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  1. On the contrary, i'm sure those who sent the rice wreaths felt their efforts have paid off, cos those rice wreaths have definitely made an impression for someone who didn't attend the press-con. The problem is that he's so good even in supporting roles that I ended up wishing his role is the main lead, aww....
  2. Oh I like Robbers. I thought this is the best performance between him and LDH out of their 3 dramas together. As for WOL, I signed everytime I think of this.... I really like ChilSeong... only if he's given more screen time... I said this everytime I mention WOL - ChilSeong is such an interesting character, with so much room for development. Why is he having so little screentime
  3. I understand how you feel about this show. His love was so heartbreaking yet touching at the same time. I always skip the last part whenever I re-watched this show, and his last words to Un-nyun in his own mind always make me cry. JH performance in this drama is just phenomeon. I started watching this for another actor, but JH completely won me over, even from the first episode.
  4. I have thought 新海 is not gonna be out anymore. It'll be so good it its true. When this was filming a few years back, I was so looking forward to it. Really miss him in dramaland. Waiting for him to appear on the screen again, and even more for a role where he is the central lead again.
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