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  1. I would like to share my thoughts on this drama. LRD doesn't love BJS. And I find it difficult to say what she really feels for him, but this is not love. In her message, she does not confess his love to him, but only says that for her he has become a good person. And from the roof she fell not on purpose. She was not going to sacrifice her life for him. In fact, I don’t see love between LRD and KJH. It's somehow dry. No chemistry. It is a pity, but the dorama is more and more like a manhwa. And the end that awaits us does not make me happy. Sorry, I used a translator, and it may not be entirely clear what I wanted to say. One thing I will say for sure, I am now very sad.
  2. You forgot to say that Coffe House has the same strange ending and a couple, like the manga of this drama.
  3. Haha, sorry, I misunderstood you. My English is not very good. Sorry again, I hope, regardless of the couple, this dorama will turn out very good and will please everyone.
  4. You reason very strangely. I really want Lee Ru Da to stay with Baek Jin Sang. I know how it all ended in the original story. I would like the director to move away from the original. But at the same time I do not wave my opinion, and I am ready to accept any final. I'm not saying that I’ll give up watching a drama just because I’m not satisfied with the main couple. Why start watching a drama, if it is much more than a plot, are you concerned about the main couple?
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