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  1. Hello... It has been some time since I last visit here.. Have been busy with work and I can’t wait for my year end break….. Anyway, I think I owed everyone here a homework that I was supposed to "submit" 2 weeks ago, so here I am.. (Sorry once again for the long post... ) 20181125 My 4th trip to Seoul in 2018 This unexpected 3d2n trip that was decided when: 1) I manage to get a ticket for the FM before they were all sold out.. 2) Many people reminded me that I need to show equal love to Namji.... Therefore on Nov 23, I embarked on the shortest trip that I had ever made to S.K. with just a cabin luggage and myself! Memories of Nam Ji Hyun 1st FanMeeting (2018.11.25) Before the FM, we already heard that Hyunnie will be hosting her own FM. So at about 15:00, we could hear her voice as she starts to welcome her fans and make some simple before concert announcement such as all that photo taking, recording are not allowed, etc… But she did ask fans to wait patiently because there will be time to take pictures.. Then the venue lights starts to dim off and her FM commence! Part 1 Talk about her daily life. She shared about her life as a student, what time she wakes up everyday , ( she mention that her alarm clock is usually her mum..) , how she distributes her time between lesson, revision and meeting up with friends after school and I think she usually sleeps around 1am. Then she also mention that she is currently learning English during her free days and showed us some of the text books she is reading and also a recording of her attending her English lesson... Game Session (1) Then she started playing a few games with fans and lucky fans get to go on stage to get her signature on books as well as taking photo with her. Call out to Lee MinJi She also called Lee MinJi live during the FM and ask her to share some of the interesting info about her.. If I remembered correctly, Minji started to talk about how good Hyunnie is in drinking and our poor Hyunnie had to stop her from exposing her and ask her to change topic.... *giggle* Then they also talked about EXO too and Hyunnie shared that she likes them since high school and the 1st person she starts to like is KAI, but now it's DO. Game Session (2) There was also a game where she invites a fan(male) to prepare some food with her. That male fan talks quite a lot and I think he is also from Incheon so their interaction was quite interesting.. In the end, that lucky fan got to bring back the food that Hyunnie prepared and also took picture with her. ------------- End of Part 1 (Short Break) ----------- During a short break before part 2, she shows clips of what she does when preparing for the FM and there is a part that she was in her room at night studying and before going to sleep, she puts a Panda mask and she looks really cute in it. Then part 2 begin (I’m sorry that my brain starts to slow down by the 2nd half because I have used up all my energy to understand what she is talking for the 1st part so... already brain dead by then..) Sharing on Best 3 Drama During part 2, she starts to talk more about her works and throughout the 14-15 years since debut, she has produced 33 films(??) and she starts to introduce her 3 best drama that her fans has voted prior to the FM (I am presuming it was chosen by fans because I see her reading some questions from the card sheet that she was holding and she replied them after reading those questions.. I am sorry if I got it wrongly..) The sequence of the dramas are as follow: 1. Shopping King Louie 2. Suspicious partner 3. Hundred days Husband Before she starts to announce the TOP 3 drama, she asked the audience which drama they like the most and many ppl shouted SP which was to her surprise too .. She even ask the audience.. isn’t it supposed to be HDH which is her latest drama? Anyway, during this segment, she answers the questions that fans has raised about each drama, shared her view about the character in each drama.. ( sorry I can’t really recall everything in this segment because she talked quite a lot and her speed is real fast..TTTTT) Then she went on to select 3 scenes that she likes(??) best about these dramas 1. Red carpet scene from SKL( this clip actually makes me a little interested to watch SKL) 2. Do not like me from SP 3. Wonduek (prince ) back in the palace where he imagine Hongshim talking/encouraging him.. There was a small episode during this segment because when she wanted to share the scene from HDH, there is a video on congratulatory message from her fellow colleagues and we can see most of them are from HDH and also Jung Yoomi from her same company.. QA Session Then after all these, she went through some of the questions that fans had written on a sticky pad before the FM and she spend some time to pick a few to reply. After that, she asked the audience some questions such as: 1. Why do you like Nam Ji Hyun 2. What do you think will Nam Ji Hyun be if she is not an actress? 3. Which character do fans like most ( or what they want her to be??) Some of the answer I can remember is that her friend mention that they like her just because it’s her( Nam Ji Hyun), she can be a kindergarten teacher (because she talks a lot??), she can be a lawyer( because of SP), many talk abt Angel’s eyes character, and one male fan suggested her to try action movie ... Photo Taking Session Finally.. after 3 hrs, the FM came to an end where it wrap up with a video clip from her fans and her cutting a cake and ... photo time where she invite fans to take picture...) She is really cute here and she takes good care of all the fans.. She makes different pose and shows bigger heart to people in 2nd floor. Finale Lastly she thanks her fans for coming and told us that she will be at the doorways of the venue to have a hi touch with all her fans !! I was actually hoping that it will happen so I prepared a little card and a small gift for her beforehand. I’m glad I was able to pass it to her personally this time! Hehe (PS: After the session ended, my mind was in blank because all I know is that I need to rush to the airport!!!) Overall, I am really amazed by the energy level of this young lady. Having to talk non stop 3 hrs is really no joke and I actually thought she got more and more excited towards the end.. haha.. Although it’s a long 3 hrs, you never get bored listening to her speak and you can really see that she is very smart and knows what she wants in life.. (if only I could understand Korean better, I will appreciate this FM even more...) One last thing I must say is that I think she looks much prettier in real life than on camera. This trip is actually a very short trip to me and I struggled a lot before making decision to fly.. Although I do feel tired having to rush around, I was glad that I was able to see her.. When she first step onto the stage, I was a bit overwhelmed and I actually had tears in my eyes.. And…and… I was really glad to be able to meet up with AJ and her friends before the FM starts..!! (We shall arrange another trip to Seoul again, yah! ) Anyway like what I had shared in Sept, I am really glad to see both people that I love being happy and enjoying the things that they are doing now.. 2019 is just around the corner and as much as I treasure the memorable times that I had in 2018, I will be looking forward to 2019 as well. Until then, Annyeong!
