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  1. ah, the final bts video is out will this be the last time i'll gif anything related to them? (hopefully not!) i am going to miss seeing their playfulness. (to view the gifs much bigger in size, you can just click on them ) more gifs under spoiler:
  2. they must be super duper comfortable with each other to the extent that pmy wipes her lipstick off kjw's lips? correct me if i'm wrong because maybe i just don't watch enough behind-the-scenes videos of dramas but it seems so rare that actors/actresses are This Comfortable with each other after doing a kiss/intimate scene? anyway, i giffed some of my fave parts from the bts! (i died and resurrected many times watching the making video)
  3. Is there something wrong with me if RG's/KJW's ehem peach ehem was distracting me a little in this scene asdfghjkl Those Fitted Pants [inserts fire emoji here]
  4. Wow, this post about this particular gif of our ship actually got 17k likes and 10k comments in this Korean community with over 600k+ followers. Their power Let me just bring back the gif:
  5. new post by soop on naver regarding our leading man~ https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=20340694&memberNo=22903361
  6. So apparently KJW’s and PMY’s stylists actually plan beforehand together so that the leads can match esp in scenes that they have together
  7. So when I first watched the ep, I had a feeling that PMY’s legs were on top of KJW’s lap but because of the blanket I wasn’t so sure. After seeing this though, I am convinced. Aaaaahhhh they’re so cute T_____T
  8. Her Private Life remains #1 as buzzworthy drama. Same for Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young - #1 and #2 again. Great job to the HPL team!
  9. Kim Jae Wook and Jung Jaewon (ONE) seen filming today. Putting the photos in spoiler: (source)
  10. This is random but I'm just waiting for the moment when RG finds out about the photos DM has taken of him before they officially dated I can imagine their reactions will be hilarious, especially knowing how RG likes to tease DM
  11. Hello~ I made a tutorial previously on how to create a daum account, see below: Another alternative, instead of navigating through the fancafe page, you can participate in the survey through this link (you would still need a daum account i believe for you to know the DVD production progress. Hope it helps!
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