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  1. Keep the updates coming! I want to know his comments when the BTS were shown during the fan meet.. Thank you! Actually i have watched many K-dramas and yes, ALML has the most kissing scenes! Maybe the director realized that so that's why they just shared a sweet but tight hug in the last scene when dan became human...
  2. Oh. He will be missing the birthday of SHS tomorrow. I thought he will be flying to Taipei tom afternoon at the earliest since the fan meet will be on Sept 1. :-(
  3. New heroin.... not sure though if female lead is confirmed.... starting to worry of him not having an agent but at least this is good news... i hope he has a good team behind him :-)
  4. Looks like it... i really hope his next project is entirely different from ALML so he can shine more as an actor.
  5. Is his casting already confirmed? I hope his next drama is not fantasy like ALML. and i hope his character in the next drama is not as bright as kim dan's. To show his versatility as an actor. I hope it's a serious drama that does not focus too well on the romantic angle haha
  6. Wow! They cam be really harsh, huh? The boy is going through a lot and the least he deserves is negativity. Truly, not your followers on IG are supporters. Some are just waiting for you to make a mistake or bash you any chance they get. *sigh* I hope that even without an agency, everything will be sorted out well in his career... a manager from agency management esang has been helping him with managing his schedule since he has no agency as of the moment. Management esang also denied signing him up with an exclusive contract and said that the manager helping him out is his close friend. I'm happy that he has good friends helping him out.
  7. Reading his letter, you can feel it was very hard for him to make the decision of leaving woolim.. but he recognized that he needs to grow as an artist and as a person and realized that he will only achieve it if he becomes an independent artist. I like though the arrangement agreed upon that he will always join infinite activities whenever he is needed. We all are hopeful in this new development in his career. And for us shippers, i think this is positive news! He can publicly date! I know agencies discourage or even prohibit their contract artists from dating. With KMS being independent now, he need not worry that a dating news might affect the stock prices of woolim or the bankability of infinite. And of course if he dates, we all hope it is SHS! ❤
  8. Hello everyone! Indeed this thread is too quiet.. I have been following several fan accounts of KMS lately and read some comments of his fans regarding the drama.. .. i just realized how jealous his fans are especially when the pics/videos posted are those of his kiss scenes and other skinship with SHS. Some even say they hate her... how childish... and these fans say they have been inspirits since the group's debut in 2010.. 9 years have passed and yet some of them have not matured.. :-( i hope they can be true fans and just be supportive of KMS ... i am sure he has been too careful regarding his personal life as to not upset his fans.. whether it is with SHS or.with someone else, i hope they can just be supportive or understanding. KMS deserves to be happy too... Despite knowing that his fans just want him to belong to them, KMS was so brave in acting passionately in love in the drama. It is evident in those passionate kisses amd tight hugs. He really shone brightly in the drama! And this drama had too many kiss scenes.. i have watched so many korean dramas and ALML had the most kiss scenes I have seen! ( the number may be more than double.if we.count the BTS and scenese that were edited out)I am sure KMS knew about those many kissing scenes before he agreed to do drama and yet he bravely accepted it even if not all his fans will liike it. So proud of him! I really hope SHS will look at KMS as a namja than a dongsaeng. And I hope that his idol status won't affect on how she sees him and she give it a chance.
  9. I think he has until march next year to enlist since he is yet to turn 28 in march... So we can still look forward to them appearing in the kbs drama awards year end.... From what I know, men shld enter the military service not later than 28 years old. Anyway, i am happy to be part of this ship. I dont watch k-dramas as much as i did in my younger days. And i rarely have favorites recently but ALML caught my interest and i absolutely loved it. It's been almost 3 wks since it ended but i still cant move on. *sigh*
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