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  1. Jung Sook knows her sister can't hold her alcohol, LOL. That wine was a pretty color though. Will we get TWO weddings?! I hope so!
  2. I love, love, love Eun Hyuk's joy at becoming a dad, and the goofy smile it puts on his face! Eun A, don't worry, you will still (somehow) end up being Ga Ram's mom, so stop hating on your brother.
  3. It looks like my Eun A/Min Guk ship is afloat and about to sail! I love how much Dong Goo is letting his petty show whenever he has to interact with Jung Ae. She's being super ridiculous and a hypocrite and he's over it.
  4. He's too innocent to think up a good lie, LOL. I wish he had found out she had a warrant so that he could tell Ga Ram the truth - his mom did a bad thing and now has to go in grown up timeout.
  5. Good, because they added like 3 new people to the plot and slowed down for no reason! They weren't going to tie this up in 20 episodes.
  6. The age of Jung Ae's children makes no sense even if you take Korean vs international age into account. Eun A and Eun Hyuk appeared to be 5/6 and 3/4 when the divorce happened 30 years ago but I could swear Jung Ae said Eun A is 38 which would make Eun Hyuk 36 or so. Sun Woo is said to be 1 year younger than Eun Huyk (who was preschooler during the divorce) and in a recent episode, Jung Ae said Sun Woo spent 17 years in the US. Did he go to college there at 18 or high school, which would make more sense, but then how is he friends with the movie financer? He should be 28 at the oldest since the divorce and accident was 30 years ago. At one point I even questioned if Jung Ae is his bio mom. Eun Sung has to be at least 6 years younger than Eun Hyuk because it was a year after the divorce that Chun Young moved to the Philippines. If she and Eun Sung are college friends then they should be mid to late 20s.
  7. I've been waiting for someone to discover they have a horrible disease but I don't think we have enough episodes left, LOL. With today's episode, maybe some green-eyed monster will be the catalyst!
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