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  1. honestly i am kind of worry about the ticket selling..it seems really slow.. the ticket price is already high enough without tax..and after 15% tax + 5% admin fee..it's really blow up high and not many people could afford it.. i need to save my money before just to buy the ticket..and i am really worry it get canceled because not many people seems enthusiasm
  2. yes..but i think it's in korea..and all MUD's members will join together hehe
  3. hope the selling are good..i don't want it get canceled.. and yeah, can't wait to see them hehehe
  4. so jealous..i got gold ticket only because i need to paid for 2 (my sister n me) if i only paid for myself, then i will have a group photo too..
  5. people nowadays tend to watch RM only based on a very short clip or gif, or they did watched the entire show but focus on several things and forget to enjoy the show i watched it yesterday, and laughed when jongkook teaches somin how to hit jaesook. and i don't understand why it can be a problem for several people? and why it can bring several people feel sad and down? - jaesook asked jongkook "are you two dating?" if you are RM fans for longer time, you may see that the members always asking the same thing to jongkook (ex soekjin and friends ep). - jongkook and jihyo recent relationship? i didn't see any problem with that. and yes jongkook and somin become closer, but some people pay more attention for somin because she is a woman, but jongkook do the same things with sechan and other male members, but no one pay attention because they are man. jihyo was sick, so she became so quiet. and one more thing, we didin't see the BTS, i am sure jongkook and jihyo still have a normal relationship. - jongkook keep commenting on somin's ig? haha and hwajin PD did the same things too. but there are no issue because they are married already, just because jongkook is single, several people focus more on that.but it doesn't mean jongkook fall in love with somin, if only commenting on ig becomes a problem, then haha will surely have a problem with his wife too. - one of them is in the relationship so they are falling apart? hey jihyo was in public relationship and in loveline too, but it doesn't make jongkook careless for jihyo, they are still laughing and caring for each other. so it's not a problem here - jihyo is closest to kwangsoo and jongkook..so it can't be just because of the rumors they relationship are in trouble..remembered what jihyo said, if it's not because of jongkook, she couldn't make it until now. it proofs that they're relationship more than what we can see on the TV. and please stop making jongkook looks like a bad people and a playboy here..several people really makes him like someone who take other for granted. do you think that jongkook will forget his relationship with other just because he has a new friend? even ignore his friend just because of someone new? he even taking good care of orphan who he just knew from the program (watch i can see your voice 6 if you want to know who i mean for), and looks how jongkook took him out and hang out with him.. so please for anyone who are easily feeling down, he is a good guy..he will not ignore jihyo just because he is become closer to somin. and stop your negative thinking for jongkook and said he doesn't care about jihyo anymore just because he doesn't have any skinship or standing beside jihyo on RM anymore. RM is a variety show, not a drama that requires skinship or lovely dovely sceen. and both of them are not teenagers anymore, so there will no "i have a new friend so i don't want to have any relationship with u anymore" and RM is only a show..so stop making your own assumption just based on what u watch on RM and stop making jongkook looks like a bad guy here.. he has REAL life and REAL friends..so please noted that he has a feeling too..please be mature Noted: i already mentioned for several people only..so don't ask me who is i mean to..
  6. i feel kind of frustrate with some of fans..like really?? skip it if you don't want to read..
  7. sorry..but i don't think he said jihyo.. he said that his son is looking at them now.. 지금 = now and not 지효 jihyo
  8. i was actually laughing reading all the comments about new article.. i know some of you are teenagers and going out with your opposite sex could be means flirting or liking each other..but hey come on..they are adults..they don't need anyone permission to hanging around with their friends or even with their opposite sex friend.. my male friend was picking me up in front of my house and even sending me back safely to my house..i even hang out only with one of them sometime but having no relationship or feeling with each other..but just feel comfortable enough with each other.. they are not teenagers who will get wooing or teasing from their friends just because sitting with each other or hanging out with each other (even just only both of them)..kwangsoo even slept in somin's house and hang out with her brother but have a relationship with sunbin.. which means they are just friends and comfortable enough with each other..but the reporters knowing most of the fans are teenagers who will take a matter seriously..that's why they are trying to make an interesting article..because that's their job..but once again...heyy they are adults..so don't ever judge them with your mindset..i know not all the teenagers are like that..but seriously..most of them like that.. why need to be disappointed or sad when they are just hanging out with their friends? even jihyo also hang out with KJK and others..especially when KJK never stated jihyo is his girlfriend..even if she is his girlfriend..what's wrong with hanging out with his friend? once again they are adults not teenagers which mean going out with opposite sex friend is normal and doesn't mean anything... like i said before..i was MC's shipper..once i also followed MC's forums..they always stated that they are supporting them even they don't ending up with each other..they just love them because they are looks good with each other and more.. but looks at the end..when gary decided to married another woman..they were bashed him and even harrassed his friends and staffs.. i was wondering what will happen with SA when they are not ending up with each other..will they get the same treatment as gary before?? you guys always say supporting them even when they are not ending up with each other..but heyy...just only one article about KJK and somin, some of you are going crazy and even hating soming for that.. even HJY got the same treatment..some fans are hating her and not wishing to see her again on RM sorry but not sorry..but i hope you all keep your promise to always support them no matter what..they are adults..they have friends..eventhought they are celebrities..it doen't mean they own fans explenations every time they do something.. somin always said that she always feel awkward with KJK and wish to have a better relationship with him..and trust me because i know korean eventhought not fluently..but KJK was trying to fix his relationship with her..no matter what they are collaguage..but still felt awkward that's why he invited kwangsoo and his other friends..remember..KJK also states that if somin choose him that he will introduce her to his friends (la la land ep)..and that's what he do so calm down guys and stop hating someone just because of that..once again i know not all of you like that..and i hope not in this forums..
