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  1. is it going to be like sorry i love you where the ML got shot in the head but somehow survived but again still got a bullet stuck on his head that will later make him sick and dying? either both got this revenge scheme and that stuck-on-his-head bullet that will later "act" like a cancer. oh cmon, i love melodrama with such plot but then again does this have a melodrama genre tag too? this drama is good i freakin love the suspense beyond all those ridiculous transformation and whatsoever. but i think the "royal family" thing better just be a wealthy family, a conglomerate. it makes no sense for the royals to have so much time to slack around having sex, go to the pub, drunken and kill someone for an EMPEROR moreover. lee hyuk even got time to sit behind his desk receiving and calling staffs and guests, is he a company director? there are so many great tv show about the royals of england, let's say to be taken as an example, unless the writer is intentionally making up the story this way
  2. i HATE his sister very much! not trying to sound rude but she's just the perfect idiom for a pain in the richard simmons. i don't know if her character supposed to be annoying or is it just the actress but seriously... i think the description of "more interested in playing around than working and doesn't believe in true love" is more suitable for her. i don't see the male lead that bad of a slacker and a playboy anyway ugh
  3. i thought the "incurable disease" got something to do with his behavior. since many plot summary often wrote "terminal illness" or "illness" or "sick" or "sickness" so i thought for it written as "disease" is going to be something not health related. but as i watched him being attentive to his dad and when he was in the car, i might consider the disease is going to be about health
  4. @Aziraphale i am no big fan of both JSM & SIG but i do hope for the best ending at least my own needs lol. korean drama with sad endings are popular nowadays which is weird although i love melodrama so much. and i don't see any impossiblity since scarlet heart & my mister are both super dark & tragic too but they did good. any for those whom might've feel uncomfortable about spoilers in this forum just my opinion but people talking or even comparing between original - remake in currently airing drama forum are common. they're everywhere since criminal minds and suits era and sometimes getting worse when the original version of the drama is super popular. as annoying as it may sound, they are unavoidable. as someone who watched the original version of the drama, i am trying my best not to post anything without the spoiler tag so anyone should consider whether to open it or not. just my two cents. cheers p.s: just edited my previous post and put everything under the tag. sorry for the inconvenience!
  5. @zenya22 i don't mean to spoil you but i know that the male lead's approach is kind of creepy and left that uneasy feeling because that's what i felt too. you can't determine what you actually are feeling, is it scared or something else.
  6. hey all, i am new here so greetings! as a big fan of the drama's original ver (the japanese) i like how they made it looks so much the same. watching the original was left me on edge, the drama actually gave me this odd "unfinished" and "uneasy" feeling. it's not thriller, romance, mystery or horror moreover but the chill was just there. and i'm glad this version also had that kind of feeling too. the original also used to have no background music at all, no sound effect etc so i am thinking now the drama's sound effect kinda look like they're siding with a character. which is good and bad at the same time. it is good because it gives more suspense and adds in that "mysterious" feeling. you know, japanese dramas have the tendency of having that orange-y filter, like "evening" filter if you know what i mean. here, they prefer the dark blue filter which is great too. i even still remember back then when i used to feel kind of scared to even watched the dorama alone at night, in my room. although i know it is not horror or kind of it. it's just left my heart uneasy and suspenseful i think the writer did a pretty good job remaking this. considering those quite bad korean drama history about "remakes". criminal minds has been successfully changed my mind on how i look into drama remakes. i think if they're aiming for a good rating, then they should do the remake pretty much similar than the original. if the rating is not their goal, then i believe they'll do what they want to do. because i think what makes the rating of remakes goes low is because viewers has the tendency to compare: this and the original. which means they watched the original long before the remake started filming, or they watched the original midway because they simply got curious about what happened. i mean, if they do not watched the original then it means they'll accept the drama of what it is. the filter is okay. i like the dark blue tone and the sound effect-less of the drama. they even makes pretty much things similar with the original. the pet, the house, the burn mark.
