the state where they were singing Aloha in their 20s. Their lovelife begin to restart. For Junwan, Song Hwa and Ikjun, their failed relationship at the beginning of their 40s were different from the two. Coz since med school the were actively dating. Junwan and Ikjun always had girlfriend. Song Hwa steadily dating for 3-4 years with her sunbae since winter of her freshman year/second years? And date another after the first breakup. The three almost never single for too long. Coz they were awesome and easy on the eyes so I can imagine potential suitor will always line up. How the three deal with their break up were how ordinary people in their 40s deal with failure depending on their character and circumstances. 1. Junwan. He had playboy reputation coz his relationship never lasted long. But that happen coz he haven't met the right girl who understand his busy lifestyle as an cs and aligned with his value. So when he found an amazing girl he was not hesitating to make a move. It is probably the most meaningful relationship he ever had, but circumstances doomed him (LDR) Him the first to breakup, him finding out Prof Jang infidelity become red herring that he will be paired with Song Hwa. But it turn out that they are just foodie soulmate. 2. Song Hwa. Prof Jang infidelity leading to her break up happen when she was dealing with cancer scare. In the same time she witness the relationship of her friend-patient, a breast cancer survivor already had masectomy then dealing with tumor, had her husband flew from far just to be with her. She envied her friend a little. She want her next relationship to be as meaningful, faithful. So I think she will want to pause, not too hastily jump into new relationship. That's one of the reason why she pushed Chihong away. He was younger, and she had a lot to figure out so she didn't want any relationship now. 3. Ikjun. He was legally married. I think what happened to Uju in children day, was what make him agree to the divorce right away, as long as he got Uju guardianship. He felt his pride hurt. As a single dad, he knew that his new suitor had to love Uju too. As always after divorce potensial suitors appeared (his ex, Go Ara). But hearing Song Hwa cancer scare, made him realised that he still want to be with her, even in sickness. Afterward, when other stayed at the door questioning her result, he was the only one who casually cross the line approaching her with coffee. If only Chihong did not provoke him as competitor, I am sure that he will take it slow. The fact that he also saw Song Hwa sincerely loves Uju, also made him tried to not waste anymore time. Like it is now or never mentality, in this rare time when they both single after two decades. There was to many epic and meaningful scenes between Iksong in season 1. Ikjun epic entrance to the scene with Darth Vader helmet must mean something. In his first appearance he solved Song Hwa's problem, and Song Hwa seen slept together with Uju. The fact that they were given an open ending, tell us that their lovestory will continue in Season 2. This plot, divorcee single dad tries to rekindled his first love: a woman who never want to marry, is very interesting conflict to explore, also an age appropriate adult real life problem for 40s character. Meatier roles for the actors and actress. Jo Jong Suk delivery as Ikjun in season 1 was so amazing, and Jeon Mido also so good, held her own as the leading lady opposite Jo Jong Suk (in her 1st tv drama). Their chemistry is good. If I am Shinlee, I don't want to waste their talents.
  3. Wow thanks for Ur love @bee_wannabe. I am glad for everyone who appreciate my many long posts with as many gramatical errors. English is not my first language. Maybe our age made us loves all Shinlee works, hehe. Somewhere between 1988, 1994, 1997 and 1999 is my youth full of agony of growing pains. I even have similar radio tape seen at Reply 1988. That's how old I am. I just can't help to post coz I love Shin PD, Lee Writers and Na PD. All their works, drama and variety all became my escape from the harsh reality of RL, espescially during this Pandemic. So I kinda protective to them...
