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  1. PMY #1 KJW #2 They’re both doing great! And honestly, KJW is doing really well. There’s this FB community with 600K+ followers and most of KJW-related posts lately have at least 20k likes. And that’s saying something because usual posts get on average a few thousand likes or less. (Edit: I should also add that unless of course you’re popular or currently viral then without a doubt, the posts also gets lots of likes/comments/shares.) I guess you can say he’s going viral.
  2. Saw this on IG. Thought I'd share here LOL Less than an hour to go guys! https://www.instagram.com/p/BxMMcYUH4YI/
  3. Hi guys! As some of you may know, herprivatelife_bd (on instagram or herprivatelife_ on twitter) are currently doing a demand survey for Her Private Life Blu-ray/DVD. There are minimum orders to be reached before production can begin. I know from previous experiences that such DVDs will include unreleased scenes, more behind-the-scenes making videos, interviews with the actors/actresses etc. So for anyone who is interested in filling out the survey, I have done a tutorial. It is pretty easy and no payment is needed as this is just a demand survey. Please see below for tutorial
  4. KJW actually gave PMY a type of Korean herbal medicine called cheongsimhwan which is known for it's calming effect. So e.g. if you're nervous/anxious you can take this medication. And since that dinner was arranged by PMY to celebrate HPL's first ep, so KJW (jokingly) gave her that because he thinks she may be nervous for their first episode. LOL this man has good sense if i were PMY, I would be laughing out loud like that too.
  5. Hello, someone on IG actually mentioned that the part was incorrectly translated. PMY actually said that it's been awhile since she filmed a drama with an actor older than her and because of that, she is more willing and more comfortable with him (KJW).
  6. hello everyone~ this is my first time posting on this thread. i'm more active in the official HPL thread. anyway, i started watching HPL wanting to focus only on the drama itself and not get carried away by shipping the actor/actress themselves. but then!!! as soon as i watched their BTS videos, i couldn't help it. their chemistry is just ridiculously amazing! i love how comfortable they both are with each other and honestly, i overall love the whole atmosphere whenever i watch the BTS videos. not only are the actors/actresses always laughing and having fun, we also see the crews laughing along. i think that makes the drama even more enjoyable than it already is, knowing that behind the scenes, everyone is enjoying themselves working together to produce this great drama. so, just now i was looking through photoshoots of kim nam gil/honey lee and han ji min/nam joohyuk in which both pairings recently starred in two separate dramas together (the fiery priest and the light in your eyes) and i kept wondering how much I REALLY WANT OUR GORGEOUS PAIRING TO HAVE A PHOTOSHOOT TOGETHER. like, wouldn't it be amazing??
  7. just to correct that the support truck is not by soop but by kim jae wook’s fans (jaeuck_support on twitter)
  8. guys im so sad im actually crying omg i went from to by the end of the episode i think what pains me most was when ryan was quick to grab deokmi's hands because he didn't want her to leave, she let go. all i could remember was him saying how he dislikes the moment where one lets go of someone's hands because it feels like the warmth is disappearing and he's being left alone in the world. because we all know, the whole time, deokmi was always there for him to hold his hand.
  9. Just a little something I did while we wait for Wed to come
  10. Both Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young seen filming: They're so cute having fun on set can't wait for this Wed and Thurs!
  11. so it has been years since i posted in a forum but this drama really revived something in me and so here i am but anyway, i live-streamed ep 5 just now and as expected, the episode didn't disappoint me one bit. this drama just gets more and more exciting for me. and this is coming from me, someone who had low expectations for this drama (just because i'm not a really big fan of rom-com in general). only watched it first for kim jae wook but in the end i watched it for the whole cast and basically the drama itself! anyway, i wanted to talk about this particular scene which happened in ep 5 can i just say how much i love this scene? the toilet scene in particular. i love the fact that there was zero bgm and all you could hear were water dropping, the rustling of clothes, their breathing, the fact that they were both wet and their stares oh my god i was really about to scream when that scene appeared and mind you, my face felt hot HAHAHA it was just too hot for me and the sexual tension was palpable. i can't even begin to imagine when they finally kiss. will i survive? lol one thing i really appreciate about this drama is the chemistry between the main leads. aaahh anyway, the preview for ep 6 looks exciting. i think there will be more misunderstandings because of the new character (ryan's friend)? lol one misunderstanding gets solved, another appears it seems.
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