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  1. On 6/21/2024 at 4:36 PM, Lindyloo421 said:

    Thank you to everyone for your best wishes. I  enjoy being part of this LMH community. I really enjoyed TKEM this time round- still in hospital so have started on Personal Taste on Viki. It’s so witty I love it and think it is so underrated -  Son ye- Jin and Minho act so well together- and both such big stars now.


    Have not been here recently, hope you are better now. :foryou:


    This gift is sooooo cute. 






    cr. Logo



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  2. https://malaysiansnews.com/entertainment/countdown-begins-pachinko-season-2-release-date-teaser-arrives/


    Countdown Begins: Pachinko Season 2 Release Date Teaser Arrives


    “Pachinko,” the exciting K-drama with Lee Min Ho and Kim Min Ha, has kept fans snared since it began.

    Everybody is truly waiting because they’re going to let us know when Season 2 emerges. 


    After watching Season 1, everybody needed more, particularly to see what occurs close to Sunja and her loved ones.

    Pachinko Season 2

    Lee Min Ho is a big star in South Korea. He’s been in the entertainment world for over a decade and has fans from one side of the planet to the other. Individuals have been standing by energetically to see him in another show.


    In 2022, Lee Min Ho was in a cool series on Apple television called “Pachinko.” It was a success, and everybody cherished it. Individuals figured Lee Min Ho worked effectively, and it showed how great an actor he is. 


    Presently, Apple Television has implied that they will let us know when Season 2 of “Pachinko” will emerge. Fans are really amped up for this news. They’ve been standing by to find out when they can see their favorite characters once more.


    For Lee Min Ho’s fans, this is truly energizing. They love watching him act since he’s so great at it, and individuals all around the world love him for it.

    Pachinko Season 2 Release Date and Teaser 

    Fans have been restlessly waiting for any report about Season 2. Their energy went through the rooftop when Apple Television indicated by releasing that they’d uncover the delivery date soon.


    The huge reveal is set for May 31, 2024, so fans are enthusiastically counting the hours. They’re really eager to find out when they can watch Season 2 and see what occurs next in the “Pachinko” story.


    Individuals are now speculating about what Season 2 will be like. Will Sunja and her family face new difficulties? How might the characters change? There are so many inquiries, and fans can hardly hold on to find solutions.


    With Lee Min Ho and Kim Min Ha leading the cast, everybody knows Season 2 will be a blockbuster. Fans can hardly stand by to plunge once more into the universe of “Pachinko” and see what experiences anticipate.


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  3. https://fashionwow.it/news/lee-minho-luxury-brand-coveted-superstar/







    One of the latest trends among luxury brands is to invite prominent figures from Asian entertainment to fashion shows, turning the presentations of new fashion collections into highly anticipated events even for those not directly involved in the industry.


    A regular guest for Fendi is Korean actor Lee MinHo, who attended the Fendi Men FW 2024-2025 fashion show in Milan last January, causing unparalleled excitement as witnessed by the hordes of fans who greeted him upon arrival with cheers fit for a superstar. After all, Lee MinHo, an actor, singer, model, spokesperson, and true social icon, is among the most famous actors in South Korea, known for series that have become hugely popular on Netflix such as the Sci-Fi “The King: Eternal Monarch” or the more recent “Pachinko” for AppleTV+, one American production to achieve global success. He will soon return with the k-drama “Ask The Star,” a Sci-Fi romance set for the first time in South Korea in a space station.


    Adored in Asia and loved in the United States, the Korean actor is inevitably highly sought after by fashion brands, as his fans often queue for hours to get their hands on any item he endorses. A guest at the New York Fashion Week for Fendi and the Milan Fashion Week for Hugo Boss in 2022, his presence caused such a stir that the Boss brand publicly thanked Italian fans for the extraordinary welcome given to Lee MinHo, their ambassador.


    In 2023, also in Milan, the Korean actor opened the Boss fashion show at the Milan Allianz Mico Conference Center amidst excitement as the Asian star took to the stage. Walking into a room with over 1,000 global celebrities and fashion insiders, on a runway transformed into a futuristic paradise of technological wonders, Lee embodied sartorial elegance sporting a long white coat, a turtleneck, and oatmeal beige trousers. His runway show also remained memorable for the interactive moment with the highlight of Techtopia, Sophia, a humanoid robot capable of reading human emotions and gestures.


    Lee MinHo’s passion for the technological world led him to produce a successful digital short film titled “New World, New meta,” belonging to the cyberpunk genre, blending dystopian Sci-Fi and body horror.


    Today, Lee MinHo’s career continues to thrive, having recently wrapped up filming for the Apple TV series “Pachinko Season 2” and “Ask The Star.” Never missing a beat, Lee’s impact promises to grow even more, not only in the acting world but also as an influencer in global fashion.



