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  1. Hello Sha @sha filan Welcome. I am sorry that I found your post so late. I am trying to get some more subtitled videos of Sang Yoon out so more people can enjoy. =)
  2. @flutterby06 Thank you for enjoying the movie. It was a labour of love and I am in no way highly qualified in subbing. Sorry for not coming here often enough to check your comment.
  3. @flutterby06 thank you for your feedback. I have made the necessary changes as I am only new to this forum moderation thing, please excuse all my lackings. Please keep on supporting Lee Sang Yoon in all his projects.
  4. The moment they find dimple oppa..then its over for them. They will fall in love with him! =) Just like me..... Its so funny. I spoke to my friend and she reminded me 'not so kindly' that I actually said in the chat with her.... 'I dont know who this guy is.... he is not so handsome but he is growing on me'. She is giving me a hard time cause I said he wasnt handsome and now I am head over heels over this guy.
  5. I dont speak a bar of korean.. apart from cliche drama lines.. so i need to be very very patient... hahaha.. despite that.. i watched buzzer beater with no sub.. just because... .:p
  6. Oh.. i am married with 3 kids... 2 boys 1 girl... this is how our taste developed. i am patiently waiting for master in the house latest ep to be subbed so i know what boss said.
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