  7. i don't remember the last time i ever watched a drama as painful and as hard as this. my 3 months of waiting, it is still crystal clear how i got all excited just right after i've read the news that Jung Hyun & Seo Hyun accepted the casting offer. i'm prepared for all kinds of melodrama. in fact, i'm A BIG FAN of melodramas. i'm in for any drama involving deaths and terminal illness, but i don't remember or, to be more precise, i NEVER watch anything as painful as Time. let me be clear, the plot itself is okay, even how they let SH died that way is also okay, what makes it worse was the reality. the reality that KJH is sick, the reality about what happened at the presscon, the reality that MBC looks like they're turning blind eye over everything that happened, the reality that the writer, CHC didn't do anything and WASTE everything just like that. CHC can really brought a plot twist, go on, tell the world that your drama is not easily shaken like that. go on, tell the world that you're not bothered with what happened at the presscon. go on, let the world know that you're a great writer. just in time when people started to "forgive" KJH for his behavior at the presscon, how could you do this? this is a drama you've been written for 3 years, you've been waiting for it. now, everyone just got disappointed. not to mention me. i believe people disappointment is not about how the let Cheon Su Ho go, died like that. i believe t'was something else. and for me, 'tis because of how they turned everything upside down. i've seen both leads on their best time. KJH is a good man, so does SJH. he's all cheerful, he's not revengeful, he's not selfish in anyway. we even witness those early behind the scene when people just praise their chemistry together. the way he hugged her under the rain... the pain of watching SH's death is as painful as watching KJH's. i even need to straighten up my head because when i keep seeing SH funeral picture as it is not him, i'm thinking it's KJH. my heart can't take it. the staff and the writer said that they're prepared, is this what they meant by "prepared"?
  8. i believe i'm not the only one whom believe this isn't the end. i believe some people also believe that SH is still alive after all that happen. CHC will never ever do that, there are no such thing like "kill off a main character and left everything unsettled, make the lead's life miserable" in his blood. as long as i believe Time is a re-establish version of his previously cancelled drama "the happiest time of my life" which is planned to air years ago, i believe he's prepared. he wouldn't let his pride destroyed over KJH departure (and i believe KJH wouldn't also allowed him to end the drama this way). if SH happen to show up in the end and Time will eventually have twisted happiest shocking ending, i believe not only KJH will receive the award by the end of the year, but also CHC for succeeding bringing the biggest tearful surprise ever. for so many time i said i believe in CHC. one is that i believe the news about KJH departure released after the whole staff settled everything. they even stated that on the news itself. two, the "miracle", "comeback healthy", "i want to be a dad" thing i believe are not for nothing, let alone fillers. i believe they won't let the two step family win everything over that easily after trying to kill off JH, MS and SH when "justice" is one of many messages delivered throughout. i believe in some miracle. the black dress the girls are seen wearing maybe is for someone's death it is, but we all knew what also happened to Kang In Bum. maybe someone has taken SH to US, maybe it's CA because why can't she? she also faked Kang In Bum's death before. maybe for now, the message delivered is "how does it feel to think you're causing someone's death while you're unconscious" and JH will soon get over that. she'll met again with SH with a "clean" heart, no revenge, no "you caused my sister's death" but instead just love and "i'm sorry i miss you so much"
  9. WHAT IF Suho is going to (eventually) die by drowning while he's attempting to safe JH???? an assumed death? what if later on, SH turns out to be alive somewhere else all healthy (or sick, still) after treatment/surgery?? here's the case: so if that's going to be what it's like to be, SH is going to be MIA don't you think that JH will left in a worst guilt like, 2nd drowning which happened "because" of her after Ji Eun? then JH is going to realize HOW MUCH she loved him but guilty at the same time for causing the drowning because she just recklessly tried to commit suicide? and then in later episodes we will see SH coming back and that's right when JH realized her feeling PLUS she suffer from guilt too for thinking that she killed someone even tho she's not (just like what happened to SH) and realized how suffocating that feeling is. if that's the case then maybe just MAYBE we'll get romance (like SUPER sweet romance) even tho we still have to wait weeks. the romance will eventually involves forgiveness and "i've suffered since you left and i don't want you to leave me again" the staff i believe has been aware of KJH departure far before the news itself and t'was clearly stated that they're prepared but there's still going to be some twist needed. i believe CHC will not let anyone guess his work. it's not even in his blood LOL