    By Alessandra Luti (Photo: Giuseppe Marchione)


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  4. https://www.kpopmap.com/the-world-goes-round-and-round-but-lee-minho-remains-unbeatable-as-the-top-hallyu-star-how-did-he-do-it/


    The World Goes Round And Round But Lee MinHo Remains Unbeatable As THE Top Hallyu Star - How Did He Do It?

    Lee MinHo has been crowned the top Hallyu star for the 11th consecutive year. Find out how the actor has maintained his reign!




    The 2024 Overseas Hallyu Survey results are out, and it is no surprise that once again, for the 11th year in a row, Lee MinHo has been picked as the most favored Hallyu star in the world! Find out more.

    In case you didn't know, the Overseas Hallyu Survey is conducted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to determine the consumption and impact of Hallyu worldwide. The sample size of the survey is 25,000 people from 26 countries familiar with K-Content.

    According to the report published by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Lee MinHo was picked as the top Hallyu star by 6.4% of respondents. He also ranked 1st in all 5 regions that were surveyed, that is, Asia/Pacific, the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Lee MinHo's popularity was recorded to be the highest in the Middle East, followed by Asia/Pacific, Africa, the Americas, and Europe.

    Of course it is an incredible feat to maintain the top spot for 11 consecutive years but why exactly is the Lee MinHo craze so strong? Let's get into it!


    Lee MinHo's Legacy

    Before Hallyu ever became a mainstream cultural phenomenon, there was "Boys Over Flowers", paving the way. A large majority of international K-Drama fans started their Hallyu journey with "Boys Over Flowers", and it continues to be one of the very first K-Dramas the recent generations of fans watch or go back to for their daily dose of Lee MinHo.

    As a result, over the last 5 years, global interest in "Boys Over Flowers" has spiked at least once almost every single year, mostly corresponding to one of Lee MinHo's works that were either airing at the time or were talked about in the news.




    For instance, when "The King: Eternal Monarch" was airing in 2020 (April 17 – June 12), searches for "Boys Over Flowers" skyrocketed around May 17 to 23. Older fans could have been rewatching the classic and new fans may have seeked it out because they just couldn't get enough of Lee MinHo.

    Similarly, around the time when Lee MinHo's appearance in "Pachinko" was all the buzz, alongside the Thai remake of "Boys Over Flowers" called "F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers", the K-Drama "Boys Over Flowers" started trending on Google searches once more (December 26, 2021 - Jan 1, 2022).


    Unsurprisingly, as news about "Ask The Stars" started to spread, with speculations about the airing date, and so on, global interest in "Boys Over Flowers" spiked yet again (April 16 - 22, 2023)!


    In other words, whenever Lee MinHo is in the spotlight, "Boys Over Flowers" draws attention, too, proving its timeless status and Lee MinHo's enduring impact. It is nothing but a fallacy to deny or undermine the influence of "Boys Over Flowers" on Hallyu, which continues to prove itself even today.


    Now, the "Hallyu Star" category in the Overseas Hallyu Survey was created in 2014, when Lee MinHo had already started making a place for himself in global fans' hearts. However, this time, his popularity received new impetus from the international success of the K-Drama "The Heirs"—another blockbuster hit with record-breaking highs at the time of its release. As Hallyu had already crash-landed on the world, "The Heirs" was the perfect launching pad for Lee MinHo to shoot to global fame on a larger scale than ever before.


    By topping up the success of "Boys Over Flowers" with K-Dramas like "Personal Taste", "City Hunter", "Faith" and "The Heirs", Lee MinHo showed the world that he wasn't a one-hit-wonder. He was destined to be a world star and he was only getting started. This consistency also translated to a stronger fan base and higher global interest in this new superstar from Korea.

    Exactly one year after the conclusion of "The Heirs", in December 2014, Lee MinHo reached the highest peak in his career at the time. It was also in 2014 that the "Hallyu Star" category was established, and once he grabbed the top spot, there was no looking back. According to Google Trends, in the last 7 days, global interest in Lee MinHo reached a similar peak as back in 2014. This happened on April 13 (it has reached the same peak many times in previous years, too). So, the numbers suggest that Lee MinHo is currently at his peak once again. It is no surprise, therefore, that Lee MinHo is ruling the top spot in the Overseas Hallyu Survey's "Hallyu Star" category.




    Notably, between 2014 to 2024, Lee MinHo has released 2 K-Dramas ("The Legend of the Blue Sea", "The King: Eternal Monarch"), 2 films ("Gangnam Blues", "Bounty Hunters"), 1 documentary ("DMZ, The Wild"), two promotional web series ("Summer Love" & "7 First Kisses"), and the Hollywood series "Pachinko".

