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  1. I have thought 新海 is not gonna be out anymore. It'll be so good it its true. When this was filming a few years back, I was so looking forward to it. Really miss him in dramaland. Waiting for him to appear on the screen again, and even more for a role where he is the central lead again.
  2. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the pic... initially i thought its a scene from the Empire of lust, then I thought he's involved in a sageuk drama, and without us knowing!! Still, good to see him again even as a cameo, but.... hey why cast him as an old man, he's not there yet Anyway, hope to see him in a lead role from a cable tv again.
  3. I didn't expect to cry buckets by the end of the episode. Though I wished JC would survive this, the ending was executed better than I have imagined. I was in tears from the start of the final episode and it was flowing freely by the end of it. And like @kohnlee, this is the next JH's drama which makes me cry so much after Chuno, with the same lingering heartbreak after the show has ended. I felt so regretful for JC. I agree with him that he's such an idiot, acting foolishly in many occasions. But he's also a selfless man, doing what he can for his loved ones the best way he knows how. His final words to his wife and daughter, and that last look he gave his wife before being pushed to the operating room really makes me
  4. He can redeem himself by exposing the bad guys and bring them down, and return the justice to his opponents by admitting he took the drugs. I would really hate to see him die cos he's not the main culprit that caused the death of the 2 fighters. JC's biggest mistake is taking the pills to win over his opponents and getting honor and wealth out of it. And the way I see it, he's thinking of death to atone for his sins??? I would rather he pulls himself together, admit his wrongs and cooperate with the Cha father and daughter - to finalize the drugs and bring the bad guys to justice. And strive to live for his wife and daughter. They may have to give up their wealth and big house, but find peace and happiness instead. Isn't this what the drama should try to convey? Or is the writer out of his mind, and out to show JC as really a bad papa by killing him in the end. I've no doubt by the end of the episode, the drug would be successfully developed to treat people, and the bad guys die or brought to justice. But if JC die in the end, its so unsatisfying and pointless. His wife and daughter would live in misery even if they manage to keep the wealth. Everybody would be unhappy. I don't mind him getting hurt and fight for his life, like what his previous coach has told him - to hold on till the end. But JC got to survive, at least for his family. Then that'll be a good papa and brave fighter.
  5. Wow, didn't expect people to start dying in today's episodes. And it looks like JC's condition is getting more serious. Things have started to unravel one by one. JC has known about his illness all along. That's why he has refused to take part in the boxing competition when the CEO approached him. I believe JC will take the trial test because of his daughter, who I'm quite certain has inherited her father's disease. I really hope JC will survive. It'll be sooo sad if only the mother and daughter are left. And plsss don't give me that "after watching his daughter performed the final competition and won, JC passed away peacefully" A happy ending pls, for JC and his family. This is supposed to be drama about family right? The family will not be whole if anyone of them dies.
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