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  1. is it going to be like sorry i love you where the ML got shot in the head but somehow survived but again still got a bullet stuck on his head that will later make him sick and dying? either both got this revenge scheme and that stuck-on-his-head bullet that will later "act" like a cancer. oh cmon, i love melodrama with such plot but then again does this have a melodrama genre tag too? this drama is good i freakin love the suspense beyond all those ridiculous transformation and whatsoever. but i think the "royal family" thing better just be a wealthy family, a conglomerate. it makes no sense for the royals to have so much time to slack around having sex, go to the pub, drunken and kill someone for an EMPEROR moreover. lee hyuk even got time to sit behind his desk receiving and calling staffs and guests, is he a company director? there are so many great tv show about the royals of england, let's say to be taken as an example, unless the writer is intentionally making up the story this way
  2. i HATE his sister very much! not trying to sound rude but she's just the perfect idiom for a pain in the richard simmons. i don't know if her character supposed to be annoying or is it just the actress but seriously... i think the description of "more interested in playing around than working and doesn't believe in true love" is more suitable for her. i don't see the male lead that bad of a slacker and a playboy anyway ugh
  3. i thought the "incurable disease" got something to do with his behavior. since many plot summary often wrote "terminal illness" or "illness" or "sick" or "sickness" so i thought for it written as "disease" is going to be something not health related. but as i watched him being attentive to his dad and when he was in the car, i might consider the disease is going to be about health
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