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  1. A few thoughts as I sit and think and think... Considering his status in the agency and the fact that he didn’t even tell them about his donation to the community chest for COVID-19... have we even considered that he’s not even telling the agency what’s going on? I’m sure they ask, but if he says no, who are they to question him? I feel like it would be different if he weren’t the CEO. Would you question your CEO if he told you something point blank about his private life, even if it might not be true? He’s so private that, especially considering how even MORE private she is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d be willing to just not admit it even to his own team. Another point I would like to raise is that LA is a huuuuge city. It’s more than twice the size of Seoul. For two people to coincidentally be in LA at the same time doesn’t take into account that it can take upwards of several hours to get from point A to point B in that city. And you’re telling me they spontaneously were in the same area together? Mmmkay, sure.
  2. I’m assuming it was sometime in April of 2018. The article about reshoots came out in March and in it it said that the team planned to finish reshoots by end of April.
  3. Going through the posts, I don’t recall anyone mentioning it but I feel quite strongly about it: I think, if anything, their romance probably started during the reshoots for Negotiation. The timing would make the most sense in my opinion. During the initial shoot, as many have said, he was still attached. And like many have said he doesn’t strike as someone who would be unfaithful (I don’t know him personally but will give him the benefit of the doubt). At that time I’m sure he was impressed by her skills and admire her work and talent. I’m sure they became friends after filming. Fast forward a few months, he’s single, and they have to do reshoots. I’m sure at this point admiration developed into romantic interest and attraction? At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they began to talk more often and became closer friends. From then on, I’m sure they continued to learn about each other and maybe began to get serious around and after the promos? Then I feel like everything just kinda falls into place, e.g. Ralph’s and CLOY. Whatever happens next I will leave it up to fate and time. I feel like now would be a good time for them to really figure things out. Considering the current situation, I’m sure no one is out there tracking them down at this time either. Someone should be told that that’s not how you look at your friend... no matter how close you are lol.
  4. I think someone had asked for the interview with the ENG translations. I don't think I saw it before so here it is. My favorite part is below... I wonder why he's so insistent... is it because you sometime call him Oppa? Also looking forward to news of the rowdiest wedding reception in Korean history LMAO (second tweet)
  5. LOL yes. My other OTP is very similar, which was why I had to do the math
  6. Hi friends - please allow me to be weird for a moment. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk
  7. I thought this was cute; no manner hands here lol. Nothing too crazy. But love that he’s always got her back! Truly adore their friendship.
  8. Maybe something through Mediheal since they both rep products from the subsidiaries!
  9. I won’t lie, I’ve started drafting a few scenes and an outline. Although I won’t use their names, they’re definitely the faces I have in mind. If I ever get to fleshing it out, I’ll let you know!
  10. I would love an action packed type film since both of them are active and seem to like action-y type work. That and (not or — I’m greedy and I need more BinJin content) a revenge-esque drama where her father gets duped by his father and after growing up abroad she comes back (femme fatale-esque) and seeks revenge on him, who wasn’t aware of his father’s misdeeds. Chaos ensues, they fall in love (albeit she does reluctantly at first), babies are involved, lots of angst and drama. Ultimately a happy ending. Lol Just gimme more BinJin work because they are so good together on-screen.
  11. Jeong Hyeok knows what Se Ri wants, or Hyun Bin knows what Ye Jin wants... and then letting Se Ri do whatever she wants... or is it letting Ye Jin do what she wants. And manner hands or not, the fact that Ye Jin clung onto Hyun Bin like a koala shows the level of comfort she has with him. And the fact that she was so insistent on doing it over and over again gives me hope about their relationship. And even though his hands aren't holding onto her, if you look at the grip of his arms, you can tell he's holding her quite tightly. I mentioned in the past, the foundation of a strong and long-lasting relationship is one built on a strong friendship. A relationship built solely on attraction can fizzle out at anytime. But one built on friendship requires a level of trust and understanding with each other. I think the two have the friendship aspect in spades. As for getting into a relationship and thinking about marriage, I'm sure they're both thinking about it but being a career professional myself, I can totally empathize with both of them about prioritizing work over other things. That said, I'm also a believer in fate and destiny... so, ya know, Universe, do your thing, please.
  12. Thanks! Maybe that was the business part of his trip to LA. To wine and dine Ye Jin into considering the script lololol
  13. Regardless of what the situation is, do you not think that both of them and their agency have already considered what would happen when they both took on the project? At this point I’m sure VAST has a templated response for any inquiries about them. Hyun Bin probably doesn’t even get contacted about it anymore. He probably has a directive of exactly how they should respond. There’s probably a pre-recording when you call the agency. “Thank you for contacting VAST Entertainment. For inquiries regarding Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, press 1... Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are professionals. They are close friends. To think otherwise is absurd. Thank you and have a great day. *click*” I’ve actually been wondering, who got offered the script first. I know they considered it around the same time. I wonder if it was something like Ye Jin got the script and mentioned it to Hyun Bin who then contacted the team to see it? Owning his own agency probably helps in securing roles, in addition to the fact that he is who he is. I’m curious who saw it first and if they had mentioned it to the other or if it was purely coincidental; not sure how things like this work in Korea. Another thought I had also is the fact that VAST has had a hand in a few productions that Hyun Bin’s been in. I wonder if we’ll ever see down the line a movie that VAST invests in that Ye Jin takes part in. That would be cool. I just want to see them on screen together again. They’re chemistry is so good and like Hyun Bin said, they bring out the best in each other. Until then, I’m looking forward to award season and maybe the appearance of one Son Ye Jin at the premiere for Bargaining to support her very close friend.
  14. I saw this on Twitter and it had me rolling on the floor. How is this for next level foreshadowing... I also want to echo some of the other responses here. While they may be all lovey dovey in BTS videos and the like, these are two very mature, professional adults. You can't measure them by the same standards you would with people in their teens or 20s. Grocery store dates make more sense than on-set hand holding. I mean, I know tons of married couple personally who have told me that grocery shopping is the only time they have to go on a date. And if the agencies can deny that, they'll deny anything and everything.
  15. LOL I guess I've been out of the game for so long. Should have known better that not everything on Twitter is real hahaha
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