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  1. I said already he looked fine, how am I supposed to handle the added sweetness ♡ I read in the DC drama gal that both main actors had a tight schedule of 7N8D non-stop filming, and after today's pics of minho someone posted "is that the face of someone who pulled a 3 all-nighters? is this the secret of celebrities? I'd turn into a zombie if I don't get a 1 good night's sleep"
  2. the theory of Lee Gon being from the future absolutely sold me, Lee Gon at the end of ep10 is definitely from the future. I also believe in the theories that say Lee Gon will be stuck in a loop hence the "eternal" in the title, he'll be traveling back and forth in time but what I don't like is people saying that someone(JTE most likely) will die that's why he starts traveling to save her :\ I agree about the timeline! what we are seeing isn't happening at the same period of time and the fact that the story is being told in a non-linear way like they show scenes in one episode and expand those scenes in the next episode as flashback.. it bothers me and it's my main complaint about the directing/writing some people love this style of storytelling tho but it confuses me a lot I bet the future Lee Gon was in a lot of scenes other than the ep10 ending
  3. I love Minho and Ilwoo's friendship, they're so sweet but shouldn't Minho tag ilwoo? lol I'm thirsty for some online interaction between these too the actress who played the role of Na ri commented under Minho's post: "take care of yourself, your majesty" I can't believe the shooting is over now hope they all rest well btw I noticed many good reactions on the drama lately when I search for The King on naver(cafe and blog) the word is spreading that the drama is actually good *sigh* tho they've realized it a bit late but I hope we see some increase in ratings meanwhile our bb looked extra fine please let it be a happy ending!
  4. He looks absolutely fine in that uniform(is it the same as Jo Yeong's?) I love this uniform more than the white navy one tho our boy looks good in both our @syntyche is really talented! her threads are all gems I absolutely love them she explains things that I didn't even notice they need explanation, sometimes it feels like I am not watching the same thing as you smart people lol I've started to pay attention to details more tho recently
  5. I think Faith has the highest number of pages here but I'm not sure Reddit weekly discussions hit over 2.2k for the last episodes which is absolutely crazy
  6. [SBS Star] VIDEO: Lee Minho Shocks All Passersby with His Unbelievably Handsome Appearance Actor Lee Minho once again shocked everyone with his good looks. On May 25, Lee Minho was spotted filming his current drama 'The King: Eternal Monarch' in Hyehwa-dong, Seoul. Some photos and videos were unveiled online, and they immediately attracted the attention of a lot of people. It was because Lee Minho looked way too good-looking in them. Lee Minho was wearing black head to toe, looking ever so chic and stylish. Although he was wearing a long black trench coat that almost touched the ground, he somehow looked incredible in them. His unreal body proportions seemed to have played a significant role in it. His good looks are so widely known that they should not come as a surprise anymore, but the passersby just could not help themselves but gasp in shock. The passersby in the video were heard commenting, "Wow, look at him. He is like crazy good-looking. So long as well! Is he even real?" source:
  7. I spent the last 3-4 hours reading the 60 pages I've missed xD I wanted to log in last Friday and say how incredible Minho's acting was in episode 11, I think I stopped breathing at the last 6mins of that episode, it was the best episode ending I have ever seen and Minho absolutely nailed it! @gtLmh0622 thank you chingu! I don't really know I haven't checked DC for a while but I just did quickly and everything seems normal, they shared the pics that were already shared on IG and twitter. I haven't checked tkem DC gal tho they write too much and it's hard to keep up with them. did fans cry because it's ending? but I don't get why people are saying the last filming day is on the 28th? did WDH really finish shooting yesterday? he posted on IG that the filming set he's shooting at is the last filming set, not that it's the last filming day :\ I started by shipping minho with maximus, then with lady Noh and now I'm ending up shipping him with Dohwan lol Minho sending gifts to Maximus brought me back to square 1 again. he is so sweet and lovely. in the caption the fanboy wrote: "I see many celebrities cuz I live in Seoul. Lee Minho is freaking handsome irl, did he come down from heaven?" lol it's always amusing to see boys being startstruck by Minho
  8. of course they'll watch it real-time on sbs it's their priority, but many of them are also subscribing to Netflix just because it'll be there too just to double the fun y'know xD u get the luxury of rewatching the episodes whenever u want and they also come with subtitles(even Korean subtitles) haha saaaame during the last few episodes I was watching it just for the sake of finishing it, and whenever the little notice of The King comes out I used to happily get distracted by it
  9. remember when minho said he wanted to try the marine or navy captain suit someday? he got his wish fulfilled this guy knows exactly what outfit would explode his already explosive charms during LotBS the presscon was streamed live via SBS' official page(facebook I think), we later got various short clips from different media outlets/news it's been a while since pixie logged in right? it's about time she comes back! let all of us watch and analyze this drama together xD I heard so many kminoz have recently subscribed to Netflix just to watch The King, idk if netflix is as popular and mainstream in Korea as it is anywhere else but this is huge as they can just opt out to watch it on sbs friday come fasterrrrr cr. holyground
  10. Minho in the naval suit is my weakness I'll never get tired to see him filming aboard that ship, send him there everyday I was even stuck at this part from the last teaser my region is excluded for content too it'd be nice if MYM decides to livestream it on the official youtube channel
  11. I came here to say that I received an email from the agency(after almost a week of waiting) that they won't be accepting any wreaths it's all for the best, health comes first!
