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  1. supposedly that chanel stuffs was for her birthday but delayed the videos bc chanel man is on june cover hahaha her obsession got deeper and deeper, not good for her health lol
  2. @samzz I wonder why the friend deleted the birthday party post, is she afraid of backlash bc social distancing are the main issue there or there are any other reasons?
  3. @samzz very timely on new magazine shoot, calling this magazine editor someone wanted to be chanel woman, even just 1 page of your magazine please? hahahaha. but the first part of her videos, I think she knows the gelato we're talking about and she really inserted it to her videos. that style I saw on famili
  4. @samzz read that too, dragging other name for publicity.
  5. @samzz even on IG followers, LDW is doing well, in every 1000 increase in DH follower equivalent to 100,000 increase to wookie. I understand why many idols who turned actors choose their acting career more than being an idol bc it has long term benefits. Even at age of 40 plus still at a leading role.
  6. actually I'm just curious why it took so long to be back in US, if there is any travel ban so trying to find some reason till I ended up on song leakage, but I didn't know there is an attempt to release the song. But now I am more curious bc knowing them to be SNS addict, no one ever like that post. Hmmmm I feel something so fishy on what happened in LA hahaha haha eventhough they attempt to use wookie in their plans, I think people around him are all wise and their work together for years already
  7. hahaha that could be the start of digging what happened in the past. I wonder why until now they try to skip that and no one reposted it. OMG I think the direction now headed to LA but didn't expect that our curiousity someone will add fire to it. Hahaha of course still want to know the song leakage and who leak it.
  8. @samzz haha history 10 to 12 yrs ago lead me to track many leakages, there are some leakages with no details but understanding the pattern we know who leak the confidential info. What happened to their career, their agency? it is their biggest karma ever. Trying to dig some more hahahaha
  9. @samzz haha I'm sure cherry gelato, the new product selling hot online since many people were bored bc of stay home policy. hahaha wookie doesn't need beauty app to look flawless and handsome
  10. @samzz wow another mag cover, I thought we will miss wookie in magazine cover during this pandemic, but he surprised us again and with brown hair.
  11. @samzz we all know that until now the Sk never forget sx partner scandal, the worst, she's very proud of it and even inserted on every episode of her variety show. Yes she might got a project once after that but I'm sure bc her clans still has connection that time. Now she's ended as a promo girl of her bff boss business. seems like she never regret how much time and opportunity she lost in her career, wherein Kdrama is at the peak and social media influence is in full bloom: Maybe bc she never lead her own, always dependent to other person.
  12. @samzz maybe it depends on the mood of admins. also she needs marketing strategies bc it seems her agency can't even find a job for her. But I think she deserve it, no progress as she aged.
  13. hahaha saw DH latest post in xiaohongshu, honestly are they running out of ideas what to post? Haha ok etiquette 101 on show. They even showed two american ladies. I don't know if they are part of famili or from the religious group. DH please get hair treatment
  14. @samzz haha most of comments, related to my girl and hotel king, call her AMN or JYR, I'm sure they watched the two dramas during quarantine. haha she's back on her routine, the things she can't live without. It's disgusting some encouraged a stayhome post but can't even apply to sx partner.
  15. @samzz hahaha I hope posting more sensed SNS posts is the new normal
  16. @samzz the more the merrier, when it gets boring have an alternative. if this pandemic did not happen, the usual ATM1 and ATM2 is enough, so this time alternative ATM3 most needed.
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