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  1. I remember they did a Cf together in the past. Considering they are in the same agency, there is more chance of them being together in a project. I’ll be satisfied though even if they appear together at the end year award. Just hope they keep contact with each other.
  2. It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to It’s okay to not be okay. I had such a good time watching this drama. Kim Soo Hyun just proved his acting once again and I’m so glad he got this as his first drama after military. I’m even more impressed with Seo Ye Ji. All her previous project although not very popular and not appeal to the general public, display her excellent acting skills. Thanks to this drama I truly discover such an amazing actress. I am amazed when watching interviews of the cast and truly surprised when they explained their character. The 3 of them interpret the characters so well and
  3. I love episode 11 and how they reflect on all those previous episodes. How Mun Young got a cut on her hands and how her CEO got money from Juri. It shows how much character development in a similar situation. Then when Sang Tae asked Gang Tae if he have eaten. To ask someone if they’ve eaten was what Gangtae usually do to Sangtae . It shows cares and love. In contrast, Mun Young used to say she’s hungry. Somehow relate to how much love she wants. To recite what Gang Tae told Mun Young ‘that boy really is not hungry, what he wants is love and warmth (from his mother)’ Recently peopl
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