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  1. Loved the ending but I would have loved to see the development of the relationship after Hae In lost her memory a little bit more. They were just starting to talk about the wrongdoings and be honest about themselves in communication so I would have definitely wanted to see that change. I think 16 episodes are not enough and just to squeeze everything into 16 episodes leaves some of them open. But the very end…It was a masterpiece. Direction, scenery, acting all in one. Superb. I thought Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon were the best fit but no this couple surpassed all. Park Sung Hoon deserves a whole drama dedicated to himself. Period. He is such an actor, why on earth i just noticed him. One of the best villains ever but I am pretty sure he loved Hae-in more than Hyunwoo.
  2. This drama was just not what I expected. I love PHS and PSH but yet I wasn’a big fan. First of all, I just don’t understand why they portray 30 or 40 year old people shying away in the relationships. I mean kisses or huggings being some blushing moments are for the high school dramas I think not for adults:) What is it that they are even getting shy even when holding hands or etc:) I know it is a drama and they make it like that but still when I see this, I immediately think like “What is this? Are they 15 years old?” . I think we should see PHS in more adult and serious roles. He is mostly in adult roles but with a heavy childish side (acting with so much aegyo and baby eyes:)) I really think he will be also very good in serious roles as I have seen it in the Soundtrack #1. That was a marvellous acting. I think the second leads were also very good in this drama but again they have children but yet acting like 15 year olds:) Overall this is a drama to watch for feeling good and it serves its purpose I think.
  3. I have watched this drama till the 6th episode. I know that things have turned out to be negative for our couple right now so I will wait for things to resolve so I will start to watch again:) I was not a big fan of Kim Soo Hyun before but with this drama my perception has changed for him actually so I also watched It’s Ok to Not Be OK too. I think he has really progressed in acting since My Love From the Star. He is now one of my favorites. Kim Ji Won was always an actress I loved, especially in Fight For My Way. She is stunning in this drama too. As for the drama, I like their interaction; how they loved each other once and how their feelings are developing. Yet I still cannot accept the fact that Hyun Woo was in fact happy for her terminal illness even if it was a short period of time. That just sounds brutal to me. Even if you don’t love each other anymore and considering that you were married for love not money, I don’t think someone who loved someone in the past would want her/him dead no matter what. I am a little bit sad while watching he was like that. When he first learnt that she was ill, I think it was her genuine reaction that he just decided not to divorce and told her he loved her; but the things afterwards were a frustration for me. I think Hae-In was right to be mad on that and for me it is not realistic for someone to forgive that, but since this is a drama I will pass that:) Even if so, their lovey dovey moments are so good. I am expecting that things will be better in this week’s episode so I will start watching from where I left.
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