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  1. I had to come back here and say this. When I watched the kiss scene this morning, I was so so glad that it was a tvN drama series! No chaste kisses for tvN! I am very very impressed by the chemistry between PBG and SHG. Wow! P.S. I may be asking something that could have been mentioned on previous pages but has news of the OST album been released yet?
  2. Hi! I am still in the middle of watching Episode 7 and I do not want to read the other posts here for fear of spoilers... I have a question! Jung Woo Suk got out of the car and wanted to check with our Namjachingu whether what Soo Hyun said about Sokcho was true. I couldn’t recall what it was that Jung Woo Suk had heard from Soo Hyun! What was it specifically? I did try to check dramabeans’s episode 7 recap in case they have mentioned it, but the recap for episode 7 has not been put up yet. Would anyone be able to enlighten me?
  3. Back here on this forum after two years! I need to catch up on the discussion for this drama series. Please let me know if there is any update on whether tvN would be preparing preorders for the director's cut of this series! Haha, is it too early to ask this question? I am a complete fan of this series!
  4. I am finally back here on Soompi after two years! I have to come back here to read and perhaps participate in the discussion on this series! I am utterly invested in this drama series! Completely taken aback by the turn of events in episodes 5&6 and PSH and HB's acting were impressive in this series. I could hear PSH's heart break as the train pulls away from the station.
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