  4. I dunno how many of you who watch this drama already in their 40s. I myself already in my 40s. That's why I sometime like to remind everyone that this is Wise Series not Reply Series. Reply series themes are nostalgia of youth. How we view love and life in our teen, or in university (early 20s) are very different than now in our 40s. Wise series potrays adulthood, when real life hits you hard. When not everything happen according to your plan. I can relate so much with HP storyline. In my 40s I must attend many vunerals of my friends parents. In my life now I have many divorced friends, with or without children. Friends who already remarry. Friends who are still single. Friends with real cancer problem, some of them became survivor and some of them already died. Friends of mine also lost their baby/child from sickness. So many friends of mine also deal with LDR. So the storyline in HP were very real to me as 40 something woman. So I can understand to someone in their 20s, their aspiration of perfect couple are someone who are compatible in their eyes, pretty-handsome, with same level in career and same hobbies. But in reality it does not always work that way. Like my husband is a solo camping mania like Song Hwa, who loves his camping stuff online shopping, regularly going camping and hiking adventures. I am more of urban girl type, my fave travel destination are cities. He loves mountain the most and I loves beach the most. But we manage to stay married, now in our 17th years and counting. So if someone think that Iksong won't be an ideal couple just because different preference in hobbies, I just smile to myself. Relationship is hard. Yes I agree that there are no guarantee that the pairings in the end of this season are fixed/end game. So even though I am in team Mama Rosa (hoping that winter garden will work out, a wedding happen ASAP, plus many grand children), if we talk about plot there are possibilities that winter garden could face break up: something flower garden shipper really want to happen in next season. But no, it won't happen like somebody wake up from the dream, or that someone imagining thing, that's too makjang for a drama with slice of life genre. If break up happen it will be coz personality clash or differences in life priority due to age gap like what happen with Sunwoo and Bora. If they ever break up, there are still posibillity that they'll get married eventually (as team mama Rosa who really want grandchildren I am gravitating towards winter-garden, coz I don't think Song Hwa interested in married life with children). Cross my finger there'll be no breakup, coz other pairs love problems are complicated enough already. But let's all agree that we don't really now what will happen in season 2. There are possibility of appearance of new characters who will be interested in our lacking 5. Like Seokhyung ex probably wont be the only one, maybe there are someone in Sokcho who will be interested in Song Hwa. We'll still playing with predictions afterall. So I don't mind people who still not give up on their ship or come up with unpopular theories, coz there are more seasons. I understand the mentality that it's not over till it's over. They are free to have opinions and preferences, as long as they don't do the following things: 1. Drama character assasination/bully (only Myeong Tae and Eun Won who had questionable character in this drama, I don't understand the need to hate on other characters). 2. Downgrading divorcee/single parent (what a toxic mindset) 3. Talk bad about the PD and writers 4. Hating on the actress/actor who plays character who comes between their ship. I am only reacted harshly once or twice to someone who downgrading divorcee/single parent. I've seen ship war before, but watching shipping escalating into those 4 bad behaviours are new to me, and astonished me at first. Like in Reply 1988 none of Team Taek hate RJY as actor. As Tim Taek I even root for RJY & Hyeri real life relationship. Thankfully due to hardwork of moderator like @triplem those 4 things mainly happen outside this forum. So I want to thank @triplem and other moderators for your hardwork. So let's just celebrate the positivity. I find almost all female characters in this drama are awesome. Song Hwa is an awesome character, pretty, smart and competent. As a forty something I have softspot for Song Hwa. When we work so hard for our career, then there are events who remind us that we are good compared to years before, but still not good enough, still so many things to learn. While our body get older, like our neck and body hurt. More health risk looming in our 40s. If i were her, I will also move out to Sokcho. I just want her to be happy and healthy. To think there will be many Song Hwa posible scenes in Season 2 with pretty Seokcho beach as setting, excites me.
  5. @yyscrush Ik Sun rank is high enough for her to be given private military apartment, so I believe it's her place (she probably did not own it). I am sure JW keeps tab on Andrea schedulle. When JW IS kissed in front of ER, they definitelly came to his apartment. Andrea spend time in PICU at that time.
