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  1. @Gabi Bros thank you for your response :)


    yeah..I'm so frustated because of Jisoo lol. What did happen to you Jisoo? Thankfully, like you said, I'm not blind fans who will defend my bias whatever bad he is or felt Jisoo is too good just to be a flower prince (yes, there is Jisoo fans who said this and I don't like it, this is just like Jisoo in SGG all over again) or irrationally blame drama (and his co-star and or PD and or SWnim). Because Jisoo is indeed BAD (at least for first 3 eps). Even though if turn-out this new 14th prince character badly written by SWnim, Jisoo is an actor who have a job to show his character via his acting and so far he failed. I still have a hope, but not much :( and my fellow Jisoo's fans on twitter also felt the same :( But this is learning process for him. 

    about IU, I don't talk much about her because I don't have a problem with her acting. She is good, even though not great. and she is most good in not comedic scene, so I'm looking forward to next episode to see her acting.


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  2. 15 hours ago, jongski said:

    And Ji Soo  deserves a lead role in a drama.  Not just mere decoration along with other flowery boys. It's such a shame  to not see his terrific impressive acting.  I want something like  Angry Mom or Page Turner character. I will wait for 2017 lead.

    sorry to say @jongski, for me, Jisoo is not lead material yet..he is not ready, at least for regular drama like 16-20 eps drama, but he already lead in PT and he was success. His performance in MLSHR (so far in ep 1-3) was so BAD, now I understand, he is still really depend on good directing and script. He hasn't reach level when he can act good no matter what terrible script and or directing. I understand your statement "not just mere decoration along with other flowery boys"..but that's his role! even if Wang Jung/14th prince was terribly written, if Jisoo already had a great acting skill which he will good whatever bad script or directing, he should show his great acting, but he (so far) failed in MLSHR. (and actually the original 14th prince is not mere decoration. his character was such deep and great. he is my favorite character in novel. So actually before MLSHR started, I really happy that jisoo will play this character and I know he will not be just a mere decoration. but so far the fact is not like that :( )

    I started noticing his flaw in acting in Doctors. It's obvious he's still really need a good script and directing. So, I mean, let him takes a various roles and characters even though only SUPPORTING. and he can learn a lot from his sunbaes, PD/SWnim and or his co-star. Only 1.5 year after his break-out performance in Angry Mom. I think, he still need a time. sorry if I sound so harsh. I'm not pessimistic but realistic. My liking to him doesn't diminish because his poor performance in MLSHR so far. I just want him to be good actor and experience is the best thing for learn. Back to 1st lead role..okay..I think he is ready and there is possibility producer cast him as lead, but only in special drama or webdrama. For regular drama 12/16/20 eps drama, I think he has a chance to be 1st lead IF:

    1. He already acted as one of main (at least third or second lead) in POPULAR drama in term of ratings (like Reply series or DOTS). This is the rule korean drama world lol. Once you acted in popular drama, you will have a big chance get a bigger role in next project or if you lucky you immediately get 1st lead role. So that's why I was happy he has a part in popular drama, Doctors. I read so many viewers who first time watched and knew him via Doctors. sure Doctors help him got more popular. (even though I don't like Soochul)

    2. He auditioned for 1st lead role. I read on Nam Joo Hyuk's interview, that he got 1st lead role in School 2015 through audition. Before S2015 he only acted as supporting. Other example, Reply Series, basically all casts were auditioned for main role, see RJY!

    3. His agency is superpower agency lol. Sadly this is not the fact.

    Actually I really hoped MLSHR would get a really high ratings, so that Jisoo will have a chance to get a bigger role for the next drama. But, sadly the fact is not like that. At least Jisoo is popular in China now. Since Sassy Go Go aired, he (and LWG) were mentioned as new hallyu prince!! imagine!! this was talked in korean article. So I'm happy with him now. and don't forget after MLSHR actually jisoo already got role in FantastiC and it seems he is just not only mere supporting, at least he is third male lead even he was included in main posters :)

    However at the end, these are only my opinion and view. Who knows, suddenly after FantastiC he got 1st lead role in drama lol. I just hope if that time come, the drama is well written, his co-stars are good, the directing is good etc. But after FantastiC, I prefer he takes a role in movie with A-list actors/actresses and PD even though only supporting role.


