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  1. I don't think that that DR and DR will end up together in the end. I get the sense that it will end badly for them, especially DR, the husband. I think that DR ends up dead at the hands of DY, probably trying to save DR. DR may end up with TP. Instead of MR being pregnant, I wonder if it will be DR who is pregnant. I think there is something wrong about DY's family (with the exception of her brother). I found it interesting that her mother cut ties with her aunt once she remarried, only to seek her out for the liver transplant. Says a lot about that family and their shallow values. Same goes for DR's in-laws.
  2. I find it strange that it's only extended by 6 episodes. With the new plot lines and new characters, I feel like it needs to be extended by at least 10 episodes instead of 6. The show has too much going on that I don't know if they can satisfactorily tie up all the plot-lines in a month's time. Usually with these weekend family dramas, they tend to be overlong and should really be less than 50 episodes, but I think in this case the 6 episode extension seems a bit short. I guess we'll see how much they pack it in the remaining episodes. As for DR's ex-husband, I really don't want him to end up with the heiress. I would prefer DR to end up with TP more than back with her ex. I wonder if her ex will end up dead in the end at the hands of DY?
  3. Part of my issue with the childhood crush then happily married ever after trope is that the person with the crush usually has to undergo some drastic changes. most of it superficial. Some of it can be positive such as more self-confidence. Most times it's more shallow which is the case of DY. She lost a lot of weight and underwent cosmetic surgery to achieve her current appearance. It would have been different if she lost weight, because she really got into running or something and that led her to make positive changes. However I think through her job, she's gaining confidence and growing up in general. I wonder if JH would have fallen for her if she looked like her old self (or would she have been friend-zoned for life). Strangely, I think MS would have liked her regardless of her appearance. I thought it was interesting that MY mentioned that MS didn't go for flashy, pretty girls. As for HH, she's just too shallow which MS isn't. He has serious issues, but being shallow doesn't seem to be one of them. @chubbz The many interconnected pairings are too much. This drama is pushing it which is saying something since kdramas love "coincidence." What will they call each other if both pairs got married? Which honorific will prevail?
  4. Whoa, such strong reactions to my post. I had no idea people hated MS so much. I agree that he is a shady jerk who continues to do stupid and short-sighted things. I agree that DY should not reform MS. I hate it when that trope is used in story lines (and in real life). I don't think she should reform him, he will have to take the steps to reform himself on his own irrespective of whether she is or is not in his life. Still I think when he's around her, he doesn't feel that he needs to behave a certain way or be on guard which is why you do see other sides of him beyond the jerk. As for the hero worship and childhood crush, she does have that. I feel too much of their relationship is predicated on her high school experience. Even though she is beginning to see JH as a person with flaws and insecurities, I'm still not sold on their relationship. It's an issue I have with kdramas with these childhood crushes that magically end in marriage. It's a little too pat and fantasy perfect. I'm really not sold on JH and DY's budding romance. Clearly, I appear to be the only one here on this forum. I do like JH, though I think the show has made him too perfect, even with his personal and professional setbacks. Conversely, MS has been made to the complete opposite of JH with almost no redeeming qualities as evidenced by the dislike for him on this forum. Honestly, I don't think DY deserves to be with JH. I think she needs to grow. She may be nice and kind, but that's it. She's lacking in many ways and has a limited perspective and understanding of things, because she has been so sheltered and has resided in her fantasy of JH. In my opinion she's more like MS in their respective stunted growth (for various reasons), though I understand that that's not reason either for them to be together. Conversely, two kind people should not be together just because they are good people at heart.
  5. Am I the only one who is hoping that MS ends up with DY? I think it would be sad if he ends up with the short end of the stick again. He may be a prick sometimes, but he has had his share of hard knocks and things not going well. Also, I feel like he and DY understand each other in a way. He was the first one to tell her that she was cute and to let her know that she's okay fat or skinny. As for her crush on JH, I feel that that's a childhood crush and hero worship that never evolved and is very much rooted in the past and to who she was in high school. Yes, JH was always kind to her in school, and he is genuinely falling for her, but I feel that there's more of a connection between MS and DY. I also think that DY keeps MS in line and makes him more human and better than on his own or with someone else. And I think with MS, DY can be more her self instead of an infatuated school girl. A few of the interactions with JH, I got the sense that she was expecting or hoping for more, and he couldn't make the connection in the way that I think MS would have. Too many misconnections and words said a pause too late. They seem out of step. Given this is a weekend kdrama, most likely DY and JH will end up together, though I think it should be DY and MS.
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