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  1. more of our sweet and polite bb and our sexy bb it feels like he was doing a photoshoot in the airport already cr. sweetmino @gtLmh0622 oh it's unfortuante that the chinese website doesn't update on his schedule :\ minoz always find ways to know his detailed flight schedule in advance, and if you notice there're some regular fans who board the same flight as him and they're always the same people I wonder how they manage to do it each time without failure
  2. other than his exposed skin, I loved the way he bowed to the journalists at the airport shyly smiling at them I ended up smiling with him looking at these pics speaking about big minoz who came back... some minoz on DC were happily discussing that he had an overseas schedule the following week but they didn't mention where exactly so I didn't know xD it wasn't me but a fellow minoz who tweeted that he might go to Taiwan. I don't know how she knew, maybe from the official minoz page? I'm not a member so I can't access it. Actually I recently found out that they update his schedule on the website(the fashion show schedule in Paris was circulated online beforehand), doesn't the official chinese minoz website update his schedule as well? @syntyche @gtLmh0622 thank you for bringing that article, I think they went a bit overboard with the CF shooting privacy, and to think even at the restaurant yesterday it's too much xD the staff must be having a hard time moving those boards they'd usually do such things when shooting particular scenes in dramas or movies but for a CF? I was curious already but I'm more curious now to know the brand he'd be endorsing for and @gtLmh0622 I think you should try your luck tomorrow going to that library! I'll be cheering you on
  3. I second what @gtlmh0622 said ^^ I heard the bad comments were posted in DC, and out of all threads some haters had the audacity to post in LMH's gallery! it's like someone coming here in soompi forums and bashing him in his own thread, DC doesn't limit anyone from posting anything just like this forum and unlike his official fancafe where only fans are allowed to see the posts or create them. Also, in DC each post is created separately having its own page(not like in our soompi thread where the posts are all consecutive in each page) and has its own comment section and 2 options <recommend - as a thumbs up> and <report - as a thumbs down>, if it gets too many reports it's very likely that it'll be deleted. I could never see or read any bad comment because first I don't regularly check DC everyday, and second because they get deleted very quickly! the posts are all serially numbered so you'd know if a post is deleted, and usually after each hate post the fans would express their anger and sometimes write down the hater's username/IP so that they could report them to MYM and if someone had a screenshot to send it to MYM as well. what I really like about the fans is that they never reacted directly to the hate comments as in reply to them they'd just silently report it, even the screenshots they collected they never shared them online, and they never wrote what the content of the malicious comments was thus I still have no idea what was being circulated about our bb and tbh I don't want to even know about it xD I think the Korean fans handled the whole situation really well I honestly wish if Minho's international fans would react the same way, if the same thing happened in twitter you'd see some fans going wild! they'd quote the hate tweet and defend Minho to the extreme creating endless arguments, that way they'd unintentionally spread the hate even more and give attention to useless trolls it's not even worth it his drama is coming up and we'd see many criticizing comments, let's just ignore them and enjoy our bb's comeback to the fullest! I'm planning to even ignore what netizens say after each episode, I know it's hard and eventually I'll end up reading them anyway but I'll try! ahh I didn't know I had so much to say excuse my long post... Minho: look at me of course cuz you're so lovely! this face is being missed btw his followers on instagram are 50k away from reaching 10million, when will we get an update? cr. 전서리*
