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  1. Hi everyone! not sure if this thread is still active, but I've been lurking since the 6th ep and forced myself to not participate in discussions bc i knew i would get way too involved haha. I have to say i really ended up enjoying the drama, save for the last couple of episodes. I haven't written a kdrama fanfic since doctors aired on sbs a few summers back so i'm a little out of practice, but in case anyone else is still having a little bit of trouble getting over these two i wanted to share it with you guys! i don't write unless i feel something lacking in the drama whether it be closure or filling in gaps and since i'm on vacation right now i thought it would be good to kind of get out the last residual feelings i have. im not too sure where i want to go with it, but i had fun with it and i hope to continue as inspiration strikes. here is the link: until the end p.s my writing style is a little pretentious but ill try to make future additions more lighthearted to match with the tone of the drama as it was set at the beginning haha
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