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  1. I just want to say that So Yeon is so pretty and I can't believe she is 10 years older than Jong Hyun They look so fine together. I cried a river watching this episode. Everyone did a great job
  2. Love MR and TJ in every scene tonight. Why do I feel their scenes are too short. I want moreeee I hope MH will end up with JB. I don't care about WJ. I find him boring. I dislike MS's husband, I can't stand him and his mom. I fast forward most of their scenes.
  3. Hello Everyone. I just want to stop by to say hi I love MR and TJ so much. They are so adorable
  4. Finally I can come back to this page again, I forgot my password Silly me :( @larus: From the first script reading, I think I was right to think this is triangle love. So Yeon sits next to Jong Hyun then Tae Young. I think they usually sit next to people who are practicing the lines with ?
  5. I don't think she is daughter of Kang CheolMan. Maybe something happended in the past that she ended up living with them and later on when she find out she's not their daughter , some dark story that she can't accept :))
  6. d@larus I will follow So Yeon in every project she's in I have no patience anymore, We haven't heard anything about this drama for a long time. I hope we will have news today or tomorrow. I need to know When will be the press conference. Get ready for fan rice to support our Sso
  7. @larus I think Mi Ri and Tae Joo will start their relationship onscreen. From the character description Tae Joo seems a nice guy, sure younger and she's his superior so I think he will have a secret crush/ admire on Mi Ri first. After he got promoted, Mi Ri will dislike him and he will have a hard time to woo her. She may using Woo Jin to get back or reject Tae Joo. I'm just guessing:)
  8. It's just my intuition. It makes me hard to believe a successful man like him will fall for a girl who work at her mom's rice shop. ( I know many korean dramas made it like the rich men head over heels for poor not so pretty girls but this is a family drama, It should be more realistic ) Unless the story goes different than what we have read so far then I maybe wrong. Korean dramas can make anything possible anyway :))) Don't get me wrong It's not all about rich or poor or pretty or not but their life experiences are differents so so hard to feel or understand each other....Unless they have alot of screen time, to convince me that they can be in love, But i doubt the youngest daughter will have alot of screen time.
  9. Thanks for your warm welcome "Famous Princess" was on KBS and the same time slot too so hopefully it's the same and you will have a great sweetest passionate noona romance . I don't mind the writer copy that and bring it to this drama As long As So Yeon plays LOL
  10. This makes me remember my favorite weekend drama "Famous Princess" The second daughter is not biological daughter and she involves with younger guy too. Noona romance in "Famous Princess" was so popular so hopefully So Yeon Jong Hyun make it great too The PD has some good projects in hand like : Yellow Handkerchief and Rosy Life. I don't know much about the writer. Now a day I think the screenplay is the most important part. Let's finger crossed she will make a good drama. KBS weekend knowned for high rating with warm family stories
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