  10. @Wotad yes, it is Kim Woo Bin and i mean by that is his char in uncontrollably fond. sorry i love you is also dark, even i think is way more darker than this. So Ji Sub didn't have even a drop of happiness and finishing it was a big torture for some people. it even left emptiness like "what did i just watch" kind of feeling in my heart. if you like such genre with a super big dose of melo, then i do recommend you to watch both. speaking of which, if REALLY tomorrow or next wednesday is going to be KJH last appearance yet they won't let JH know about his illness i think i going to scream "I HATE YOU CHOI HO CHUL" out loud because... really? watching Time is a big damn torture even for a big melodrama craver like. SH is suffering so much, he's being lonely and not to mention his real life condition. no love from father, step mom, step bro, JH even Chae Ah whose even tho she might've been loving him but she's not showing let alone admitting it. please, for God sake can we still have miracles? like kiss scene, or maybe if it's too much, a little bit of lovey dovey and can't they just let SH being happy even for just a second? i remember reading somewhere that someone witnessed of them already doing kiss scene. where are they? i hate CHC but i need to still believe him that he won't be that cruel. maybe SH is going to be there until the very end, or maybe they'll get happy ending. kudos to the writer ability for making unpredicted stories since his Secret era. c'mon writer-nim, i believe on you!
  11. i feel bad for KJH for suffering such condition. i don't know if maybe his anxiety were sourced from the character he's playing or maybe the super tight schedule between waikiki to time. i saw him posting screen captures of him playing sad songs before time filming begin. i've heard that he's an introvert but he looks way more cheerful during his school & waikiki era. just like @thistle i too fear that his current condition is going to prevent him from taking another similar role in the future. because like what i've said before, his talent would be such waste for comical character. i hope he learned his lesson, i believe such condition happened too between actors/actresses. not to mention KWB, KJH role model which i believe also suffered through anxiety hence his character back in UF plus his "real life" cancer. i believe KWB'll arose because i knew he's a born-to-be-actor. So Ji Sub used to suffer too after his you-know-how his character back in Sorry I Love You, which is way more darker than KJH in Time, back then he's a so called rookie too, but then his name arose and now he's a well known and well praised actor for dark & sad character. i believe KJH would follow such path, because he got the guts, tendency, talent and desire to keep going to the top now i feel angry to the people who hates him, not even in their heart but through hate commentary. people even suspecting him for taking down his IG account and becoming such a loser. they don't even understand what he's going through. the press and the agency said that his behavior was all because he's too immersed into his character. why didn't he just tell them the truth? because he didn't want people to worry? but then people started being disrespectful for such decision i hope KJH rest very well so he can come back soon. seeing SJH getting that much support from her unnies are really really heartwarming until she's even stated that she's crying. i hope everyone recovers well and for KJH i really hope he won't blame himself after what happened. he blames himself for every unfortunate event related to his drama and i hope he won't feels like "everyone, even SJH feel so sad or everything got harder for her because of me."
  12. if he is still filming then the probability of we're getting more episodes with him is higher too. we believe KJH is an easily burdened kind of man no matter what kind of circumstances he's currently in. back then in his school 2017 era he felt guilty for the drama's not getting good rating tho. i hope he's doing his best, after all his body is all his and he surely can feel it himself. i think he's professional enough to not continue filming if his body doesn't agree & said so
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