  6. @kokodus Andrea lack of his own apartment and car will be a good topic to be explored in next season. I dunno for how long Winter's brother plan to stay at her apartment, if he is still around, no privacy in winter home either. How will he deals with lack of privacy with a new relationship? Expect to see more tipe of scene like Junwan wiping floor, intimacy interupted = potential hijjinks and laughter. Imagine if he buy VW Campervan like what @nrllee saw instead of apartment to be parked in the hospital basement parking spot, as secret hide out if he want more privacy with his new girlfriend Winter. You know his girl is busy at the hospital, so a campervan might be a good choice. It's cheaper than an apartment hehe. I always thought that campervan had something to do with double JW memory in Hawaii. You know they are campervan rental in Hawaii, a good adventure for those who want to explore not so touristy spot of Hawaii. Enough space to carry surfboards along. This Hawaii reference always make me smile coz it is like a nod to Lee Writer friendship with Sechskies Eun Ji Won. As Lee is also writer for many Youth Over Flowers trip, this Hawaii youth travel flashback is something I am very looking forward to for second season. I am sure it's gonna be riot. https://www.outdoorsy.com/blog/hawaii-surf-campers-rv-oahu Knowing that she, Winter, has a minimalist wadrobe, I think she'll not have any problem fitting into campervan lifestyle hehe. Her character fit many minimalist who I watch in tiny homes youtube channel.
  7. You know as someone who cannot read Hangul, I am actually open to all theories and all ships. Maybe something lost on translation, I probably don't catch several clues due to language and cultural barrier. I am not surprise if it turned out that Andrea or Jun Wan did have crush on Song Hwa in their younger day. We haven't seen enough their flashback yet (What happen in Hawai). But first crush in rl was not always a big deal, coz you moved on. Your past relationship that matter the most, wont always be your first love/crush. Like what happen with Seokhyung, he was definitely moved on from Song Hwa. The past that scar him was his ex wive. I don't mind if flower garden happen, they were cute together. I also find that Ik-jang pairing will be cute, coz this kind of scenario where you become cupid, then you realise that you want the girl for yourself is a familiar plot in drama. So I didn't just write other possibilities off. What irks me were the characters assasination that happen just because. (Directed to GU, IJ, and finally JW). ShinLee always write a good and memorable mom character. Interesting that the only moms appeared in season 1 were Andrea's mom and Seokhyung mom. Both Audrey and Rosa saw Song Hwa as an ideal daugther in law figure. So for both Andrea and Seokhyung, I did think mom card will play a big factor. The girl for them must get along with their moms and got their moms approval. So when someone had this premise, that Rosa was the leader of team flower garden and there's no way Ikjun (team winter garden captain) will win over mom, I kinda agree. Only after I saw that scene: Rosa begged Winter to ask Andrea to stay, I believed that that winter garden couple will be the end game not only for season 1 but also the next two upcoming seasons. Coz mom not only bought winter garden stocks, she bet like her entire assets (hope and dream) into winter garden ship. Mom and Ikjun are now in the same team. You can say that I am more on mom team rather than any other ship, I am happy if mom Rosa happy (she were already given her other four children to God, so she had every right to be selfish in Andrea case). I did think that God let mom got what she wanted this time. Snowy White Christmas Eve kiss = a sign that even God approve. If you are an asian drama veteran like me, you'll know that cristmas kiss is a classic thrope: the OTP are meant to be. ShinLee did not make ordinary K-Drama, but they use first snow-chrismast trope before: remember Sunwoo and Bora? No wonder their theme song are the same. Note: other thing. I was even wrong about the ER nurse. I thought she was one of Winter competitor, in flash back we saw that she was probably a winter garden shipper coz she saw Andrea agony in front of ER. So I don't mind if some of my theories while watching this drama were hit or miss. I am not a decective or a drama critics. I also don't know Shinlee personally, I am just a fan, so I definitely cannot read their mind and how will they direct their story. I am just having fun with my interpretation, If i am proven wrong I don't mind owning my mistake.
  8. Anybody who read hangul can help me? I was looking for the name of the actress who played as a pregnant woman who lose her baby. I cannot find her name in any english sites featuring Hospital Playlist cast. Her acting truly impress me and I want to know her name so badly. And if she has IG I want to support her.
