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  1. Did you know that the guesthouse they're using is actually a coffee shop? It's quite amazing how they turned it that way. It is easy to locate the place and a lot of fans dropped by to have coffee there. Can you guess which areas do they use? Place: 8810 Ristretto Bar Address: 서울 마포구 연남동 월드컵북로 6길 88-10 (Yeongnam-do, World Cup(?) Buk-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea) They're taking a break from shooting Waikiki 2 tomorrow and apologized to the fans who are scheduled to visit there. T.T They're renting the place until May. Ahh, I want to visit there. T.T You can check their IG here: and you can check more of the pics using #8810리스트레토바 ^^ More pics: here
  2. ^ the airing date of The Wind Blows yes acc to this article. For extension, nothing is confirmed yet. If there's no delay, it will end on May 14 or unless it really has 18 eps instead of 16 in which we're not aware of. For Wooshik, he's a former idol of the group Taj Mahal. I also agree that they should focus on his career this time, he's an aspiring singer after all. And hope that Sunho will sing as part of their OST.
  3. The drama that will replace this one (The Wind Blows) will air on May 27. But this ends on May 14, there's a one week gap so you think an extension is likely?
  4. About Kibong, he mentioned that he had shoulder injury years ago that's why he's overdue in minor league. And then he suffered another one (same right shoulder) in recent ep, that makes him twice the pain. I also want him to be successful making it to the major league. I liked also the slow burn of Wooshik and Sooyeon. He's aware of his feelings for her and he'll confess once she's ready. I loved this shot for them, it could be a movie poster or something. Jungeun seeing Junki in a different light, he looked so manly when he punched that guy. A part of me thinks that Junki likes her already, he took her part-time jobs when she was sick, worries that she'll stop acting after she got fired, he thinks of her safety etc. He suffered a lot because of her. Before they'll be a couple, I have a feeling that Go Wonhee will cameo to have a proper closure with him.
  5. I teared up when Kibong is about to cry, the tone, his emotions, everything. The guy feels so lost and his dream has been shattered, I hope that he doesn't give up on his dream. Good thing that Yuri came so that he has someone to cry on to. Then he decided to be a model with an alias called Philip, the guy who has stinky feet. Idk, it feels refreshing that majority of the housemates knows that Wooshik likes Sooyeon, compared to Donggu that his friends didn't know that he liked Yoona. I have a feeling it will be a huge mess if one of them spilled the truth bomb to Sooyeon that Wooshik liked her again. Also, I enjoyed the beggar arc of Junki but damn that the producers edited out his part! Speaking of beggar, a part of me thinks that Wooshik looks more of a beggar than Junki, the guy suffered for more than 5 days! But he's doing it for Sooyeon's sake, awww.
  6. Maybe it's part of their role, Junki mentioned in the preview that he wanted to try what's being like a homeless person. He should ask Sunho too what's being like too because he's also a homeless in Strongest Deliveryman in 1 ep. Insert meta reference lol.
  7. moongayoung_fans posted the eng subs of the BTS of her performance. Interesting, Yewon cannot make her laugh but Sunho can! Kyaahh. Still cut for Ep 7. Lee Heejin and Kim Kwangshik to cameo. Lee Heejin as Miyoung and Kwangshik as her husband.
  8. And we have an opening sequence! I love watching openings like this. I find it cute that they're using the same song in S1 opening. It gives me nostalgia. <3 cr: pantamy
  9. Finished Ep 4 and I think this is one of the best episodes to date! Yoori is a one crazy noona. It's cute that she's supportive to her brother of what's best for him. She can annoy her brother all she wants and she loves him. A true sister indeed! I didn't expect of Sooyeon that Wooshik is her first love. Poor him that he wasted his 10 years due to that misunderstanding. I think, it pretty much resolves their story that they're each other's first love. I wonder how the writers up to this time to make them together. Hopefully that they don't drag it too long by just having a love triangle. When Junki thought that Kibong was having a threesome then insert *careless whisper BGM* is gold! There are 6 legs! xD I hope they can focus on Wooshik's career this time. We've seen much of Junki and Kibong's career that they're struggling and working hard to their dreams to make it successful.
  10. I'm so happy for him! He deserves it! But don't you think it's kinda fast for him to go on another project after Waikiki? For the female lead, I misread it as Moon 'Ga' young. I thought they'll be reunited quickly. . I hope that the female lead is close to his age. hihih. Horror is not really my thing, but I'll watch it... just for him.
  11. I like that he challenged himself into different genres. Office, Historical, Sitcom, Action and the like, not just stick into one genre that most actors are comfortable of. I think he can do melo but I think my poor heart can't handle it that made me bawl my eyes out. T.T
  12. Now that the song is available on Spotify, I replayed the song many times just to found out his parts are, while figuring out, I ended up loving it. I keep replaying his parts cause his voice is so lovely. He mentioned in presscon that he didn't took voice lessons for his role and he sang in his natural voice. <3
  13. I read an article that Kim Yewon will finally appear on Ep3!! Looking forward to the Cha Siblings! Anyway, the song Waikiki is out on Spotify! I prefer the Actors' Version than the original (no offense to Na Sungho). Waikiki, Waikiki. It makes me happy every day~~~ Although my wish partially came true, I hope Sunho needs to sing another OST since his character is a singer after all. pretty please???
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