  12. I noticed his good english too I think he did practice during the 2 yr hiatus he's very good ♥️ I hope he goes on vlive like he'd done before LotBS, I'll ask him about what he did to improve and that we'll be ready whenever he wants someone to practice with it depends like for some shows they become available after they had finished airing in Korea as whole, while for others(like The King) each episode becomes available right after it's aired in Korea and new episodes release every week with english and/or your language's subtitles unfortunately for me, my middle east netflix doesn't have it I keep on searching everyday but find nothing I guess I'll have to use vpn Welcome Vincentia! I'm glad you've joined us it's nice to have a place where everyone can comfortably talk about the one thing we all love, stay safe too and hope to see you around more often ^^ from a Japanese Magazine cr. as tagged via DC some people have shared their accounts on seeing Minho shooting today (April 5th) one said that Minho was so handsome and his face is really too small(I swear if I had a dollar for each time someone said this I'd be a millionaire now xD), the bodyguards didn't allow them to take any pictures so they didn't another one said that they were passing by and stopped for watching the filming for about 10 minutes and that Minho was ridiculously handsome, she described his outfit and he had a filming scene with WDH. to avoid spoilers she can't describe what he was shooting exactly, but after finishing each take Minho would put an earphone and monitor his scene. the staff looked scary so she couldn't take any pictures
  13. lmao can’t wait for when he’s ready. that soon better come sooner baby! I was more focused on his “always working” tho and the pic proving it this jack guy seems to be close to our bb to the point where they talk in DMs and share pics? or is it our bb who’s overly friendly to just anyone? anyways I’m jelly and wish if he could candidly talk to us too but beggars can’t be choosers xD
  14. alright so @syntyche and @gtLmh0622 are in! I just read that the press conference will be held completely online with no reporters or fans in attendance(questions will be received in advance and reporters can chat online with the drama team), so I'm not sure if wreaths will be accepted. Fans asked the agency and they said they haven't set any plans yet *sigh* and that it depends on the place where it will be held if they'd accept them or not. I asked the company that organizes these wreaths if they have any idea and I'm waiting for their answer I'll make a group with all the participants and divide the amount between us, we'll use paypal to collect the payments cuz we'll have to pay by paypal when purchasing the order we'll discuss what cheering message to write, and what pictures to use for the banner so if anyone is good at editing that'd be great imma just stop thinking and get lost in him
  15. it's been a long time since I last logged in, I really miss discussing things with y'all I hope everyone is well and safe thanks a bunch for keeping this forum as active as ever it's so good to be back! I can't wait for The King to be on already and these teasers and stills aren't helping at all.. I WANT IT NOW I'm so eager I wanted to ask you all something with no pressure on anyone would you like to support Minho and the drama by sending a rice wreath to the press conference? the presscon might be held anytime by the end of the next 2 weeks I'm thinking it'd be nice if we as soompi minoz support him this way and there can't be a better opportunity we already sent him a birthday gift before so I thought maybe we can do it again but differently