  9. @__jesse as always your analysis is enlightening for me. I already saw that Andrea slowly but surely relying on GU, but I was totally clueless about that heart poster. You're very sharp on your observation. I also realise that being together with the lacking five, also a huge emotional support for him as well. He did work together with Junwan, even lived together with him. But as a tsundere, I don't think Jun Wan cannot be an enough mental support for him. He did served as his financial support, without Jun Wan Andrea cannot afford his DDL program. So I do think added support from IkSong as mental support matter. As for Seokhyung, him being the inisiator of the band, all of lacking 5 including Andrea did find the band as a refugee from their stressful profession. Moving to Yulje, get financial backup from VIP ward, then IkSong eventually know his DDL, also kinda ease his stress. That made him realise that being a doctor was not as stressful, his true calling. Add to that that he can also vent about his patients to the lacking 5, the bad news or the good news, at lunch/dinner. If one busy in an operation, there were always backup, something that was not happening when there were only Jun Wan around. The same thing also happen to Junwan. Only in Yulje he did find a reliable resident. Jae Hak, who act as his voice of reason in how to improve his bedside manner and someone who eventually see him beyond his exterior. Actually I ship this bromance so much.
  10. I know some of us have reservation about how season 2 will handle Covid19 Pandemy. But remember that even in Reply, Lee did corporate real life historical events. We'll just have to trust ShinLee. Knowing that SK handles Covid19 pretty well, also something that very reassuring. Hey they manage to do a life show and award just fine right? I think it's a very rare opportunity to share to the world how SK has done right. A very rare opportunity to give tribute to meds professions. The character as a doctors and other medical professional will only get closer during the trying time. So no need to worry that winter garden will have to practice more social distancing between them.
  11. I haven't discuss a lot about Iksong. Coz when I go over my Ep 12 timeline. I found that I need to backtrack the events to timeline of previous episodes. Then it occured to me, why Song Hwa did not react positively to 3 Ikjun Confession. Coz it were to soon! Remember that Ikjun failed married was happening around Children's day. 4th May his wife (now ex ask for divorce), at 5th he found out that She was having an affair. If Ikjun divorce her right away, still they need time to find lawyers and made arrrangement. Let's say a couple weeks. Than the fastest route to divorce for couple with child is divorce with mediation, that will takes 30-45 days. So in my count Ikjun was legal as a divorcee at early July. When he accompany SH to her check up it's only been a month after his divorce. First "indirect confession" happened at the end october (4 month). Second confession happened in mid Nov (4,5 month). And his latest happened in 5th of December (5 month). I get carried away by his confession, I did not realise that his divorcee status was still fresh and new. And it will make any woman cautious. Maybe except for Go Ara. If I am single, then my recently divorce best friend suddenly confess to me. I will feel it's too soon. How am I supposed to know that I am not just a rebound. Because I am familiar to him, coz he love me two decades ago? Him having child also will add into my stress. Even if let's say I love his kid, but jump to soon into this relationship is very unwise. It can confuse the kid. That's my own POV as a forty something woman. What about you guys? For you how soon is too soon? What about Song Hwa? We never see her POV. But there is her important trait that can gives us a clue. She is a pluviophile, rain lovers. Rain sound made a pluviophile calm. Watching the rain with something warm is their thing. They loves smell of the ground after the rain. They don't mind doing activity in the rain. They loves when the rain trickle on the car windows. Pluviophile is a romantic who enjoys solitude. Song Hwa remember events that scar her to the detail is a pluviophile trait. She still remember Yung Bok mom's name, her prognosis, even her face. Her ten years old worn out shoes became keepsake of that events. So if it's true that Song Hwa first love was Ikjun. I do believe that Ikjun confidently bought the ring coz they already in Some. Imagine her feeling if suddenly Ikjun just friendzoned her without any explanation, than proceed with his many relationships. Even though she moved on, I think the scar remain. So I can understand her silence now... Ah how sad...
  12. Owh I almost forget that Mina is also from Gangwon do. She will facing though battle in season 2. Beside Seokhyung ex, Sin Hye reappearance, I think his dad's mistress will also reappear. Fact that She was left with nothing, make me believe that she'll try to cling to His kindness, make him pity his unborn sibling. Poor Seok Hyung with all his problem stack against him. In season 1 Mina already knew the mistress face, so will she be able to help him out next season? She is a badass with experience with loves. I am rooting for her. Hoping Ikjun also work his magic as a cupid to Gom-Gom next season.
