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  1. good day fellow KSH fans!
    it's my first time to post in this forum and i haven't finished backreading yet. :-)
    i have some questions and they may have already been answered here (i just haven't found  them yet) but if anyone of you can be patient enough to answer them again.
    does the MLFTS drama exhibit in kintex also have a souvenir shop where you can buy the DVD set of the drama?if yes, how much?if no, where can i buy one in seoul? and how much does it cost?i will be going to seoul this march and i really wanted to buy the DVD set of the drama (hopefully the director's cut).
    thanks! :-)

  2. i apologize to the members of this forum who did not like my comment that i see park soo ha in pinnochio... it was just an honest opinion and observation.... there was no intention to malign jongsuk nor his acting. i know that he is an excellent actor.
    i will be more careful if and when i comment again in the future. i hope this apology appeases those who have been annoyed.

  3. jongsuk should brush his hair up or something for pinnochio. like his do during the presscon and after his adoptive father gave him a makeover... with those bangs, he still is park soo ha to me, just in a suit and just in love with someone other than jang hye song. it feels disturbing that he is cheating on lawyer jang. hahahahha..... in DS, i was able to differentiate park hoon from park soo ha easily. they are two entirely different persons. but it's not just the hair...  hmmmm... i guess when dal po becomes a reporter i can see the distinction more. it was easy to differentiate soo ha and hoon since one is a high school student while the other is a heart surgeon.... let's see how jongsuk can pull this off... looking forward to it....  :)

  4. i just finished episode 3...
    hmmm, i'm a little worried that my excitement might not be sustained for long for this drama... maybe i'm the only one who feels this... i think i had too much of PSH crying and being pitiful in the episode... i just realized what i want in a female lead...  a woman who is strong and confident... and despite having a strong character, the female lead still needs protection from her knight in shining armor. like joo yoo rin in my girl, cheon song yi in MLFTS and of course, jang hye sung in IHYV.  i really don't like damsels in distress. i guess i want someone like me. hahahaha i consider myself having a strong character and someone who is independent but i surely don't mind to have someone who will protect me... i hope choi in ha's character will eventually evolve into a strong one... woman empowerment!!!... otherwise, her character might not be any different from her role as cha eun sang in heirs... she was all boo hoo in the drama. *sigh*
    just an opinion... i still like PSH.
    and i will continue watching this drama because of my love for our dear JONG SUK!  :x

  5. LBY's gesture of sending a food truck is so heartwarming. LJS must be so happy (and fluttered for sure :-p). i really admire their friendship and it is indeed for keeps. LJS must be so happy to have a noona like LBY who takes care of him and looks after him even if they are not working together anymore. i remember LBY giving compliments to LJS during the filming of IHYV and a few months after that. and everytime she received an award for her acting in IHYV, she always specially mentioned LJS and how great a partner he was. i thought such affection would eventually cool down as time passes since they have gone their separate ways but i know now that i am wrong. such love and affection of LBY for her dongseng have remained. ;-p
    i guess when LBY said (during one of her acceptance speeches) that she will always keep the very good memories of IHYV in her heart despite her husband advising her to forget about the drama for her to be able to move on as an actress, she was really serious about it. more than being able to showcase how great an actress she is, IHYV was truly a blessing for LBY. she must have really appreciated the hardworking staff (who are now the pinnochio staff) and most especially the friendships that grew from the drama especially with LJS. i hope LJS will have the same love for her noona (despite allegedly being smitten by PSH, at least based from the press releases). my impression of LJS is that despite being a genuinely nice and caring man, he does not have too many friends in showbiz (aside from woo bin). i hope he treasures his relationship with LBY and wherever his career leads him to, he will always appreciate the people who has genuinely cared for him.
    (gosh, my being a LBY-LJS shipper is so obvious :-p. i so love them!)

  6. thanks for the info Rania Zeid! :-)
    Tonight's the night!Not too many spoilers after it's premier telecast tonight, please!not sure if i can watch it here from the philippines while it is airing in korea because i have a poor internet connection so i can probably watch it tomorrow after it is uploaded on dramafire, good drama and dramania. :-)
    to those who can watch it real time later, enjoy!!!

  7. @darcydevenus can i click "awesome" around a 100 times???
    "LJS could have chemistry with a broom if he needed to"  - i almost fell off my chair after i read this!