  9. hii..i am a new member here~~ actually i am looking for kimjongkook's fanfiction but don't know why they gave me this forum lol.. but honestly i am very happy to read everyone's opinion in this forum as i also have some thought about SA.. actually i was a MC shipper before (not the hardcore one) as i really love KG and his pick up line for JH hahaha some things i want to share about: 1. actually KG really likes JH at the beginning, but JH has no same interest with him..and i knew that JH already had a boyfriend on that time. YJS also said that "no is no"..(sorry for bringing KG in this, but i want to share the connection first) if you want to know about the real and the reel you can watch carefully YJS's reaction actually, he always againts the LL for KG and JH and always told gary that he will be hurt oneday..and he was right..BOOM!! JH announced she was in a relationship 2. if you are a RM fan from the beginning, you actually can see the lastest ep before KG left RM, they always putted 구(old) couple in the screen. because at that time KG already had a girlfriend, on some ep (forget which ep), actually KG was calling his girlfriend when Haha cooked their meal. and KG always joked to JH "you wanna start again?" in almost ep when they paired KG and JH 3. after KG left, there was an article said that KG was looking for the wedding avenue, but he denied as JH's name was brought up. actually it was true that KG was looking for the wedding avenue but cancelled it because of the news and decided to got married privately back to spartace 1. JH really likes KJK..maybe as a fan..but JH really likes KJK..if you watch carefully the "increase JH's heart" ep..KJK said "are you really that happy to be my friend?" and actually when JH came as a guest in turbo's concert..a fan wrote down that on the concert, KJK mentioned that JH is really a turbo's fan, she knew every turbo's song and also KJK's song..but he deleted it immediately, don't know about the reason.. so when she is doing the LL with KJK now, of course she has no problem at all as she is also KJK's fan (who doesn't want to do the LL with your idol), so yes she is genuinely happy..but for KJK..i am not sure..because he is really a mature man who really can control his emotion completely...and also he is used to do the LL..sooo i am not sure about him 2. YJS support this LL and even teased them..actually he was the one who started the teasing and the other just support him (but actually it's start to out of his control hahaha) as i said before..YJS againts KG and JH LL because he knew KG would be hurt..but not about this LL..and also the RM staff also support this LL..i wondered it's just for the rating??..but back again to KG..they putted old couple to MC when they knew KG had a girlfriend..and if SA have another gf/bf..i don't think they will support this LL..(sbs is really evil but not with the RM's crew, they are like family to them..so i don't think they will be playing this LL if they have someone else) 3. in BP, haha teased KJK that there was a rumour about him and JH looking for the wedding avenue..but i never read about that before, why he mentioned about something that never really mentioned in public? (correct me if i am wrong)..and in MUD KJK said he wants to married on june or july..also in BP he mentioned that he wanna have a honeymoon in europe, but papa smurf asked him to brought JH with him when they went to europe before.. and funny that the LL was build after the best couple awards with HJY..(actually the news about kwangsoo and sunbin were planning to be announced on the 1st jan..not because kwangsoo felt annoyed because of the teasing on the SBS's awards but it was planning before)..so what about SA?? it was planning too or coincidences only? (you judge yourself) RM is a variety show but not their feeling..they respect each other..so if JH or KJK has someone else, i don't think they will be play a LL like this as KJK desperately want to married as soon as possible..and has a daughter lol sorry for the long speeches and bad english hahaha if you asked me where i got this information?? just think that i am really good at observating and making a guest hahaha i am not a psychologist nor a proffesional one..just a normal woman lol as i said before i was a MC shipper (just because KG is a funny man and i know they are not real) but stop right away when i knew KG had a girlfriend lol all i can say is...it is safe to ship SA now lol and if you want to know when you need to stop shipping them..just watch carefully YJS..that's all i can say..i will not reveal another secrets secrets need to be keep until times come right??
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