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  1. ^ Good news, I'm happy that the view counts is in the top 3. The number is at 6.3 billion now, I hope it keeps going up.
  2. That’s what Chinese fans have been campaigning for the uncut version to be released, even as DVD. But no luck so far. Nobody knows why.
  3. Thank you for your translations for both article and the board! the second name is the guy from his agency, the one who was in the same group with him. So I guess technically it’s his friend. I love Yukke’s interpretations of ZM, especially the last sentence. ZM really stays true to herself, that she was willing to walk away. even though was promoting his new drama, I kind of glad it seems some questions are still linked back to this show. I’m still not ready to move even after a few months already.
  4. Thank you. Do you happen to know what are the names or the things on the board say? i love that the cast still interact with each other on weibo and meeting up like the other day when three ladies minus ZR and ZM’s brother had dinner together.
  5. Thank you to both of you for the translation! I can’t believe he said he’s shy like WJ lol
  6. Still Jin dynasty but they knew/predicted the mongol would win. From my understanding, they made the sword and saber for later generations to one day fight back against the mongol.
  7. I heard the 2009 also followed the book closely, even the conversation. I tried to watch it but gave up. I did watch the ending though, and totally disliked the ending since it ended in the same fashion as the book. I like the 2003 version but it didn’t really follow the book.
  8. It belong to Er Mei then got stolen by someone (or soldier something like that I think) then it was given to ZM family then it got stolen then back to Er mei I guess.
  9. Yes! So many unanswered questions. I really want to know how long did WJ search for ZM. I’m also curious Whether he would go after her without grandmaster’s comment that he should go to find ZM as he still young, there’s still time for him to correct his mistakes.
  10. I don’t think there is any scene. I guess overtime it became very well known that WJ loves ZM. grandmaster just wants WJ to be happy, it’s time for WJ to do what he wants not what others want from him. That’s my interpretation.
  11. This one is set like 90-100 years after the second one. The main connection from the previous part is the sword and saber which are made by the leads from the previous parts. This is mentioned in one of the episodes. The rest are small connections I think. So you don’t need to watch others.
  12. The she got all mad when he said he met ZM already lol. Even the servant who brought kind of told her to give up already. Even WJ grandpa knew WJ believed ZM’s word over ZR. Girl should just let it go, he wasn’t even interested in her after that fake suicide.
  13. The funniest part about the love triangle is when everyone had to break the two girls up from the cat fight lol in ep 41. I really like when WJ told YX that he was going to meet ZM and take her to see his god father and the sword. YX gave him that weird look. He totally knew something was up.
  14. I like it when YX said he knew WJ wouldn’t use ZM for their plan (WJ didn’t even have Anto say it out, his face said it all). I think WJ was pretty surprised and conflicted when they suggested to use ZM as their alliance. But then when it became clear that they just want to use her and get rid of her, I want to slap all of them. Not to mention they forcing WJ to almost doing it without considering his feeling at all. I feel like YX is the only who actually cares about WJ’s feeling.
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