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  1. You just made me roll my eyes, lol... but talking about Hwi, I find myself rolling eyes at him more and more, esp in the last 2 episodes. I don't understand why he must get hurt everytime he fights, and what he has done that made YBW trusts him so much. Why is he still so soft after going through so much? And I don't know why, but its pretty annoying to see Hwi and that girl together. I just can't buy their love line, its so forced.
  2. Oh I like Robbers. While Chuno got me started into JH, Robber is the one that made me fall completely into him. He's a jerk all right in the beginning, but he's also cute and has a vulnerability that brings out that something in me. Though it was a drama that deals with serious issues, it has its comical moments. And JH is cute when he did all those dancing, in public and also in front of LDH. And not to mention when he showed off his perfect and musculine body. That was a real treat for someone who just got interested in him
  3. Same here. I get to know JH in Chuno. I started on Chuno because of another actor who is not the lead. At that time I'm thinking to myself, the lead like not very handsome leh, with messy long hair and rugged look. But as I watched, I find myself gradually attracted to this guy 'with the eyes', and his energetic movement and acting. He just capture me with his unbelieveable screen presence. Then I started to search his other dramas. My 2nd one is Robber of my Heart. And he stole my heart completely after this. Its one drama after another. I feel JH is a package. You get attracted to him because he's a lot of things joined together into one attractive package - his magnetic eyes, nose and lips, his acting, his passion, his perfect physique, his personality AND his energetic movements. I love to see him in action! This guy is beautiful in action! The more you look at him, the more attractive he becomes. Ok , better stop my fangirling now or I can go non-stop, haha...
  4. This is the dilemma of a fan. I'm also aware of his age, and know there'll come a time he'll gradually have to take on supporting role, or even lesser of him. So I want to see him on screen now as much as possible, and treasure every appearance of him on screen. Afterall, I'm first attracted to him because of his screen presence and passionate acting, and of course his handsome face. But I have to say, I'm proud of his supporting roles so far. The impact he has created with the little screen time he has makes me glad that I'm his fan.
  5. Of course! They should anticipate this when they cast him in supporting role as YBW And honestly, I don't think the 3 leads have too little screen time, its because of the overpowering presence of JH as YBW that they have this misconception. Like I mentioned earlier, I almost forgot that Hwi is the lead here too.
  6. No no no, not time yet... he's not even mid forties! I want to see him in more lead roles. I don't care if it put pressures on him. I don't care if I'm bad and selfish fan... I just want to see him take up all the scene times (pouting).... He took up supporting role in WOL, and I ended up wishing its a story about the gangster. Now he took up supporting role in MC, and I ended up wishing its a story about YBW... I really don't care... I just want him in lead roles...
  7. Yup. The scandal turned out to be a blessing instead. I believe if he hadn't gone through the scandal and everything was smooth sailing, he will turned out to be NOT the JH we all love so much now. Because he might feel all that glitters is gold. That's provided he learnt from his mistakes and experience. Not all who went through the same experience turned out well. I'm glad he's the former. There's such a drastic change after his military, not only in his personality and outlook in life, but also the way he act. I don't know how to describe... more mature, and more feeling to it. So ya, it turns out to be a blessing for him, and for us as well
  8. I really want to congratulate JH in this drama! JH as YBW is not only powerful, its unbelievable! Like someone has commented, he's not acting, he's YBW himself. The emotions he displayed is so raw you felt for him. And the fighting scenes... wow I can't take my eyes off him. He's so cool and suave. The way he did the actions are so elegant, like how a prince would fight - so smooth and shift, and with power! His performance in epi 12 is so good I felt like hugging him, and tell him 'You did well! More than well!' This is the reason why I'm smitten with this guy, and remain his fan. He keeps out-doing himself. When you think this is his best role, he comes out with another that surpassed your expectations. Its so luxurious to watch him as YBW. Everything is so good, but so short. Sign... if only this drama is YBW's story, I'll be satisfied.
  9. I also find it very weird and out of place. Because of JH's strong performance and presence, one would expect all these strategist moves to come from YBW. BUT because Hwi is the lead, the writer would make him the one to come out with all the ideas and strategy. Which I find it so misplaced, cos Hwi just doesn't look like one who is capable of generating all these strategies.
  10. Same sentiment here.... I just started watching this drama last weekend, and I only have one thought.... why can't they focus this drama on the story of Yi Bang Won and casting JH as the lead? Why introduce two lead characters that didn't even appear in history. JH is capable of ruining a drama when he takes on a supporting role - WOL is one example. And now My Country.... I wanted so bad to see the story of YBW unfolds because JH is so good in portraying this historical figure. I wanted to see more of his actions and internal struggle in ascending to the throne. That'll be so powerful to watch. But I can't get this satisfaction As the series goes, the other characters pale in comparison to YBW. Now, i'm only looking forward to his scenes. When you're this good, you just have to be the lead.
  11. On the contrary, i'm sure those who sent the rice wreaths felt their efforts have paid off, cos those rice wreaths have definitely made an impression for someone who didn't attend the press-con. The problem is that he's so good even in supporting roles that I ended up wishing his role is the main lead, aww....
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