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  1. Hi guys...newbie here. I just found myself liking an actor named Choi jin Hyuk. I know I'm late. Lol. But thanks to messy drama, the Last Empress. I was rooting Cheon Woo Bin since he's the srongest and very strategic character that ever exist in kdrama world before the writer destroyed it withstupid selfish character, Lee Hyuk. Until now I don't get why people shipping Sunny with the killer like Hyuk. I'm so disappointed to TLE but wish the best for Jin Hyuk's next projects. He deserve the best. He also very sweet to the younger actors. And his chemistry with Nara is great like I wonder they have relationship like Aera and Dong Man in Fight My Way kkkkk..... Anyway,I hope his next project is a hero in joeson period. I think this guy is suitable for that kinda role. But whatever the project, I will watch it for him.
  2. I feel cheated watching this drama and synopsis. I thought the writer could give justice to one victim which is Na Wang Sik. But nope. She wasted her script with so unimportant Hyuk's scenes without realizing the dateline to finish her writing ontime. Very disappointed. What Jin Hyuk done mostly fighting ang getting slaps. I don't even care how the wrap up the story because from middle of epusodes I think she changed the story's direction. Guys, nice to chat with you all. Bye
  3. Maybe I'm wrong but one thing I point out that Sunny seems deeply in love with Wang Sik. So many times she defence him in front of others and even give herself to be shot. Last night when Hyuk asked her feelings and threathen she must not see him again otherwise he'll kill him, she even back to choke him saying before Hyuk kill Wang Sik, she will kill Hyuk first. It's kinda fix that Sunny Wang Sik love each other but they just can't express it to kepp the empress's dignity as well as Bodyguard's dignity XD.
  4. Tonight episode is a meh. How many people suffer just to figure out Grandma's death? Remember Mrs. Hong. And there's suspecious here n there. There was police investigation. I feel regret spent lots of time watching this. And the garden also not as big as I expected. Too many new casts come n go. And suddenly Wang Sik came again with fresh face like the writer forgot he has bullet in his head. I think too many cases going on make the writet confuse then decided to finish it simply. Lol.... Yesterday Hyuk was all scary and tonight he changed suddenly. What the....??? We can conclude that ED actually not kill anyone in this series directly. I wonder if next episode Hyuk again going crazy since his expresion change scary whenever see Yoon or Wangsik. The writer suddenly forgot about Byun and Sunny's fam...kkkk.... And she gave few minutes for Wang Sik. Really? He's one of the lead tho. Such an anti climax got promising writing at the beginning.. I think her obsession towards villains make the story become non sense. We can see until now none of bad guys are having punishment. Very disappointed.
  5. Last night episode is interesting. 1. Sunny is keeping her words that she wnot leave the palace before revealing the truth. She already collected all proof to against Hyuk and ED. Hopefully ( and I believe ) she/ Yura/ Yoon / Wang Sik has back up. 2. Sunny-Wang Sik are keeping their promise for protecting each other. Now we just wait until both calling their name 'Na Wang Sik ssi' and Oh Sunny ssi' ...saranghamnida... And both are walking in the beautiful sunset. The End ( XD). 3. The crazy-fooly- cry cry baby emperor is still in his state. No sign of redemption even becoming worst lol. Die even not enough to erase all his mistakes. He treats Sunny( beloved wife, he said) like trash. 4. Yura redemption is ongoing. I think she'll protect Dong Sik at least. 5. Princess Ari is so dearly. I wonder she's really emperor's daughter because she's too smart for a child born from half DNA of that stupid Hyuk lol. 5. ED is still with her ultimate hobby. Slaping and roaring all the time. How many pointed guns have we seen and still no one dying wkkkk.
