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  1. Well, I can only say the intention is good, but the outcome no one can guarantee. At least his character in TMWYS is definitely more watch-worthy than Voice. But seriously, I really don't think he'll take on Voice 4. Can't imagine him doing the same genre again, what's more a sequel.
  2. But then he won't look like a blind swordman with Joe's hairstyle... I'm actually fine with the hair, he's supposed to be blind right? Can't expect a blind man to have nice hairstyle unless there's someone to style for him, haha... anyway, you can't uglify JH, his acting and eyes will shine through where looks fail. I learnt this from his character in Chuno.
  3. Cos he's too handsome and will overshadow the lead if he's not made uglier. Already I'm questioning the fl's sense when she chose the ml. If JH is made more handsome, i think that will made the fl look like an idiot. I fully agree. JH is very good with emotions, and I like him in vulnerable character. He always make me want to go out to him whenever he plays one such character.
  4. Not just you this is the one episode which I like best in WOL. A hot injured man in a kissing scene... The blood on his face & body just make him so appealing. Again, I have to rant each time I'm reminded of his character in WOL.... why isn't he the lead in this drama
  5. I don't really like the FL in the "Dance of the Dragon". I've seen her in other local dramas and find her acting boring. The problem I have with DOTD is the storyline, not impactful and convincing enough. And JH in this movie is passionate about dancing but he fights better than his dance. Maybe it'll works better if he's into marital arts rather than dancing... But he's really eye-catching in this movie. His face, body, his whole physique is a wonder to behold
  6. Don't get me started... we have the same problem, and I totally agree with you. Hwi and BW had so many scenes together that I can't bring myself to re-watch My Country. I can't see why BW trust him so much, and that is annoying. And talking about kiss scene, I really miss JH in this. Will we ever see JH in a rom-com like this again? With his now gorgeous long hair?
  7. Oh yes, the port soup scene! That was one of my favourites as well! I was so glad when Dal Rae called him at that moment. He was so broken that I wanted someone to comfort him. His friend forsake him (though I can understand why, but still...), his sister disappoint him, and the thugs were after him. Not to mention his low self-esteem though he tried to put up a superior front. But he was so broken inside. I wanted to hug him at that moment, and console him. JH is always so good with this kind of scene.
  8. @Biology Lesson You've reminded me why I like Robbers so much with that clip of Oh Joon. Personally I feel for one to enjoy Robbers, you've got to focus on his expressions, which changes very subtly from one emotion to another. I was esp moved in one scene where Oh Joon sat in his car after he had successful cheated the FL of her money. By that time he had already fallen in love with her but had gone ahead to cheat her anyway because of his circumstances. The struggle he felt was wonderfully portrayed by JH. And when he went back to the thugs to take back her money... oh I don't even know how to describe it, but i felt him. Robbers hold a special place in my heart because it made me realized the wide acting range of JH and his expressions. Chuno introduced me to JH, but Robbers is the drama that get me hooked to JH. Now I know what to re-watch while waiting for his next project...
  9. I've watched some of these clips before, and its still difficult to watch even now. His endurance is really He really suffered in this movie. Even now when he talked about it, he still feels the hardship he experienced at that time. My goodness, from the way I see it, I'm glad he didn't suffer serious consequences after that. I like to see his character get hurt in dramas/movies, but not in real life