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  1. The funniest part about the love triangle is when everyone had to break the two girls up from the cat fight lol in ep 41. I really like when WJ told YX that he was going to meet ZM and take her to see his god father and the sword. YX gave him that weird look. He totally knew something was up.
  2. I like it when YX said he knew WJ wouldn’t use ZM for their plan (WJ didn’t even have Anto say it out, his face said it all). I think WJ was pretty surprised and conflicted when they suggested to use ZM as their alliance. But then when it became clear that they just want to use her and get rid of her, I want to slap all of them. Not to mention they forcing WJ to almost doing it without considering his feeling at all. I feel like YX is the only who actually cares about WJ’s feeling.
  3. I hate, and hate when people said WJ only ends up with ZM because she is the last girl standing/left. Like come on he even said so in the novel that if he can’t find her he would rather die. I am ignoring the crappy ending lol. This 2019 version really shows how much he also loves her. While also showing that she has her struggles and did not abandon her country/family to run away after a guy. WJ in the novel is such a player but kind of smarter than this tv version I think. Still I prefer the tv version where he knows who he loves, it’s just that because she’s Mongolian that’s why he kept pushing her away. I think at the snake island he already knew by then that he likes or have strong feeling for her.
  4. I would love the translation I’m very happy to hear that he spent a lot of time prepare for this role. It’s kind of adorable that he is a fan of the character himself too.
  5. The latest edition pretty much implies that he wants to be with all of them (all four of them). He can’t decide. Or at the very least according to the author’s note at the very end. I think the second version/edition ending is the same as the 2009 tv version, with ZR comes to see them with the promise. I think it ends with WJ thinking that he loves ZM but also misses or thinks about ZR too something like that.
  6. Totally agree. I even thought ZM deserves better. The guy kisses everyone, acting like he loves all of them. I like the first version of the ending the most. I really dislike the ending of the third version (the latest one), I can’t even express the feeling.
  7. I heard about it. Hopefully someone can translate or summary please
  8. I totally agree with this two points. I think in the end they just want to use him to achieve their purpose. And they know they can push WJ. They are really they evil sect. I won’t feel bad if in the end they were all killed by ZYZ like in other versions/history. They should be glad MM didn’t kill them all when she had the chance too just because she liked WJ. , they are so ungrateful! they are so fake when they said they want WJ to marry MM, just so they can use it to keep WJ from running away or losing focus. They never cared for him or his feeling. It’s always about keeping WJ there so he can be the leader figure. Did they even fight anyone beside fighting each other or talking down at MM? Lol
  9. ZYZ later made a comment, Or more like dissing WJ on choosing to save MM but not him. He then warn WJ about don’t get too close to MM in front of everyone. Its kind of show that there is a rift among Ming cult or that some of the members already have a doubt in WJ’s judgement.
  10. I think MM wears 21 dresses. Princess sure has a lot of pretty cloths lol
  11. He just couldn't stay away, even when she kept telling him to stay away. All he did next were following her, princess carrying her, or almost kissing her lol.
  12. WJ should be thankful to MM for trying to pull him out of the war madness and just live a normal life far away. It would be sad if in the end WJ and MM have to spend the rest of their lives with war, politics, the never ending drama. At least they get to live their lives peacefully in the end.
  13. WJ probably has the weakest skills on using swords compare to the other two. I feel like most of his skills are on the healing, defensive side not much on attacking compare to the other two. But I would say among the three he’s the luckiest one in getting all of those skillful manuals/books to learn from lol. Now i just realize they really making this version of WJ be all patriotism like Guo Jing. Unlike in the novel that in the end he just feels like Ming cult betray him so he left. That’s why he didn’t leave with MM in this version. you can tell I’m still bitter over his decision.
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