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  1. I absolutely loved to ear/read your explanation! I have watched many dramas about cultivation and I saw other characters vanish in thin air because they were really high cultivators and reunited with Mother Earth or something so I think I understand your explanation. I only wonder how people recognize WX in the Mo guy body: were they alike physically? When he takes of his mask, he is recognized as WX but the body he "occupied" with the sacrifice curse isn't Mo's? That means they were alike or just the other guy was always with a mask so no-one really knew how he looks like?? I have to read the novel... Don't forget to watch my fan made videos!
  2. H, everyone! I finished my second fan made video of the 2 leads and I am so longing for this drama again!!! Do check it out and tell me what you think, ok?
  3. Hi everyone! So I was rewatching the whole thing because I'm already with withdrawal symptoms!!! But I had a very very silly doubt some of you may think: what exactly did happen to WX during those 16 years???? After all, he died and "reincarnated" in the Mo guy body with the incantation or he was "dormant" or something??? What does the novel say? And do check my fav to tell me if you like it!!! I'm finishing LZ version of it too!
  4. I finally saw all episodes and I almost cried in the last with WX reuniting with Ah Yuan!!! so lovely and the tacit understanding between LZ and WX, they don't need words at all! beautiful! here is my first video for WX! I hope you like it and share with other fans if you want!
  5. Oh! I remember that scene but I didn't understand it was because of the song! Thank you much!!!
  6. Hi, everyone! So, I only got the last two episodes to watch subbed (though I already watched them anyway!) and I fell the rhythm to these last episodes is not so fast and exciting and some of the previous, but well... But I have one final question: for many times, WX kept asking LZ how did he recognized him with the mask on and knew he was WX and LZ never told him. I don't know if the answer is in the last two episodes but, if it isn't and I missed it, can someone tell me the answer? Because I haven't figure it out myself, lol! I'm also finishing a fan made video about WX and I will post it here after for you to make your considerations, ok? bye bye and love from Portugal, where it's very very hot!!!!
  7. thank you @frostflower14 and @Sisca_TVXQ !!!! Now I get the importance of the mother story! And, yes, I could tell LXC was telling WX that LZ really cared for him in a special way, I think he said he told him WX was his soulmate. I found that very sweet and beautiful!
  8. hi guys! So i was watching the subbed episode 43 where LZ's brother tells WX about their mother's story and I have a question: what is the story about their mother? she didn't like their father? he forced her to marriage? they were abandoned? I really didn't get the importance of telling that story other than to explain why LZ has the whip scars on his back first... do enlighten me!
  9. you're right. they went through too much for just leaving each other. I was particularly moved by episode 46, with all those revelations Wen Ning said to Jiang Cheng. he deserved to ear all that as he was so unfair towards WX and I loved how LZ held him and cried for him earring everything himself too. I'm eager to watch that with full subs. But as the producers ended it, we can perfectly fit in the original ending in our imagination, don't you think?
  10. Just finish zapping through the remaining episodes and I have to say I'm satisfied with the ending. those of you who know the novel are you ok with how it ended? is it very different from the book? I think I will rewatch this once in a while. I really liked these two and their bromance, subtle but beautiful.
  11. My God!!! I wish I had the understand of the drama and novel you have!!! Thank you so much!!! You really cleared everything for me! When I really love a drama/ novel, I don't mind the spoilers, so thank you even more for that link!!! I love how the relationship between WWX and LZ develops in the drama as it is more subtle and people who may be awkward towards a BL story will probably just find it a very beautiful story of deep friendship and care, and I have some friends that are so important for me as family so I like to see these relationships on screen too, and they have great chemistry. Yesterday I really laughed and was moved by the piggyback scene and the scene where LZ is drunk, because WWX was so caring and adorable worrying about him. thank you so so much!!!! now let's wait for the actually footage of all you told me!
  12. I have just watched the last subbed episodes and am curious about some things: is Wen Ning dead or alive after all? And his sister? the real bad guy is that weasel half/sworn brother whose name I can't remember??? Why was LZ punished in the past - the whip thing that wasn't shown? why this "new" storyline in that old haunted village??? sorry I still haven't read the novel and all the unfair situations towards WX really bug me!!
  13. wasn't the show supposed to have 50 episodes and it's like in 34??? will they air so many episodes next week or will they shorten the storyline???
  14. Ok, so I just finished watching episodes 31 -32 subbed and I'm so sad!!!! Will all the unfair things that happened to WX be sorted out?' and I felt so sorry for the Wen brothers!!!! not to mention the death of his sister... what will happen now? I know they are back in the present in episode 33 but how are things going to unfold in the last episodes? There was that scene with LZ being wipped as punishments... why does that happened? it didn't aired yet, right? now everyone knows that WX didn't die? Oh, my head is full of doubts and my heart is eager to watch the remaining episodes fast!!!! though then I will have to rewatch everything because I will miss it like hell!
  15. I have watched Guardian when it aired and it's very very subtle, very much like The Untamed; they just exchange glances and are deeply worried with one another and willing to do anything for one another; I actually only found out the story was a BL novel when the show was almost ending, but it aired with no problems, just some cuts in the funding, maybe because of those issues, I don't know. I really hope The Untamed airs with no worries, especially if it seems it will have an happy ending. I can't get enough of these guys!
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