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  1. If only they are not that annoying. Just how low they can go to ruin some people who simply work hard and naturally have good chemistry with everyone in the work place. Sometimes I want to smack them in the comment section but i know it will be meaningless thing to do
  2. Poor those fans. If you look at the banner on the left side, maybe they edit the banner intentionally so to show which couple they support only to get a follow up picture of kjk and jsm standing so close together. I never meant to cheer on them as a couple but those antis get me enjoy moment like this lol
  3. JSM just sit there even not giving a look on next week preview highlight(?) Did anyone catch it?
  4. Hi. Just want to give a piece of mine. When you root for two people, root for their chemistry. Not for their relationship status. Cause when reality checks you, you can move on without blaming those who not meet your expectations. Have a nice day
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