  4. @leeminhosny according to the recent article Lee Gon lives in 1995 and the detective in 2020 ____________________________________________ there was a TV report last week on celebs who finished their military service and our bb was mentioned his segment is until minute 2:47 I'll try to translate the points below https://youtu.be/7bf-Sgi9Pt4 ✱ First, on the day of his discharge it mentioned how more than 200 fans were waiting for him although no event was held and that he's still popular despite being on hiatus for 2 long years. ✱ Lee Min-ho has the most followers among all hallyu stars in China's largest SNS which is weibo. He has 28 million followers, Korea's half population xD ✱ His discharge news moved the whole continent up and down. (I could feel this, on the day of his discharge many news sites in my country and popular local news SNS accounts reported about it, there were so many I only knew about them when my friends mentioned me "isn't this the korean actor you like?" lmao I had 3 mentions that day from people I could least expect them to know anything about Minho) ✱ Many fans used to wait for him outside his workplace to see him going to/off work. The hosts jokingly mentioned that it must've been hard for him to be late, so because of his fans he couldn't even be late. ✱ Usually people don't prefer living in the same neighborhood or buildings as idols, so a question was asked "did the residents have any trouble?"(with Minho stationed to work in their area) and the answer was "No" there was no trouble. Lee Minho's fans are neat and in fact they've been a big help to the social welfare center Minho worked at. When they heard elders were uncomfortable with walking and the center had a lack of walking aids for them, Minho's Japanese fansite donated 50 walking frames to the center. ✱ Lastly, producers were waiting for Minho's discharge but his comeback article came right after his discharge. he's returning with none other than Kim Eun-sook, they called her "god" Kim eun-sook his role will be an emperor, everyone seemed to be amazed at this saying it suits him very well! one of the hosts said he'd be the eunuch right beside him lol XD ✱ there has been an unwritten rule of Kim eun-sook, that she never casts an actor twice. She broke her own rule when she sought after Minho, he'd play the main character twice for the first time in a KES drama.(Gong yoo, Hyunbin, Song Joongki, Cha Seungwon have all only been casted once) pics cr. as tagged
  5. I'm so excited about Minho's role in the drama, especially when Choi Young and his charms are mentioned our boy truly gave him life and I'm sure he'll make 'the king' shine too Lee Gon's personality is quite interesting as well especially the duality part xD He'd be the perfect emperor combining looks, elegance, personality, knowledge, martial arts and great equestrian skills but he's sensitive, cranky and doesn't trust people many fans are looking forward to his equestrian skills, we know our bb is really good at horse riding! cr. tina_minoz btw, is this an imperial getup? (fanart by auraminho) I'm curious about how our Lee Gon emperor would dress like, from what I understood his empire is in a parallel world that's totally different from the korea we know and its history Lee Gon's Korean empire is in 1995, and somehow he'd time-travel to 2020 like @CarolynH thought and to the other world. tbh I'm confused too, is it time-travel & parallel worlds concept? or just parallel worlds? like the time in the parallel world is lagged by 25 years ahh I don't want to think much about it haha the most interesting thing is that this time Minho would be the one exploring a new world not the other way around. in Faith the doctor was the one who came to his time and in LotBS the mermaid was the one who came to his land. I've always wished if choi young stayed longer in the future, it'd have been fun xD I guess Lee Gon will make my wish come true @CallieP I haven't seen any bad comments myself or lies spreading, I was only aware about the fans request for MYM to take action
  6. continuing with the good news! ______________________________________________________________________ Lee Minho's fans minoz and promiz donate for Community Child Centers* in Jinan-gun According to Lee Minho's agency MYM Entertainment, the donation platform PROMIZ donated proceeds from the sale of their rice products in Jinan-gun(North Jeolla Province) to a local children's center in Jinan. The PROMIZ GIFT SET(Sweet rice, Brown rice and Barley cultivated from Jinan where it's famous for good quality grains) has been so successful that all limited sale boxes have been sold out. The proceeds from the sales were used for an event called "Wish Letter Writing" with 337 children participating from 12 local children's centers in Jinan, and a total of 55 children were selected to receive a Children's Day gift that can help raise their hopes and dreams. And in celebration of the 10th anniversary this year since its foundation, the Minoz fanclub donated 1.5 tons of rice and 300 kilograms of kimchi to help children at 12 local children's centers in Jinan. Since its launch in March 2014, Lee Minho's charity platform "Promiz" has steadily pursued the value of Fun+Donation and realized the shared value by making and selling design products that re-light the value within a set theme and donating the entire proceeds. In addition, based on high awareness not only locally but also