  2. Me!! Me!!! Namij Goners No XXX Reporting!!! @babyval22 (Don't say i din report yah... ) I know I had an overdue homework not completed yet so yah...I am submitting it now. Hope you all will not find it too long winded... (I am sorry that this maybe too long but I need to pen it down before I forget...) 2018.09.11 - 2018.09.18 One of the most memorable trip that I ever had...... I decided to on embark on this trip simply for 2 reasons which I believe people here can relate: - ShinHeung Military Academy (Wookie's Musical) - Hyunnie's Birthday Although there were many uncertainties and hesitation during the planning process, I'm glad that I made it for this trip and everything turn out well!! ShinHeung Military Academy This musical tells the stories of the a group of patriotic young people who fought and sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Korea during the Japanese colonial period. Wookie plays the son of an anti-Japanese Confusion scholar who committed suicide after the promulagation of the treaty of Japan's rule over Korea. KHN plays the servant of an Academy's founder and he is an orphan. The 2 of them became best friend in the academy and fought hard to realize their dreams. I was initially worried that I will not be able to understand that musical but I think after paying for 6 shows, (yes...6 shows... *giggle*) it is not just about looking at handsome faces but I had also managed to understand the story and appreciate the musical.. It was very touching and I teared every time when i watch it.. Some quick thoughts of mine: 1) After seeing both Wookie and KHN performing on stage, I must say that they really belong to the stage... When KHN touches you through the songs that he sings, Wookie's presence can be felt the moment he appear on stage. He steals all the attraction and make you focus on him. When he smile, you will smile, when he cry, you will cry too.. His singing has improved alot and he is able to hit high notes which at times I was really worried that he will crack his voice but "phew', it did not happen... *giggle* 2) Chemistry between the 2 of them was also the highlight of the musical. I think due to their previous collaboration and good relationship, they could show good rapport in this musical and every night, I will be anticipating what kind of adlib surprises they will give us. (PS: I am really hoping to see them collaborate in a movie or drama after they discharge from army next year.) 3) The songs and music Since it is a musical, there are many songs that are being delivered through the characters to tell you the story. Not only the 2 of them, Sungkyu and the rest of the casts did a good job as well. I am not too sure if it's because Sungkyu is from an idol group, his solo songs are rather upbeat (more suitable for dancing...haha) as compared to the others, but well, at least it blends in well too. There are many songs that I like but the most memorable one is still the confrontation duet that both Wookie and KHN delivered. I believe this is also one of the highlight of the musical. Many fans who watched them performed during "Thrill Me" was really excited when they had a duet in this musical too and commented that this musical is actually their "love story.... Both of them delivered it with much emotions and i could actually see tears in them too. (Awwww.... how i wish i could return to hear them sing this song again...) Operation 0917 Other than the musical, the other highlight of my trip was "Operation 0917". Not only did i manage to complete the mission smoothly, 20180917 also became a day that I will never forget... Soop -> Glorious -> Sinsa Thank you to the hard work of the people here, we had prepared great gifts, cards and birthday cake to be delivered to Hyunnie within a period of short time. As I am in Seoul on the actual day, I was en-tasked with the final mission to make sure that the gift and cakes are delivered to Soop. Thus on this day, I actually woke up quite early to make sure that all the things that we had prepared and intact and I made my way to the cake shop 2 hours before the appointment time. (I am afraid that I will be lost and hinder the delivery timing...) When I reach the cake shop place, I was greeted by a nice lady who actually started making the cake at 5am in the morning!! It was real hard work but i think all of you have seen the final output and I must say it is really pretty.. (just that i don' t have a chance to taste it..) I was initially busy taking pictures of our output so when the delivery ahjusshi arrived at 2.30pm (he is really punctual), things started to speed up because we target to reach Soop by 3pm so the cake owner, the delivery ahjusshi and me brought down all the stuff that needs to be delivered to the delivery van(including me) and off we are to Soop. When we arrive there, the ahjusshi thought that I wanted to take more photos of our gifts so he just drove off after putting all our gifts outside Soop doorway. I was a bit stunned because I don't think i can carry all the gift into the office by myself but luckily a staff who happens to return to the office helped me along the way and carry it to the office. I told them that it's Hyunnie's birthday today and these gifts are from her oversea fans. He said thank you and they will deliver it to her. As much as I hope to catch a glimpse of her at the office that day, I don't think she was in office that day... (It's ok..i will see her next time!! :)) After my mission was completed, I decided to make my way to Glorious Entertainment as well since it is actually within walking distance. And also because after watching the musical, I really wanted to prepare some card and gift to give Wookie words of encouragement. So I made my way there, passed my gift to the person in charge (of course i do not expect to see him there too...) After completed my mission, I decided to end my trip (returning home on the next day) to visit Sinsa which I had a pleasant encounter which until now... I still cannot forget and I don't think i will be able to forget.... As much as I want to move on, I find myself falling in deeper every time I return from Seoul. (From Jiscovery to Operation 0917) I don't know what will happen in the future but I treasure this moment that I having now. Most important of all, through Namji, I also gained friendship with the bunch of amazing people here! With the experience we had gained, I hope we have chance for the many other "Operation XXXX" that will happen in the future... Ok...that''s about all for now.. Gtg now... Ciaos....
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