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  1. This PD likes this singer : Rachael Yamagata ! I like this drama , the same with SITR, there's no tension, very romantic, human, reality.... there's always rain, snow......très calme Me neither.. I can't fing them
  2. Someone know the title of the song ??? I like this PD, he always chooses beautiful songs like in SITR So Jung Hae In will have the same mother-in-law (again) hahahaha but this time, she's cooler than last time bad person is the heroine's father
  3. I like Hye Sun from Stranger; I shipped Ha Jung Woo with her not Bae Do Na even I like so much BDN too. It seems like it's Netflix who makes the sub right ??? I have Netflix but it's always a little late So I'll watch raw tout à l'heure hehehehe Tonight I have 2 favorites drama Sring night and this one
  4. I thought it aired at 15th but ...... one more week to wait but I don't know why it'll air at 23rd ????? thursday ???? in this moment I watch only My prettiest daughter..... and I'm waiting fot this one. I like L. I like Hye sun too .. Elle est très classe !!!
  5. WOW !!! I'm very excited for waiting this drama ! I like this couple SSH and L...fighting ! I'll support you guys
  6. WOW they make sub for this drama very quickly there's already ep 3 with sub I go watching now.......waiting for 1 week haizzzzz
  7. @rittoo : as he already said with HS ' if you want to be King, it means : enter in the politic field, you forget yourself. When you want takingsomething, you must lose something ! it's the price....very high price to do politique / I always hate the politique, it's a.....salade composée.... I don't like Gwanghae, Sado neither.... I see in korean history, almost kings of air joseon were not good but these two are the worst !!! When I see the drama talk about Gwanghae, I didn't want seeing. Thanks to the music background Serenade that I came here. But I saw many comments are hidden by someone in spoilers so why I think it's my last comt in this thread ! Sayonara everyone...Bye
  8. He killed Yul ubder LH's order bc in that time, he didn't know LH will become like that btw if LH isn't killed by Lee ; he'll be killed by others hands.... there are many assassination threads : so why LH ordered Lee find someone to remplace him; to " die" for him ! I think it's better LH dies by Lee bc there's HS to replace him and he'll become a " good" King; he'll work with Lee to make the better world. If LH's killed by Shin Chi Soo...it'll be the worst for people
  9. My cousins are twins; they look really identicals except...... the color of theirs retinas : one has black eyes, one has brown eyes and betwwen black and brown , it's very difficult to recongnize from far and with the King, do you dare to look straight in his eyes ??????
  10. I watched only one movie of Lee Na Young ' Howling' with Song Kang Ho she didn't give so much feelings for me but I fell for her in this drama; so touching as Dan-i I wait for the romance between her and LJS ! when will WE come ???????
  11. This drama makes me laugh and cry with Dan-i I see wemen in Asia are the same : after getting married, they stay at home to become ' Desperated housewives' ; they sacrifice their carrier fot their familes. If they are luckys, theirs husbands love and cheer them but..... So, for sure, after the wedding continue working hahahaha
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