    Jisoo still cuts form his new short film Round3x



    cr csangsangmadang

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  3. Finally I have watched first three episodes of MLSHR. I decided to watch ep 1-3 before I write something in here because if I write just after I watched ep 1 maybe I just write all bad things lol. I haven’t read all posts in here so please bear with my post because is so full of critics and not good things and maybe redundant with previous posts. And I really hope I will never write again these all bad things for next eps..

    So MLSHR turn-out to be very pretty but quite empty. Cinematography is great but editing is so choppy and jarring. The most terrible thing is BGM and OST. They are so misplaced and so unfit with scenes. I was literally pulled-out my hair in frustration every time I hear the OST. I love the OST as individual song but when they inserted randomly on scene, oh that was so bad. BGM also great as individual pieces but they really unfit with certain scene and overused. Who is music director?? He/She is the real criminal in here lol. The editing also not good. The transition between scene is so jarring. I’m sorry if I sound so technical in here. I rarely complain about this in drama I watch, but these things are so obvious and makes me as viewer feel uncomfortable.

    For acting, this is full of awkward and cringeworthy acting especially the princes but except for three main leads, IU, LJK, and KHN. For me, those 3 leads are good, especially LJK, he owns his character already. The younger princes’s acting is the worst esp Baek, NJH, YSW and Jisoo. They are so bad, moreover for first 3 eps they are only served as comic characters. Such a shame!

    Story is pretty interesting. This is not exact replica adaption so I understand the difference. But I invested in story already. Esp, the story of our main lead, Wang So. Ahh, this so heartful and heartwrencing. My heart hurt for him. LJK as Wang So really great potrayed his character who was abandoned by his own mother and was feared by his own brothers. And aww..when he smiled watching 10th and 14th make fun to each other.

    Okay, so maybe some of you already knew that one of reason I watch this drama is Jisoo. So I’m going to write about his charater and his acting. I will put in spoiler tag because maybe some of part will be slightly off topic.



    I think, the thing which makes me more frustrated watching first 3 eps of MLSHR is because of Jisoo. How do you feel when you watch drama because of your favorite actor, he was known with his great acting skill in his previous dramas but turn out in this he is just bad?? Yes, for me, in first 3 eps, Jisoo is so BAD. He is so awkward and cringeworthy. For the first time I want to fast forwarding all his scenes. I felt like I was watching his character in Page Turner, Cha Sik, in Goryeo version, but this is an awkward and cringe version. If you already watch PT you know that Cha Sik is not awkward and cringe, he’s cute in good way. But Wang Jung is just cute, but in bad way. I already read comments on Dramabeans recap ep 1 and all who mentioned Jisoo said that he is bad and I agree and actually is not just me who felt that wang jung is like cha sik because some people said the same thing lol. It seems that jisoo brings his character in PT to MLSHR but failed. I don’t know what’s wrong, the way jisoo interpreted the character, or maybe wang jung was written like that or directing or whatever I don’t know. Such a shame that SWnim writes 14th prince just as comic character because the original in novel is not like that at all. I know I know this is only beginning, and the character description hints that wang jung will through a character development in later eps. But, look how SW and PDnim (and Jisoo) treat 14th character in first 3 eps like that, I don’t have much hope. 14th prince is my favorite character in novel (and Tong Hua’s favorite as well!!) so I really disappointed with his character direction so far. I know this is not exact replica adaption just like I said before, but can SWnim write the new 14th prince as good as the original?? So, I really hope I will never write this part at the end drama later, but let me express this now:

    “SWnim, PDnim (and Jisoo)..you all ruined 14th prince character for me..”

