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  1. Can we blame Suzy for the shipwar? "#SeoDalmi in #startup is a meaty roles for #Suzy because she experienced stage of loves in 3 different setups: pen-pal love, insta-love & slow-burn love. I think the whole shipwar won't happen if not for her excellent acting & chemistry with both male leads. #teamseodalmi" https://twitter.com/geekahjumma/status/1334679677986766849?s=20 P.S: I don't know how to embed a tweet here
  2. What you say about Joo Hyuk reminds me a lot of Suzy. And they seem to have a lot in common, career wise. Suzy's interviews are also mature & wise, and she also often said “I'm lacking” even in her award "best actress" speechs, she always said she doesn't deserve these awards and that she is ashamed to win these awards against her sunbaes because "I'm still lacking" and that she will work even harder for her next projects. And so she keeps on working harder with great determination and is getting better and better. I think the two are now in a very good acting agency. Mana
  3. While some SeonHo/Jipyeong stans are screaming everywhere that "he's carrying the WHOLE drama" or "he MADE the drama famous" or "the drama is MAINLY or ONLY famous because of him", but then Bae Suzy is the one who is always topping each week, each GOOD DATA (buzzworthy/most talked & most searched) and RACOI (most talked/hot people) rank, followed by Nam Joo Hyuk. Fact #1: Start-Up made SeonHo famous (or more like "rising"), not the opposite. Fact #2: They ALL carry this drama, not just SeonHo/Jipyeong, not just one person but all of them. Fact #3: The dr
  4. I wonder if these new SeonHo fans will be loyal to him or are just passing through and drop him at their next "oppa". At the start of the drama, SeonHo fans weren't so disrespectful but then afterwards they started to be horribly arrogant and disrespectful towards both main leads, to the point where it became unbearable. These new fans are even toxic to SeonHo himself by doing this and not helping him at all. There are people who started to like SeonHo but then gave up when they saw all the toxic fans that he has. But then there aren't just SeonHo fans now,
  5. If Seon Ho really carried the whole drama by himself then explain to me why Suzy (#1) & Joo Hyuk (#2) are always above him in Good Data and Racoi Korea.... And these DATA are way more relevant than the brand reputation ranking or than the random irrelevant polls. Also, Suzy has +14M followers on Instagram & NJH has +13M, it's way more than KSH's. And Suzy & NJH are established TOP STARS (especially Suzy) while KSH is only a RISING STAR. I'm sure most of people watch this drama for Suzy & NJH and not just for your KSH. KSH/HJP stans are just MORE LOUD than Suzy/Dalmi
  6. Most of people (Inetz & especially Knetz) widely praise Suzy's acting in this drama, tho. They even highly praise her crying acting and her comic one!!!! So I don't know why you guys act like "she gets a lot of hate and criticism" when it's basically the opposite now. Her acting was already praised in her previous works like WYWS, Vagabond & Ashfall but not as much as in Start-Up. That says a lot, imo. These "very few" people who are "hating" on her acting are probably just too biased against her at this point. And if PHR has chosen Suzy as her main lead (and even as the
  7. You seem to "hate" everyone except your "innocent" Dosan here. I disagree with you about Dalmi. The real victim in this story is Seo Dalmi. Of course Dosan is also a victim but Seo Dalmi is even more so at this point. Also, the drama is female centric, the story mainly revolves around Dalmi, in part because she is the real victim. Dalmi may have used NDS at first to show her sister that she is successful in life but NDS has also used Dalmi with several lies, he is clearly not innocent in the story either. If he was so innocent then he would have told Dalmi the truth from the start
  8. Hi, I don't know about NJH but from what I know, most of Suzy fans have never or very little been active here, and that's partly because she has always been disliked, disrespected or overlooked on this forum, so they don't come here. And most of her fans are mostly only active on Twitter and Insta, although both of these social networks can be toxic, at least we can sort out the people we are following and block the negative or toxic people. I'm shipping Seo Dalmi only with herself #TeamDalmi and also with her halmeoni #TeamHalmeoni I just checked the Asianwiki page for the f
  9. People who negatively criticize Suzy's acting, I just don't get it anymore, like really. Her acting is clearly good here. Maybe it's just the writing of her character that you don't like, not her acting. People often confuse "acting" with "character", so I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case here. (and I know a lot of K Drama fans often prefer the RickRoll'D, badass, rich and fashionable type of female lead in dramas^^) Or maybe you just have too much prejudices towards her that you can't see her good acting, no matter what... Anyway, Dalmi is my favori
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