    As is obvious, Lee MinHo chose quality over quantity, and clearly, the actor has an eye for impactful projects. He outdid himself with each work, and Lee MinHo's success kept scaling unbelievable heights. According to an interview with "Harper's BAZAAR Singapore", Lee MinHo constantly attempts to bring out the "true identity" of his character in his works, which not only comes through to the audience as impressive but also amplifies the immersion of his works, creating a "fad" every time Lee MinHo is on screen. He embodies his characters with such charm and conviction that it is impossible not to fall in love!


    Moreover, the actor's versatility is beyond comparison, and he never allows himself to be put in a box. Just when you think you've understood and can predict Lee MinHo's spectrum, he throws us a curveball we'd least expect. For a lot of fans, "Pachinko" was this curveball that started a new chapter in Lee MinHo's career.


    Lee MinHo In His 30s

    Lee MinHo entered his 30s as the King of the world. Everyone knew him and loved him, even worshipped him as their role model, an inspiration. However, Lee MinHo took his 30s as a time to experiment, expand and evolve.

    Much like his title of "the King", Lee MinHo's first K-Drama in his 30s was "The King: Eternal Monarch", where he played Emperor Lee Gon. Truly, a royal role for a royal man. With this K-Drama, Lee MinHo reunited with "The Heirs" scriptwriter, the esteemed Kim EunSook, hoping to replicate their previous collaborative success, and needless to say, the result spoke for itself. "The King: Eternal Monarch" was one of the most popular TV shows on Netflix at the time of its airing and topped the chart in several countries around the world.


    If we consider the current K-Drama landscape, in the past 90 days, "The King: Eternal Monarch" has surpassed "The Heirs" in global interest, meaning that more people are searching for "The King: Eternal Monarch" now than "The Heirs". "The King: Eternal Monarch" exceeded "The Heirs" and introduced a whole new generation of fans to this heartthrob, but little did they know that the star had a lot more up his sleeve.



    ***** Unfinished.  Please click the link at the top to read the whole contents, too long to be posted.  ******



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  5. https://www.harpersbazaar.com.sg/celebrity/_lee-min-ho-april-2024



    Lee Min Ho On Going International, His Restrained Style, & Dream Travel Destination

    The Korean actor and heartthrob talks about the difference between Hollywood and Korean productions, taking on as many roles as possible, and why he’s saving the Northern Lights for later.




    Our shoot with Lee Min Ho in Seoul takes place in wintry February, where the temperatures outside are dipping. But in the studios, Lee is warm and fully engaged. He greets our stylist with a firm handshake, and the shoot progresses at an energetic pace—a nod to both his professionalism, experience and also how photogenic (and telegenic) he is. Since exploding on screens with his breakthrough role in 2009’s Boys Over Flowers, the model turned actor and sometime singer has been beloved by his fans both for his many gifts, and for his devotion to both them and his acting roles.


    Lee says, “It’s been 17 years since I started acting. Instead of approaching acting in the form of technique, I try to understand the role. So when I choose a role, from day one till filming ends, I try to see and feel things from that character’s perspective, by getting into that character and bringing out the true identity of the character.”




    Lee has evolved as an actor, proving his range in a string of star-making turns and even making his Hollywood debut in the Apple TV+ series Pachinko in 2022. The starting date of the much-anticipated second season has yet to be confirmed, but is likely to premiere in the coming months. Despite his many memorable roles, Lee is not slowing down anytime soon. This year he is working on a film that he teases “requires a lot of action scenes.” For now his hope is to wrap the shoot without any injuries. “I want to leave as many roles as I can in my 30s. My goal for this year is to work as much as I can.” 


    “I want to leave as MANY ROLES as I can IN MY 30s. My GOAL for THIS YEAR is to WORK AS MUCH as I can.”
    On Pachinko, Lee shared what fans could expect in season two. “This series of Pachinko is about the stories of the people living on the land. As the world evolves quickly, the essence of the story is about where we come from and where we need to move forward. So in season two, you will get to see deeper stories and feel more emotions. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as the first season.”
    On approaching his character Hansu, for the second time, Lee says, “In season two, Hansu has grown and accomplished more things in his life, but as a human being, his character was placed in a circumstance where he was still weak emotionally. But in his relationship with Sunja and the child he had with her, he goes through many emotions, feelings and changes—and at times he breaks down as well. So it’s nice to look out for those changes from season one.”



    With Pachinko being his first Hollywood production, we ask him what the difference was in the working style between Hollywood and Korea. “Basically, there isn’t that much of a difference between a Hollywood production and a Korean production. However, all the crew coming together to work on an amazing project by doing their roles and sharing concerns towards the project makes things very competitive,” he says. Upon reflection, Lee says that one big difference is that in Hollywood things are more detailed. “For example, one person can handle one thing, but they will specify and divide the work among many people to make it more efficient.”


