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  1. Im searching too to her K-Fans community today LOL and read all the comments, nothing EVER stated that this flower was sent by them. So, in this case Chingus....lets have party tomorrow to celebrate MGY birthday . Exactly, Him always being careful.... but because of that nature if something different we can easily noticed. Like I said in BTS camping kiss.....the kiss too real, too natural, too hot (not in the bad way) so gentle and the dynamics was so different. They both unconsciously lost control. Unlike his personality right. That kiss....was kiss of the year, it was so beautiful period Also in recent MMTG interview, again He blurted said " I just read comment for this drama" LOL
  2. I remember this flowers thing....some comments in IG said MGY DC fan base send it and MGY said thank you they still can send i even in such a short noticed.... SO there was NO Proof for That? LOL I know back then so many arguments. If the fan base/DC didn't give any proof or confirmation.....I'm pretty SURE it was "you know who" sent the flower to her.....Cheers my friends
  3. Thanks @kaykafisyah for the in-sighted! of course I love ur comment above its a BEFORE - an AFTER
  4. Hahhahahha Yes I saw that pictures......Nahhh it has different vibes @Sortie15 right sis? LOL
  5. Aww, So many new friends here.......So Happy! Anyway about MGY got offered for True Beauty Drama I hope she will accept it....I think it will boost her career as well, definitely she needs to Strike while the Iron is HOT and I'm sure she will nailed it. Still not moving on from FMIYM......I need to see other drama but nothing strike to my heart after watching couple eps. Anyway, I need to ask you during the script reading on Feb 12th I remember the video shows that KDW use black jacket with black cap but there was a picture show him using light green jacket with no cap...anyone noticed it. As I remember that the drama already begin film-making on Dec/Jan.....but on first script they still look awkward LOL
  6. Hahaha yes you right...He brings supporters (his staffs) so funny and cute....Its a good sign, He looks glowing and happy LOL. I wish they put English trans soon... But now MGY is MIA......I think she is now more careful, funny right how your partner can be influence in your life. Also, she promised that she will keep updating in Hajin ig but till now never happened....from the past she always kept her promised so it took her so many consideration if until now there no sign updated in HJ account. oh and dear @Thirtysvn37 please send me dm if you have some juicy will definitely make my day brighter
  7. Hi Chingu @Thirtysvn37 @Sortie15 @nur hasmanajwa Thank You for warm welcome! I swear this is gonna my last ship LOL I know right...KDW such a spoiler baby! He cant hide his feeling and excitement. From my shipper past can easily get hinted from tracking all their staffs and acquaintances social media. memory couple will be harder though coz you know KDW not a social media person and judging from my last shipper communities this memory couple shippers has more international shippers which make it 2x harder I'm waiting for English trans for watching whole interview....its just funny from green heart emoji already make shippers gone wild LOL
  8. Hi all, I have been lurking this forum since FMIYM finished.....I tried to resist NOT to become Shipper again! Guess, I fell into the trap again after two years. Enjoying all your comments here, well actually become a shipper is not for fainted heard person LOL...its more like roller coaster ride and you need to enjoy the ride. I was not intention to watched FMIYM so I actually start late when the drama had already aired for around 12 eps and got hooked and watched it around THOUSAND times right now. Actually I'm not their shipper until the 2nd Live IG....I felt something was different (shipper heart start to felt something more just a coworker LOL) So I start check everything from press conference, MBC radio, BTS, IG Lives......and start checking their previous works because I need to know that this boat will surely sailing or not. Here things I notice coz .I'm pretty sure that Holy Smoking BTS Camping in ep 16 they already a couple or a "thing" - MBC Radio : KDW seems so playful and cheerful, he looked a lot to me I watch it like 15 times. KDW always a reserved person but during that interview He looks different...relax, shy (as always) but more open and talkative. - IG lives : judging from KDW previous gesture...Im not sure He will agreed to take part to IG live. Come on...He so shy, reserved....but now He looked like a changing person. through the IG live series you can see that He was shifting to different person....still nervous but calm,cheerful and more open. MGY really hitted him in the spotted! right to his heart. They are so different and that makes everything works & complete each other. - BTS : KDW so indulgent to her....captured many BTS that actually showed that he so playful, singing for her, playing funny faces, talking about foods, favorite songs.....the last 2 BTS showed us a lot. That HOLY smoking KISS....come on guys why shy person like KDW use T*ngue while kisses (2 times) and they kept kissing and touching...ZERO awkwardness! So I think my conclusion is...yeppp they really dating. There is NO WAY that KDW did that playful gesture if they are not in relationship. I found really interesting when read MGY interviewed with Daze magazine that She said that FMIYM helped and came in her lowest stage of her life and She found it like a destiny. And tried to see SIA-Saved my life lyrics.....Someone has saved her for sure! I talked too much LOL, I see myself as a REAL (fact) shipper so Im not buying any delulu mind without for me i guess now their an item. Go Get your love KDWMGY!and let this ship sailing