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  1. Ratings 190710: KBS #AngelsLastMissionLove: 6.8% | 7.8% MBC #OneSpringNight: 6.2% | 8% SBS #MyAbsoluteBoyfriend: 1.8% | 1.7% tvN #SearchWWW: 4% source: Netizen Drama twitter
  2. Dan's and YS's dance was such a sublime and beautiful moment; and while it might seem as an obvious throwback to that time when Dan was drunk and danced with YS in front of the house, the parallels and connection between this moment and their initial encounters run much more deeper. They dance in the place where Dan saved YS from the chandelier and he is actually wearing clothes very reminiscent of his angelic uniform. Frankly, their dance actually makes me think of the time when Dan watched YS dance to the Swan Lake, even their clothes look similar to that time; with the difference that Dan is no longer invisible, no longer admiring YS from afar, or completely wasted, but dancing with her, enjoying the experience and living every single moment with her.
  3. @Ameera Ali I don't know about the clock but I thought about a bed scene the moment I saw the piano in the background I was hoping that Dan and YS will go Strong Woman Do Bong Soon on us and gives us a proper piano makeout.
  4. Call it a six sense of a kdrama addict or whatever you want, but for some reason I'm not worried about tomorrow. I think we are getting a happily ever after for our DanYeon couple. I mean, the way this episode ended with still so much time left to solve this and give us and the characters a proper closure and I think we'll be getting even some additional, final minutes of marital bliss. Let's be honest, YS and Dan have already suffered way too much and the handkerchief feather has sparked way too many times for it to have a sad ending. Moreover, that instagram photo of KMS in the bed seems like a clear hint to me that they will live HEA (combined together with the photo of SHS doing her make up ALSO WEARING DARK PYJAMAS). I bet KMS knew that the fandom will be utterly worried, scared and devastated after today's episode and decided to give us a straw of hope so we could survive until tomorrow.
  5. I didn't understand everything they said in the preview and everything is out of context and most of what is said is only parts of sentences so it's difficult to tell apart the subject and the object of the sentence but JKW says: "(You/someone) became a human." Dan says: "because she/I wanted to protect me/her. YS isn't going to die. She is definitely not going to die.??? I will miss you very much."
  6. The whole point was that RN wanted to kill Dan and YS let herself be stabbed by RN because it was YS who had always been RN's target and she wanted RN not to kill Dan in exchange for her life (that's why RN was so shocked when YS let herself be stabbed and also the reason why RN didn't try to kill Dan even though it was her intention to kill him and not YS - because Dan would have to live without YS and that's a much more worse fate than death for Dan. And RN knows it.). But most importantly, YS wanted to use this way to die instead of Dan, to sacrifice herself because she wanted Dan to live. During the dance, YS asks the deity "Is my life enough (in exchange for his)?" She WANTED to die. That's why she didn't get treated. I think her attempt to overdose at the beginning was a clear indication how far she would go in order to protect Dan.
  7. I don't really think so. Not more than any other movies. I mean there are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands movies and TV series where people fight with bullet wounds and stab wounds and no one even bats and eye and people actually call it epic so why couldn't a woman who has trained her whole life dance few minutes with a stab wound? Look at Boromir:
  8. In the preview, YS is lying in a hospital, fighting for her life, the handkerchief beside her, and Dan comes to say his farewell - it seems he wants to sacrifice himself in order to save her
  9. LOL! When the phony sponsor tries to flirt with YS Dan steps in and the sponsor calls Dan the "Superman Secreatry" but Dan announces in front of everyone that he is in fact her husband! And YS and Dan tell everyone they are married. They are so blissfully happy.
  10. They are so freaking perfect. It's a total throwback to the time Dan was drunk and danced with YS for the first time
  11. YS and Dan visit together Hoo's office and both say goodbye and thank him , there is also Hoo's last report where he asks the deity to have mercy on the couple.
  12. The henchman saves RN and stabs Dan but Hoo interferes and saves Dan while sacrificing himself, with his last act sending Dan to YS who is about to commit suicide in the church where Dan angrily accuses YS that she was planning to kill herself already when she was marrying him and begs her to live why he bleeds in her arms
  13. Awwww - it's always awesome to see them on a photo together source: yunjeong_jeong instagram
  14. BTS photos from ALML crew member - there are also pictures of RN's henchman at the building site where Dan confronts her so there might be a fight between the two men (I think the man in the second photo is KMS's stunt double). There is also a picture of the actor playing Hoo holding a bouquet of flowers at the same location so Hoo will be also there and it must have been the actor's last scene. source: y._.mina
  15. I don’t remember seeing something so romantic, bittersweet, symbolic and epic in a long time as Yeon Seo and Dan kissing without giving a damn that the wind of death is blowing at their wedding; basically defying death, the deity and fate in one fell swoop as they walk, holding each other’s hands, on the path they chose together, pledging and binding themselves to each other with the rings, denoucing fate in their marriage vows and rebelling against the deity himself when they proclaim they only believe in each other, sealing their promise with a kiss. The wedding was the perfect embodiment of the whole “it’s just the two of us in the world” and “the OTP against the world” motifs. They are no guests and it isn’t actually an official marriage - there is no priest to sanction it nor do YS and Dan register their marriage: they really do not subject to anyone, be it the deities or the state. The only thing in the world they need is each other. The lack of guests is quite apt because they are both such loners and basically only live for each other. Furthermore, Dan literally has only YS left in the world while she only cares for Dan, Mrs. Jung and Gureum. On a final note, it’s extremely fitting that Mrs. Jung and Gureum are the only ones present at DanYeon’s wedding because they have been their two cupids from the start. Mrs. Jung was the one who persuaded YS that Dan loved her and always brought Dan back whenever the OTP argued; while Gureum was the one who brought them together in the first place because it was his barking which Dan followed in the park and which led him to his Yeon Seo.
  16. The fountain kiss was a letdown for me because it didn’t deepen the intimacy between Dan and Yeon Seo. On the other hand, I adored the first kiss as it was a beautiful and fitting first kiss for an angel who only started to learn about physical love and the second kiss combined with Dan’s confession of love was a natural and poignant follow-up. However, their kiss in the rain made me finally realize why the fountain kiss felt so stilted and why it wasn’t more passionate - DAN WAS HOLDING BACK HIS DESIRE AND HUNGER FOR FOR YEON SEO THE WHOLE TIME. And it was for the same reason why he didn’t want to marry her in the first place, fearing he would disappear soon and he didn’t want to take from YS something so important as a wedding or first lovemaking. He knew that if he couldn’t control himself he would end up making love to her which is exactly what happens after he literally devours her in the rain. You can pinpoint the exact moment when the sheer disbelief disappears from his eyes and Dan realizes that despite everything Yeon Seo is going to be finally his. When he completely loses control and the tight leash on his longing for YS, it’s as if a damn broke and he becomes utterly insatiable, consumed by his love and need for her. There is so much intimacy, urgency and intensity in that kiss and it shows how much Dan and YS are desperate and needy for each other. The bed scene is achingly beautiful and I love it to bits but, at the same time, I have never wished more that kdramas were rated PG-13 in which case we woud get Dan and Yeon Seo stumbling into the bedroom, all wet and needy, tearing the soaked clothes off each other,…
  17. Woo Hee Jin has finished filming - it's time to say goodbye to the awesome Mrs. Jung source: HM_Entertainment instagram Scripts for each episode source: lollol_0745 instagram
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