    Another project that Lee has coming up is Ask The Stars, a drama series set in space. He plays Gongryong, a gynaecologist who travels to space to accomplish a mission. “Since the character that I was playing is a gynaecologist, I studied the basics of gynaecology, like the procedures for surgery, or delivering a child, and I asked advice from doctors as well. Also, I watched documentaries and movies about life and the birth of a child, and I came to appreciate life and the greatness of life too.”





    Would Lee ever consider being a space tourist himself? His reply is philosophical. “I believe we all came from the universe as our bodies are made out of atoms. In the perspective of the universe (space), human beings cannot be explained or be expressed with words, but we are wandering beings. So from that point of view, I think we as human beings are floating in the universe.”


    With his strapping good looks, Lee started out as a model, before being signed on by an agency for acting roles in 2005, and while he was still in school. On the way to global fame, he took up singing, “I started singing when I had my first role in a commercial as a singer. I started singing for my fans—I wanted to show my appreciation at fan meetings—but also to do something nice for them. So I sang a lot in my 20s,” he says.





    “I don’t ENJOY a style that SHOWS OFF too much. Because of MY LIFESTYLE, I like THINGS that are SIMPLE but NATURAL.”


    Lee’s relationship with his fans is symbiotic—they adore him and he receives positivity and support from them. “Even now, whenever I make eye contact with my fans, I get good energy from them, am moved by them, and get a lump in my throat. Whenever I meet my fans for the first time, I hear the reasons why they became my fans and listening to their stories is always amazing. For example, a fan from Japan told me how she became despondent after losing her husband. But she was comforted by watching my dramas and regained the will to live. So stories like these encourage me to become a better actor.” With such positive affirmation, it’s little wonder that Lee continues to accept new projects.


    Though Lee always looks impeccable in his roles and at events, in real life he favours an understated approach to fashion. “I don’t enjoy a style that shows off too much. Because of my lifestyle, I like things that are simple and natural.” The things he enjoys doing in his spare time are also similarly low-key. “These days I enjoy cycling. It is an exercise that requires strength to paddle—so I get to ride at the speed I want. One huge advantage of cycling is that I can relieve my stress by riding.” Even though he travels the world for shoots and appearances, there’s one region that is on his bucket list. “I don’t really have a dream destination; for me, it is about the company that you travel with. However, I haven’t been to the Northern part of Europe yet on purpose. I want to see the aurora borealis and I am saving it for later. So Iceland is a destination that I haven’t been to.”






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  6. https://n.news.naver.com/article/022/0003920367?sid=102


    Google Translation


    “The favorite star chosen by overseas fans is… ” 7 out of 10 people with Korean Wave experience are ‘positive’ about K content







    While actor Lee Min-ho ranked first in the actor category of the Korean Wave star survey for 11 consecutive years, 7 out of 10 people with Korean Wave experience responded that they overall liked the Korean cultural content they experienced.


    ---- skipped unrelated. -----




    Among the Korean actors, Lee Min-ho (6.4%), he ranked first in the actor category for 11 consecutive years since the Korean Wave star survey began, and there was no significant change in the remaining top 10 rankings.




    2nd to 10th :






    And the 3 categories in above chart are :


    ages : 10s/20s/30s/40s/50s 


    --- skipped unrelated ---



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  7. https://leeminhotrends.blogspot.com/2024/02/knets-in-awe-with-lee-min-hos-10-meters.html


    Knets in awe with Lee Min-ho's 10 meters hologram advertising video displayed for Hugo Boss in London

    - Wow, it’s amazing
    - Oh, it's cool
    - Wow it’s really big and cool
    - Its amazing
    - Wow
    - Wow what is the scale? Boss and Lee Min-ho are great.
    - It's enormous
    - Wow, it looks like a God. You know, the scary giant stone statue in Japan, but this one is handsome, pretty, and nice.
    - Wow, Lee Min-ho is really amazing.
    - Wow that’s crazy
    - It's really God Lee Min-ho ㄷㄷ The boss scale is crazy
    - I would have been really shocked if I actually saw a Korean actor in a huge advertisement in London.
    - Wow, the scale is overwhelming. This ad is cool.
    - Something like that is possible.
    Looking at this, Lee Min-ho is really GOD
    - He really looks like a boss kya
    - It's so awesome. There's a huge hologram in London Bridge.
    - He looks so much like Yoo Jung-hyuk
    - Awesome. I want to see it in person. It's a place famous for its beautiful night view, but the main attraction is a Korean actor.
    - Wow this performance is amazing
    - As if I had seen a movie, Lee Min-ho is a true God
    - It feels like a transcendent being looking down on humans from the divine world.
    - Look at the scale
    - The force is crazy
    - Lee Min-ho’s scale has reached a new level.
    - Wow, this is a real superstar. 
    Source: theqoo
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