  6. I don't believe with this called ideal type. Most of us end up with our non ideal type hehehe. They're so clingy and touchy. Whenever they laugh seems no one understand except them lol. I think Hyuk will at least learn how to contol himself at the end. They can forgive him. But criminal still must be punished. Whether Sunny still wanna with him or not, it's another story. Because last episodes, she seems doesn't even love him anymore ( if she even ever loved him)
  7. Always smile seeing Nara and Jin Hyuk off screen. Their closeness is suspicious lol. I don't want to ship them but I really want. What to do. This is the first drama of Jin Hyuk that I watched. Not sure about the real him, but looking at how he treat his fellow casts even Dong Sik and Ari is pretty active giving comments in his insta, I think he's really caring person. What a complete package. Ari calls him oppa while Dongsik hyung. They should call him samcheon instead kkk
  8. Kwaenchana. We all have our favorite character. Just enjoy the show. And we can continue to cheer our favorites. You with Hyuk and me with Bin XD. Maybe extension is really needed since many problems haven't solve yet.
  9. Aigooo...extension. So it is possible that some of casts will back from their death...hahaha... Whatever it is, I hope they don't make Wang Sik more suffer. His smiles are countable in this series. Every episodes they will hit, slap or punch him. Omona... Don't care about shipping but I just hope all victims get justice and bad guys get punishment especially ED, Kang Hee and Hyuk.
  10. Just my opinion. Hyuk seriously needs medical help. If he's in jail, he'll probably think men there all Na Wang Sik or Woobin and girls are all Sunny...kkkkkk ED and Kang Hee should end up in one room of cell. Epic closing.
  11. If Wang Sik doesn't has happy ending I will be so upset. Two episodes left and still none of bad guys get their punishment while good guys are still having bad time. I really hope ED and Kang Hee get in jailed. They're a fan of prestige life. So hopefully they'll end up having hard time whole life in jail. Lee Hyuk is another trash. I want him died in his own hand. Before that, the best punishment for him is Sunny declare that she loves Wang Sik, his true enemy... Well, I can dream if this won't happen...kkkkk
  12. Oh mannnn...this coward emperor seems won't change till end. He even forcing himself to Sunny. I feel weird that some fans are happy about the emperor kissing her. He's hurting her for God sake lol. At least we know Woobin is safe. Perhaps by his forces in the palace or byun.. Yura could be the one who come as a nice girl at the end. I hope kang hee will face to face with her. Cat fighting is fun to watch XD.
  13. Wang Sik distributed money that have been 'stolen' to imperial victims. He puts his name to declare he was also the victim and if something happen to him, people already suspicious and imperial can't hurt him easily. I think this is just his strategy to make the criminality of imperial are getting known by people. The blood on his suit and face in the preview perhaps his own. He always throw everything when he's angry that perhaps hurting himself lol.
  14. Guys, I think Na Wang Sik will be saved by someone. Maybe Byun, Sunny or Yura. In a smooth way, Yura can say he's not Wang Sik since emperor believe she's the one knows WS really well. In a harsh way, Byun could make him escape n prpbably yura or sunny could save dongsik from palace. And it seems hyuk just try hard to convincing himself about Sunny relation to WS/ WB. Perhaps he put her in the chamber without anyone can see her especially woobin. Some said Sunny is using the emperor. I can say yes. But at the same time she wants him to wake up. She realized Hyuk is not the only one could be blamed. Another thing, wang sik said his purpose to gave the gift with his name on it to some imperial victims is to make people realize how cruel imperial family and if something happen to him,royal family can't touch him. This could also help him. It will be hard if hyuk use Sunny to catch wang sik which I believe he will come to save her. Last one, what if the old lady who doesn't want to sell the island is failed-death grandma? Kkkkk... ED will surprise to dead when she personally meet to persuade her.
  15. The writer is unpredictable so everything is possible even for last one minute. From all bandits in this drama, I see the possibility of Min Yura redemption. And might be Hyuk at last minutes too. I notice Sunny always make clear whenever Woobin suspect Lee Hyuk by making confirmation like" It's not Hyuk. Well, I'm not try to defend him but I just wanna make everything clear!". Hmmmm...I don't know if she loves Woobin but she just appeared from nowhere whenever Hyuk tried to hurt Bin lol. Again, if they really love each other, at this stage, it's forbidden. At least they really care and protect one another. What a sweet sad romance we got in this drama.
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