internationally, the company actively conducts activities to improve awareness of social issues through SNS, leading more people to participate in the field of sharing. https://m.entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=382&aid=0000733724 *Community Child Centers provide education, play, protection and overall care for children by Korean Children’s Welfare Law. For children who need help because of various reasons, Community Child Centers become another home with meal, medical care or cultural activities. This kind of support is an important role for kids, providing equal opportunities. You can find easily Community Child Centers in your neighborhood, and they are shelters, playgrounds and second-home for our kids. Our care and support is needed and will be very helpful for Community Child Centers and for our kids. cr. promiz
  7. his heart-warming smile and killer gaze is everything After MYM's notice today, Kminoz on DC are on cloud 9. They've been wanting to do something about the malicious commenters since last year but thought that no one was listening, finally they got an answer. Though I don't understand everything but I was very happy as well! haters should watch out for what they write, MYM is taking them very seriously and even asking fans to send them reports and tips from now on. it's so nice to see the agency willing to cooperate with fans like this some fans wrote things like "Minho announced his next project right after his discharge. Went on vacation. Sued his antis. He listened to his fans and did it(the legal action) for them more than it's for himself so nothing but respect for him" and that May was truly a happy month. I'm proud of my boy, I could feel those words with all my heart and agree with them. not just the legal action, I think even the project announcement was rather quick to please his fans. Then the frequent instagram updates and him sharing his precious vacation with us, we know it isn't what he'd usually do but he still did it for us. I believe he missed us as much as we missed him and has changed for the better
  8. we're only 6 days away!! I haven't seen any plan from korean minoz in DC for his discharge so I think he'll be discharged quietly, but since March they've been planning together for his 13th debut anniversary. They had a poll to decide what should be their main gift and almost everyone voted to put on advertisements(like billboards or digital signboards in subways.. etc). They also conducted a survey which had questions like "your congratulatory message and how did you spend the last 2 years waiting for him?" and to upload pics if possible of their way of waiting xD "What LMH scene have you watched the most during those 2yrs? and the reason?" and "What kind of role would you like him to take in the future?" I think they'll collect Minoz's answers and give it to him, there's no better gift than the fans' warm messages and thoughts my trip was short but beautiful, it was my first time seeing cherry blossoms ever! with Minho being the flower I loved the most Thank you!! ahh I'm happy that my tag is working and finally receiving notifications again I almost forgot how it feels like xD I'm used to coincidently seeing my name in the posts I go through that's why I try to read everything without missing anything
  9. "Who's the first person that comes to mind when you hear 'Korea'?" Foreigners from 16 countries including Korea took part in this survey conducted by The Korean Culture and Information Service our Lee Minho was the 4th mostly answered person, (first is president Moon Jaein, 2nd Psy, 3rd is the ex president, 5th is the leader of North Korea) most of them are politicians xD http://digitalchosun.dizzo.com/site/data/html_dir/2019/03/28/2019032880135.html
  10. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&amp;aid=0002870345 The ideal type of singer/dancer Kim Wan-sun is revealed to be Lee Minho(she's known to be the Korean madonna, was popular in the 80s and debuted before our bb was even born ). This is the millionth time I see her mentioning our bb in a tv program xD the episode will air on the 8th but the picture above reads 'Lee Minho and his character Choi Young is a perfect match'. I wonder if she fell in love with him through Faith
  11. the cup looks absolutely beautiful, heard that it was sold out in minoz shop of China within the first hour of its release because they didn't supply enough quantities (I guess only 300 pieces were in stock), now even the Korean and Japanese minoz shops have sold out. I wonder if it'll be restocked Keep warm chingus ❤︎ and drink hot chocolate like our bb xD cr. logo
  12. he said it so many times that someone made a video of it, lemme bless this thread with his voice xD yes please! it wouldn't be complete without such an episode
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