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  1. Yes Kim Ban-di also wrote the excellent Angry Mom, which IMO is a lot darker than Awl (and probably Special Labour Inspector). In fact I'm watching SLI only because I love Angry Mom and think Kim Ban-di is one of the best K-drama writers working at the moment. She did not write Missing 9, though. The person that Angry Mom and Missing 9 have in common is the director Choi Byung-gil, not the writer.
  2. Special Labour Inspector is a lot funnier than Awl, to the extent that it's deliberately cartoonish at times. (Which is ironic, cos Awl is the one that is actually adapted from a manhwa.) I don't think any recent K-drama has made me laugh as much as this show. But like Awl, it explores a range of labour and other social issues, and it takes them perfectly seriously, even when it uses comedy to address them. Furthermore, because one of the show's themes appears to be how people overcome their difficulties and weaknesses to work together to fight the good fight, it is a lot more optimistic in tone than Awl, whose heroes are often isolated and lonely. In short, although I love both shows, I think Special Labour Inspector is a much easier and more uplifting watch than Awl is.
  3. I'm a bit puzzled about this, cos Park Eun Seok (Kang Hyun) is supposed to be one of the main cast, and to have someone of Oh Man Seok's stature replace him mid-show without warning seems weird. Does anyone know if MBC had planned this in advance, maybe because Park had some scheduling conflict and needed time off? Also, I think MBC's recent weird practices - splitting episodes to circumvent a law about advertising; pre-empting episodes then broadcasting four at one go - are having a negative impact on their ratings. I think you get a lot more ups and downs when you have a bunch of 30-min episodes jammed together, rather than single 1-hour episodes, like last night's 6.8%, 8%, 6.6% and 7.5%.
  4. On the drama's official website, the date given for episodes 19 and 20 is 25 June. In other words, there will be no IC all next week. Argh!! I wouldn't have minded so much during the earlier episodes, but now I really really want to know what happens to Baek Beom. Also, why does MBC think it's a good idea to pre-empt the show just when it's gaining some momentum in the ratings? Oh well I guess live World Cup matches will probably get more viewers than IC.
  5. Glad I can finally discuss Baek Beom's past with someone! @lsbsg I'm not entirely sure if Han So Hee, BB's fiancee, was unfaithful. If the flashback with Kang Yong (Kang Hyun's brother) operating on BB is any indication, Han So Hee (i.e. the surgical nurse at that operation) seemed pretty open about her feelings for BB - she was looking/smiling at BB with such obvious fondness that Kang Yong and (I think) even the female surgeon noticed straightaway. With Kang Yong, however, she looked distinctly uncomfortable. Another thing which puzzles me is why she turned down BB's proposal and told him about the pregnancy even after Kang Yong's suicide, when she could have just married him and passed the child off as his. Of course she might have been so much in love with Kang Yong that she didn't want to marry anyone else and preferred to raise his child on her own. But to me that doesn't quite square with her manner towards BB and Kang Yong in the operation scene. As for Kang Hyun, I think he does believe that Han So Hee had dated BB before she got together with Kang Yong. He just doesn't see it as cheating. In one of the flashbacks, he accused BB of killing his fiancee because she'd changed her mind about him, and in the latest episode (16) he also told the guy who examined Kang Yong's corpse that his brother couldn't have committed suicide cos he was about to get married and his fiancee was pregnant. In short, at the time of Kang Yong's death, KH was certain that So Hee had dumped BB for Kang Yong, while BB himself appears to have been completely in the dark about the entire messy situation. What I'd really like to know is, did KH ever meet and speak to So Hee, his brother's supposed fiancee? Or did he get all that information at second hand from Kang Yong? Somehow I find it difficult to believe that So Hee would have hung out with the Kang brothers without first properly breaking up with BB.
  6. I was aware that Investigation Couple, though the best performing drama in its time slot at the moment, is quite unpopular with international audiences. But I'd had no idea it was this unpopular, with only 5 pages of discussion on Soompi! As a matter of fact it's the only K drama I'm watching at the moment, and I'm watching only because I'm a huge fan of Jung Jae Young as well as cop shows. So far neither JJY nor the cases have disappointed me. I particularly like what dzareth calls "twists" in the cases: -- which show how complex people and their situations can be, and how you need someone as meticulous and objective as Baek Beom to unravel everything. However, I have say that everything else has been rather disappointing. Though she has improved a little since the first episodes, Eun Sol is still incredibly annoying - immature, incompetent, self-righteous, arrogant and downright nasty; to the point that I sometimes wonder why she is being presented as the "nice girl with a bright personality" in contrast to Baek Beom's grouchy, shouty ahjusshi. Her sidekicks at the prosecutors' office are just as annoying, and don't get me started on her sunbae's vendetta against Baek Beom - why why why does every writer have to shoehorn revenge into every one of their scripts? It's a real pity, cos Kang Hyun seemed a decent character at the start, the competent, objective foil to Eun Sol's "passionate (i.e. idiotic)" rookie. The people at the NFS are mostly ok, and the director is probably the best boss I've ever seen in any show. I loved the way he simply said "YES" when Kang Hyun asked him whether he trusted BB's judgement. I was quite shocked, however, that the writers saw fit to punish poor Dr Ma, the only annoying guy at the NFS, with something as terrible as the death of his son. The scenes of the autopsy and Dr Ma's grief really packed a punch. In conclusion, I do think IC is worth a watch, if only for the parts that link intricate crimes and motives with detailed scientific investigation. (The maggots, which BB called "the piece of the puzzle that cannot be planted" were a highlight for me, haha.) And no fan of Jung Jae Young should miss this series, cos his character is the no-nonsense, no-angst kind of guy that is as rare as hen's teeth in K drama; i.e. he may be bad-tempered but he is always 100% straight with you -- no messing with people, unlike, say Kim Eun Sook or the Hong Sisters' ghastly male protagonists. And I'm looking forward to the next thing he whips out of his Bum Bag / Fanny Pack of Infinity.
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