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  1. For some reason, I don’t hate the character Han Soo-jin. It interests me that this drama portrays such a realistic character. I love Han Soo-jin at first for how she is such a passionate, hard working and stubborn at the same time. She is a strong woman who can do anything for her daughter. At the middle of the drama, when she was hesitant of letting go of coach Kim, I felt frustrated. Indeed her stubbornness becomes her weakness, seldom her to see a situation in a different view. She was confident that her family would not get ruined since she thought they was diffderent from Young Jae’s family. and at the end when she decided to tell the truth, it wasn’t for Woo-Joo or Hye-Na either. It’s was for Yeseo. To be honest, we all want to see a character that acts right all the time like Woojoo’s mother but human tend to be selfish and self centred. It is hard to truely be selfless and sacrifice your family to someone else. I really appreciate the writter of this drama to create such complex character. I wonder what coach Kim wanted to say to Yeseo’s mother and is Hye-Na really Soo Jin’s daughter. To me ep 19 seems like the ending episode already. So ep 20 is probably a twist. When everyone thought Yeseo’s family will have a happy ending, the birth secret will probably turn them upside down. Maybe the birth secret was coach Kim’s final card and she was successful this time to make Yeseo’s family ruined.
  2. Yes. She was a nice person. Although her life was difficult, she never complains. Her adoptive mum treat her even nicer than her own daughter probably because she felt guilty of kidnapping the child and Soo Ah is someone that saves her biological daughter. When Soo ah saw Cha Eun Hyuk kisses another woman at their wedding she was hurt and I did feel sorry for her. When she found out that Chaerin was the woman that Cha Eun Hyuk kissed she felt betrayed by Chaerin (Soo ah used to like Chaerin as a friend). I don’t consider her as evil yet because she only treated Chaerin badly probably thinking Chaerin takes Eunhyuk away. To me there is no character in this drama that is nice or innocent. They all have story of their own and sometimes being selfish just like a normal human being. Chaerin hid the DNA result and tried to send Soo Ah away. Cha Eun Hyuk betrayed his boss and scheming behind their back. Soo ah using the fact that she is the biological daughter to hurt Chaerin.
  3. For some reason I don’t like Eunhyuk although he is the male lead. As a woman I hate how indecisive he is when he didn’t like Soo a, but still going to marry her. Then he was the one at fault but instead of explaining and being sorry, he just cut her off. Instead of getting himself into an affair with Chaerin, he should have been honest about his feeling with himself and Soo A in the beginning. Would it be fair for Soo A if he married her while loving another woman? i hate the grandmother for how she abuses Chaerin. Clearly, as a child, Chaerin yearns for love. That’s why she comes back to that house again and again, because she trusts them. Chaerin helps the company even when the grandma abuses her because she hopes they will love her if she does something good. The only people who at least show Chaerin love are her adoptive parents although I don’t know strong their love is once they found out Soo A. For some reason I see the grandma’s secretary suspicious. I think she have been secretly helping Chaerin although she shows cold face. I have a feeling that she is Chaerin’s mother and is there at the house to take revenge on the grandma. I cant wait for the next episodes. Many have predicted that Yeonju will be evil when she knows her real identity. She has been living such a hard life, being trampled over by people, get betrayed be her boyfriend. I can see all that builds up to this moment although feel like Chaerin and Soo a relationship wouldn’t have to be so bad if Eunhyuk didn’t create such a situation.
  4. I love this drama so much. Never really a fan of seo Hyun Jin but I really like her character in this drama. I love her strong personality that stand up to bad people like the doctor at the hospital or the pervert director. I suspect that seo Do Jae was the person that save Han se kye and because of the accident that he can’t recognise faces. I can’t wait how this drama will unfold.
  5. I just finished watching episode 62, and really hope The Doctor used the wrong sperm. Although I hate the ex-gf and sister-in-law, I am secretly loving how both of them is interfering with the marriage. For some reason, I think the girl living with Ji Young family is Kyung Shin's child that she abandoned. For me, Hyerim is the worst villain in this show. As a doctor, it is morally and ethically wrong to steal the donated sperm especially when he donated that for his ex-wife when they were still together. Regardless of the reason, it is wrong to steal the sperm and to tell him to be responsible for it. Even if he donates the sperm for the public, he has no obligation to be responsible for the child. I have to agree with @Lmangla, the doctor thinks she is so smart that she doesn't consider anyone's opinion. This is not only a cons for a human being but also as a health practitioner. In previous episodes, she couldn't understand how sad her patient feel after the miscarriage and suggest to have another IVF. When you are a doctor, not only you have to treat the patients but also think of the human side and respect their decision as well as empathize with them. I also hate how the doctor and Sanghyuk's family look down on Ji Young, questioning how a surrogate can be talented and get such as a large project. Only to be surprised of her importance in the project. I don't know how rich Sanghyuk family is but class is not something you can buy, it presents in the way you act. Being classy is not something you can imitate with your clothes and your disrespectful and arrogant attitude.
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