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  1. Side tracked a bit. Has anyone watched Awaken? I was bored and looking for something to watch, and the poster catched my attention cos it has that JH vibe. 7 episodes into the show, and I can totally imagine JH playing the lead character. I've not watched any of Namgoong Min dramas before, but the way he acted is so similar to JH. Even some of his expressions remind me of JH. That makes me miss JH so much
  2. Oh, thanks for the reminder. How can I forget about this award? Yes, sure glad he won this for BPP. He deserved it. @DarlaRochelle Great video from you as usual and glad you've made a video for this drama. As @Dramafan mentioned, its hard to rewatch BPP becos of the hard life JC had, and seeing him keeps getting beaten is not easy too. There're also certain parts which are frustrating to me. Nonetheless, I do rewatch this but at a very slow pace as it gets quite heavy towards the end.
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