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  1. Goblin ending was good.  At least KS and JET will meet again and again when she "reincarnates" though KS stays immortal.  Best part is ET has her memories when reborn so she can find KS:

    "She chooses to not drink that tea so she won't forget her memories."


    Image result for goblin ending scene ctro

    Good ending, but why they need to just stand apart and stare longingly at each other? (Reminds me of Lmh's Faith ending!)  Just hug!!!  Anyway thanks for the happy ending KES.


    credit to rightful owner



    credit to rightful owner 

  3. Here's my tribute to Seo In Guk - a talented, fantastic and brilliant actor.  Exceptionally good in Shopping King Louie, a drama that makes me laugh so hillariously and Nam Ji Hyun who complements his character all the way in SKL.  Good casting!!!

    Love this song and his voice as well as Eunji's awesome vocals - hopefully get to see them reunite for a rom-com soon.  Reply 1997 was great for me too!!!

    credit to uploader


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