  13. I love your insight about Ikjun confession. Both Gangwondo boys are expert in doing fluttering confession. U right that his confession was highly inspired by his residents buddies lovelife. The problem with Ikjun is that Song Hwa is a woman who don't want to be pursued, at least for now, coz she has other priorities. I agree that she use Jongsoo avoidance tactic (moving to Sokcho, out of sight out of mind). That's why Ikjun go extra miles to craft perfect confession, so even if he is out sight, he is not out of mind. Paraphasing his confession as if he was a client of Song Salon, looking for advice, was very clever move. She will stay still for awhile, do nothing. Something need to happen to shake this avoid-do nothing status quo. I don't know what it will be, I'll trust Lee to suprise me. But I am dying to know Song Hwa three older brothers, if they appear in Season 2, I think they may be play some part in this matter. Don't be a lurker no more @enchantedyears. I love ur writing. I want to know ur opinion about other pairing.
  14. If you are a woman, who do you choose? the Seoul-chaebol boys: Jeong Won & Seok Hyung or Gangwondo Boys: Ikjun and Jungwan. Gangwondo boys were bold, if they already make a decision, they were willing to travel far, to pursue the woman they love. They will confess first, with a swoony fluttering move. If we are the kind of woman who want to be pursued, they are our type/style. But in the other hand, Gangwondo boys have many gorgeous exes, we must learn to lived with that (LOL). Hey I suspect Lee did have soft spot for "country-bumpkin" boys, I use this term with endearment, remember reply1994 boys. They stay in boarding home far from home during Uni, so they were more resilient. Seoul-chaebol boys have inheritances (a.k.a rich). Only have one exes/even virgin. But their upbringing and family circumstances make them carry a lot of emotional baggages. We as a woman must confess first. Oh I forgot, prepared to be rejected first. If you can play the mom card: get his mum approval first, maybe you can get a push or an insider info. Then proceed to confess again. Regardless background, all of them are handsome, smart, with sucessful career. Oh, not to forget all can sing and play musical instrument. So girls, who is your style? There is nothing wrong being a woman who want to be pursued. That's my style, I myself never confess first. But if we loves certain type of man, the only way to make it work is to confess first. So I appreciate Deok Sun who need to be pursued. On the other hand I admire Ji Ho, Najung, and Shiwon, who were such a brave gals that confess first. So I get why to win the heart of Seoul-Chaebol boys pair, we need a pair of badass at heart, who are part of a fierce fandom (Army). It's ironic that Iksun who is a soldier, a real Army, is the one with fragile heart due to the love trauma (she will never pursue first). Ah the meta. Luckily she got the bold Gangwondo boy. Now what poor Mina gotta do is to play the mom card. I think they'll hit off well. Both are fashionable woman. Imagine them bonding with shopping together. This card is important coz the ex wife will come to the equation. Fighting Bear Mina girl!
  15. Dear ShinLee, it took you long enough to cast Jo Jong Seok. To think that Jung Woo, get Reply1994 right away after You're the Best Lee Soon Shin. But I know why it took so long. U really want Jo Jong Suk play guitar in your drama, ever since you saw him in Youth Over Flower Iceland. Kudos for you both, You did it. Hospital Playlist, the band and Ikjun character was genius! In my opinion, this Ikjun character was written in Jo Jong Suk in mind. It was also not a coincidence that the PD choose the female lead, the target of Ikjun love, from his recommendation. So if it's not too much to ask, can Jung Woo be a cameo in second season pretty please? This is why I assume that Yo Yong Seok in HP won't be involved in another messy love triangle. If Lee didn't create his own loveline she will be reopening chilbong trauma all over again. Seeing how much Winter-Garden clip trending in naver, I think Writer Lee made the right decission. As for Jung Kyung Ho, his character was the link between wise series, from best friend to potential bro in law.