    So, Jisoo’s performance in first 3 eps showed that maybe he is not suit in sageuk drama (yet). Now I know, that Jisoo is still very depend to good script and directing. He hasn’t reach a level when he can act good no matter terrible script and or directing and or drama production. He still needs learn a lot of things. See, people, Jisoo is not lead material yet. His time as lead is still long, I think. (I’m sorry I write this because I always read /literally/ all said that Jisoo deserves get 1st main lead already, for me, he is not ready as lead yet, and I’m big fan of Jisoo :p). For people who complained that he is in everything lately (he was in Doctors, drama before MLSHR and he also act in JTBC drama FantastiC and will premiere next Friday), please let him takes a lot of roles and characters, even though only as supporting. He can learn a lot from his sunbaes, PD and or his co-star.


    Ep 3 definitely better than first 2 eps and I heard they will also re-edit first 3 eps, so there is a hope they will re-edit all next episodes. Sorry If my post sounds so negative. But I just want this drama gets better. Now even I don't really care about ratings. Some of my all time favorite drama got low ratings but also got great review. I just want for next eps, MLSHR will get good review and respons from viewers. Fighting!!!

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  4. Jisoo at FantastiC presscon











    update from fansite :)


    Jisoo in Cover one of Singapore Magazine!!


    cr ipsulute


    It looks like Jisoo and Nam Johyuk did trip together to Jeju..don't know when this happened,,


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  5. Ji Soo Addresses Overlap Between “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” And “Fantastic”

    Ji Soo Addresses Overlap Between “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” And “Fantastic”

    On August 30, JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Fantastic” held a press conference at the Amoris Hall in Seoul.

    Actor Ji Soo was asked whether he was concerned that “Fantastic” and “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo,” his other drama, would be airing over the same period of time.

    “I was worried at first, but everyone said it was fine,” he said. “Also, ‘Scarlet Heart: Goryeo’ is a historical drama and it’s not like I’m hugely popular. Many people probably won’t even recognize that I am in both dramas.”

    “Fantastic” is about the love story between Lee So Hye, a drama writer who only lives for today, and Ryu Hae Sung, a top star who is known for his crazy antics and his awkward acting. Kim Hyun Joo, Joo Sang Wook, and Park Si Yeon also star.

    The first episode of “Fantastic” is scheduled to air on September 2 at 8:30 p.m. KST. Meanwhile, “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” has already begun broadcasting earlier this week.

    Source (1)


    Luv Index (Jisoo fancafe) support for Jisoo at FantastiC presscon


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  6. I think this hasnt been posted in here..

    Press con day for 'Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Goryeo'






    Daum Cafe: Press con day for Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart: Ryeo 

    -Lee Jun Ki lost so much weight...

    -Baekhyun-ahㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ do well

    -Must be embarrassing for the girl wearing jean skirt ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Everyone's dressed so elegantly but she's the only one in casual outfit

    -I really like the last pic

    -Kang Hana image is somewhat similar to Rouxi's.. so pretty. I hope this drama lives up to expectations

    -I've always noticed that IU's coordi is good at her job

    -Let's hit daebak!!!!!!!

    -Kang Hana is so gorgeous

    -The definition of a flower garden



    LOL Snow White and 7 Dwarfs






    BOBO BROTHERS (3rd, 4th and 14th princes are from same mother..)



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  7. Jisoo with Lee Jun Ki sunbaenim :)


    and too many photos of Jisoo with LJK and HJH..I think that's because they played as princes from the same mother..



    I want this..CeCi Korea with Jisoo


    yesterday, MEC FB and IG update Jisoo poster for MEC!! don't forget tonight MEC ep 2 and they said they will reveal who is Jisoo's Candy :)



    from Nam Joo Hyuk fansite :)


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  8. Finally #NamJooHyuk accepted #Jisoo's heart fully




    lol I love them!!


    Jisoo with Yoon Kyun Sang and Kim Min Seok!! --> Doctors squad


    cr for__meeeen IG


    oh and I'm so happy now some of Jisoo's fansite masternim appeared..please keep active

    some of pics from fansite



    cr jisoo_330 IG

    yes!! rise, jisoo, rise!! more fansites!!