    LJS is indeed  a great actor. a very mature one. he amazes me considering how young he is but he delivers oh so well. he is truly a gem. but i hope he won't be too hard on himself. i hope he realizes that what is important is that he gives the best in everything he does. i hope someone can guide this kid. if he pressures himself too much, he might run out of gas before he reaches 30. that would be so sad.
    2 nights to go and it's pinnochio! but i have to wait for first episode to be uploaded on the net before i can watch it. i hope a kind soul uploads it immediately so i can watch the following morning... i download thru the dramania app and i also watch at dramafire. do you have any other suggested websites where i can watch it? 

  8. i'm not really worried about the ratings because both LJS and PSH have a huge following. but of course, to sustain the excitement and anticipation, the drama should have a great story and excellent production value... i think both our leads saw a great potential in this drama that is why they accepted it and i'm sure that they always give their all in every scene they do. :-)
    i remember an article about IHYV, it said that there were no expectations when the drama started. i think it only started at 6 to 7% in ratings. but i guess when people saw the uniqueness of the drama, the great storyline and the unbelievable and incomparable (i'm a LJS and LBY shipper, sorry!) chemistry between the leads, people got hooked. and ratings shot up to 20+++%. and up to this date, IHYV is still capturing hearts around asia and the world..
    i believe in the IHYV team and i know that they will deliver the same magic to Pinnochio... ;-)
    on another note, the excitement and anticipation similar to what pinnochio is experiencing now is the same as what "the heirs" experienced when it started. heirs had an all star cast. too many idols actually. hahaha but somewhere in the middle of its run, in my opinion, it had a hard time sustaining the interest of the viewers. it sort of stagnated. and sadly, the lead, lee min ho did not really give a marked acting for this drama. i loved kim woo bin more when the drama progressed and i found myself rooting for him for park shin hye instead. hahahaha ... anyway, i hope this won't happen to pinnochio. :-)
    and while writing this comment i realized, something may be going wrong with the drama if i find myself rooting for a different couple rather than the two main leads... hahahaha... that is what happened when i watched doctor stranger. i so badly wanted LJS to end up with sora instead of the other actress. (although i'm sure i'm not the only one here who felt that way! ) :))

  9. thank you @dramafan100 for the enlightenment. despite his superb acting skills and professionalism, i really admire jongsuk's humility.. some kids  his age would probably be so drunk of their fame and success but not JS. that also explains why he cried during his fan meet and was sort of asking why his fans like him. something unbelievable for him. he still thinks that he does not yet deserve such love... the effect to us however, we love him so much more because of that...
    i so love this kid! *sigh*

  10. aargh! i should schedule my trips to nearby asian countries depending on the sked of his fan meets. i came from thailand last july, then i will be in taiwan this oct... i wonder if he will visit us here in manila, philippines... most popular korean actor here is lee min ho. ... IHYV is still airing here in manila so LJS is still in the process of capturing the hearts of my fellow filipinas.... hopefull LJS will be in seoul and will have a fan meet there when i go there in march of next year....

  11. hello everyone!
    thank you so much for the warm welcome! *hugs*
    it kinda feels weird to be a fangirl like this because i bet i am older than most of you! hahahha! you can call me unni or noona (if there are guys here) if you wish. hahahaha!
    yes, i agree with you all that we acknowledge that LJS is not perfect. some of his looks, well, sometimes he fails to pull them off. yup, i hate the blonde hair! and also when his bangs are a bit unruly like in DS and when he lost his memory in IHYV. also, when his shirts are too small. hahahaha he looks o thin and lanky in them... i do love his look during the fan meet. and in scrubs in DS... despite these, i love him so much!
    i thought that after watching IHYV, i can only ship him with bo young because their chemistry is out of this world! they look so good together!.. but when i watched DS, surprisingly, i want to ship him also with sora. they also have great chemistry... with his upcoming project, i am not surprised if i will ship him with shin ye as well. what does that say about our LJS? he works well with almost any leading lady!! not all of course because i really don't like jae hee in DS for him... i don't know why... i guess there's no spark between them... instead of jae hee, i would rather ship him with woo bin anytime! hahahaha!
    i want that signature too.. unofficial member of WithJS!! how does one become an official member???

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