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  1. Yes Kim Ban-di also wrote the excellent Angry Mom, which IMO is a lot darker than Awl (and probably Special Labour Inspector). In fact I'm watching SLI only because I love Angry Mom and think Kim Ban-di is one of the best K-drama writers working at the moment. She did not write Missing 9, though. The person that Angry Mom and Missing 9 have in common is the director Choi Byung-gil, not the writer.
  2. Special Labour Inspector is a lot funnier than Awl, to the extent that it's deliberately cartoonish at times. (Which is ironic, cos Awl is the one that is actually adapted from a manhwa.) I don't think any recent K-drama has made me laugh as much as this show. But like Awl, it explores a range of labour and other social issues, and it takes them perfectly seriously, even when it uses comedy to address them. Furthermore, because one of the show's themes appears to be how people overcome their difficulties and weaknesses to work together to fight the good fight, it is a lot more optimistic in tone than Awl, whose heroes are often isolated and lonely. In short, although I love both shows, I think Special Labour Inspector is a much easier and more uplifting watch than Awl is.
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