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  9. so, in interview session Joohyuk said that Jisoo was happier to act with Seohyun rather than himself (who have a loveline with seohyun in drama). LOL..and because of this, among Sone (SNSD fans), now Jisoo was known as Seohyun fanboy aka SNSD fanboy hahahaha. This interview part even was written in korean news LOL

    some from SNSD fanaccount

    I cant stop laughing looking at this gif lmao




    Hong Jong Hyun IG update


    presscon backstage


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  10. Jisoo-Joohyuk posts alert!

    on Vapp before MLSHR presscon...

    Jisoo is always beside Joohyuk'CqmZKb7VIAACMoa.jpg



    look at them!!


    and..at the presscon photosession..









    look at them!! only Jisoo-Joohyuk who share a heart sign together lol


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  11. update from jisoothailand about MLSHR presscon etc

    Now Jisoo is not shy anymore appeared in Vapp!!

    look at Jisoo and Joohyuk!!! I can't with them!!

    Jisoo immediately linked his arm to Joohyuk's!! omg

    it's confirmed that Jisoo is indeed a humorous person!!


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  12. More about Joohyuk, Seohyun and Jisoo

    IU with PD-nim and Writer-nim



    [V Report Plus] Why Baekhyun won't be showing his abs in new drama 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo'

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    Updated : August 24 2016

    Lee Joon-gi introduced the cast of “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo,” an upcoming period drama in which he and singer-turned-actress IU play the main roles, in a V app broadcast.

    (Lee Joon-gi)
    “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” is a Korean drama adaptation of the Chinese novel ”Startling by Each Step.” It will air on SBS from Aug 29. Contrary to the Chinese drama adaptation of the book in 2011, the drama will be set in the early stages of Goryeo Kingdom, a Korean kingdom established in 918 by King Taejo, instead of the Chinese Qing Dynasty.

    Baekhyun, from K-pop boy group EXO, plays the role of 10th prince, a sibling of Lee Joon-gi.

    ”You showed fans your abs during an EXO concert. Why did you not take off your shirt for this drama?“ Lee jokingly asked Baekhyun.
    ”I didn‘t have abs at the time we filmed,“ Baekhyun responded with a grin. ”Also, the character that I play is not a muscular guy with abs.“

    IU plays a 21st century women who, after an eclipse of the sun, finds herself in the body of a 16-year-old girl during the Goryeo Kingdom. ”I watched up to the fourth edited episode of the drama. The visuals are very pretty. The drama has elements of both comedy and tragedy,“ she said.

    Naver’s real-time broadcasting app V allows fans to interact with their favorite K-pop stars through live broadcasts. The app is available for Android and iOS. For more information, visit www.vlive.tv

    By Lee Ji-hae (jihlee@heraldcorp.com)



    I found this Dispacth article..this is so cute..they talked about Jisoo and Kang Haneul's expression when watching Baekhyun posed in front of press :P







    look at haneul thou lol



    source: https://t.co/cxr9gu61k9


    and from me:

    5 days to premiere date!! yeayyy!! fighting MLSHR!!


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  13. 12 hours ago, meahri_1 said:

    @fleurofjasmine  One of my favorite moments of the press conference is NJH trying to make a heart with Jisoo, not Seohyun. :D


    lol yeah that's my favorite moment too..and thank you for posting my tweet :)

    just want to share translation Jisoo interview on MLSHR presscon..he talked about Wang Jung (plus when Joohyuk said that Jisoo was happier to act with Seohyun rather than himself LOL SNSD fanboy detected)


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  14. 6 minutes ago, meahri_1 said:

    @Ally @fleurofjasmine  A little bit of Jisoo and Kang Haneul can go a long way. :lol:

    thank youuuu <3

    I forgot to comment about latest BTS video..before I visit this thread I just watched it..

    it seems that SBS really emphasized that abs galore scene hahaha lol..I mean they showed each prince BTS poster photoshoot and then their abs scene when all princes bath together lol :P

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