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  1. I read this and keep smiling like an idiot till now.....thank you for make my day brighter @twoparkcouple
  2. OMG YES i have this feeling too....I felt that people around her (HPL actors n team) already knew about PPC being together...
  3. Hi all my chingus, its been a while im moving on from this thread LOL........busy with life but still following several ig accounts for PPC. So im back because of the picture of PMY gave MB gift to HPL PD nim .....when I saw that i almost fainted LOL you know with so many many many coincidence i dont believe this one also coincidence, oh come on....a lot of brand for man, why she chose MB also she hosted the preview dinner in the same place as PSJ hosted too for WWSK.....too many coincidence I think this year they will work so hard **saving for big ceremony** i guess
  4. OMG....do you think Compagna and ZioZia shared an admin support for social media LOL....seriously they always update almost at the same time. Maybe one of PPC shippers
  5. Yes, I think so too....she has a team to checked it since it takes time to check all the comments and delete it one by one. Well, since she will has a new project soon.....my guess she doesn't want the "rumour" of PPC relationship overshadow the new project and she will have new partner in the drama. I can see that many fans/shippers will compare WWWSK and HPL ( i can say that coz i also wait for HPL BTS for comparison LOL) some fans/shippers/haters can be so cruel sometimes, But Im grateful we only have positive vibes in this forum
  6. PSJ followers still 7.6M i just checked it....but PMY in one night can decreased to 3.4M, so weird right. Not really understand what happened though
  7. Yepppp, super agree with You.....compatible to each other ,well-matched!! I just felt that they were meant to be....(plus many coincidences too )
  8. Yes, you right...I think when He pushed the chair and shocked her...normally should He apologized right away (if they didn't know each other) but look at PMY looked so calm...they both seems very careful (no long talking to each other,PMY didnt even gazed when He walked to the stage) which was so weird. And at the end definitely he was waiting for her! He always so hurry to go out from every event, at this one...why bother to go out so late and ....tucking his shirt was just to buying time while waiting for her LOL. This clip make me believe that there was "something" already with PPC.
  9. I think I have read this one before......." i tried having secret relationships but it was not with Park Seo joon" of course because it was in the past, that is why i didn't believe the 3 years dating.
  10. Nope girl, it means that we will have a party in here......sorry i'm a hardcore shipper hahaha Anyway don't you guys think that "HER PRIVATE LIFE" is like some of us who has professional job by day and being a hardcore fans/shippers by night? LOL. I believe PMY choose the drama because it has interesting storyline and also challenging role too.
  11. Well, its so common right for previous co-star sending coffee truck/foodcart.....And You know what.....if he is not doing it, I think i'm assured they are in relationship because PPC always did something "abnormal" LOL
  12. @mimixemix @zashi23 check it but its nothing now......do you still have the picture and send it to me? i just saw one pic uppper body and his face covered by mask and cap. I just woke up and BANG...another story begin. Checking shippers ig and dm them....so they said actually he was with several other man friends and the person who snaps the picture just said that He was so tall and good looking.....nothing else. But his previous shipper was made up the story and said that he was with a girl. Anyway,Unless the news come in dispatch, soompi or other reliable news....i don't buy it!
  13. Although I know how you feel....but i think differently because as the only daughter who also still live with my parents...I also schedule at least 2 trips abroad with my mom every year till today. I have the same age with PMY, in my twenties I have a lot of trips with my boyfriend or my best friends rather than my parents.....but start in my thirties I see think differently and it has changed my priorities ....I want to spent more time with my parent because i know that if i'm getting married one day and have my own family...... it will be difficult to travel with them. PMY always traveled a lot in the past with her mom....its basically her pattern till today. I can say it must be difficult for her to take her mom going around in South Korea since many fans will notice...that why she always find a time to take her mom travel outside South Korea. I'm pretty sure they both mature enough and if we are pretty sure that they already in a relationship (well at least one year)....I think both will continue to be fine. One said "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"....i hope their hearts too PS: we have technology named video call right now,so ppc will be fine lol
  14. Yeahhh me too.....PPC will be my first and my last ship, I do hope this ship will safely landed one day...no matter the time, I will patiently waiting. My first time to follow so many shippers account in ig for K-couple and also checking this forum literally every hour, it is good to know that I have friends and forum that I can share my "craziness" or "worries" regarding PPC LOL
  15. I feel you Chingu, cant believe myself that I totally struck with PPC.....6 months passed and i'm still here. Yes, I also agreed that tagging PSJ in every PMY ig post maybe not really comfortable for her....
  16. Actually I fell for this ship not because PPC acted so well together (as a couple) on the screen during WWWSK.....because I know both of them are good in acting. But it was BTS clips that make me ship them.....I felt something is "real"between them. So I have been prepared my heart to see both of them "acting" so well with their co-star in their next drama
  17. I found this picture so hilarious....cant help to smile seeing PSJ's face BEFORE and AFTER well at least we know that PPC enjoyed their short vacation LOL
  18. PSJ ig picture was from 4 days ago (from peakboy ig).....curious to know if they took that picture in Japan or Korea...., and today PMY headed to Japan. if you guys think what I think, Me on delulu mode
  19. I know right.....I was so curious about this, I even repeating the clip so many times and checked all her co stars reactions one by one. Pretty convinced by that time PPC already an item.Well....Chansung's face said it all LOL Now I just realized that both Q7D and FFMY were air in KBS almost the same time....should be PMY also attend KBS award ceremony right? did you guys know why she didnt come on that ceremony....I know PSJ and his co-star came and got the awards.
  20. Yup I think its PSJ and PMY sit facing each other in the table....coz why bother to put two watermelon stickers to cover the faces in the picture if it wasn't them.My gut feeling said yes PSJ took that picture if we see from the angle of the picture....also probably he took with his phone and sent it to PMY....just to think about it my heart want to explode LOL . I think PMY never imagined that one share picture can talks thousand words **detective mode**
  21. Yes, I also agree with you. I dont think any media has their pictures together....in this point I dont know I should be happy or sad LOL I know PMY is a ninja...never seen any pictures of her snaps by the fans/other people during her daily activities so she is good at it, compared to PSJ whose not so lucky LOL. I think being a neighbor is a PLUS point for both
  22. So happy for PMY has successfully finished her MY Day in Taiwan....and I agreed we need to know our limit how we speak/write in online community...wrong assumption eventhough its just a thought/joke can also hurt someone feeling too....as a shippers we need to put positive vibes to our PPC but I know that @snitchdream08 just being overprotective Anyway since we have more “clue” about them in Phuket,I was so HAPPY lol. I am thinking maybe it was purposely the reward trip only for PPC team and PD Nim....I just dont get it,if tvn give reward trips for everbody and none of the actors (except ppc) cant go,do you think they need to re-scheduled it. Well,at least so some of them can join...not only ppc and team. My delulu head again thinking that it was PPC rewards to their team since WWWSK was so successful. Me,Thinking just PPC enjoy sunny phuket without interruption make my heart so HAPPY lol Also, i have never been ship any Kdrama couple before....do other ships has so many coincidences such as the same shoes,hats,clothes color coordination and so on? Like our PPC. I get it they both were so stylish and uptodate with the trend but come on...too many coincidence LOL
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