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  1. I want to hear personal stories about learning to dance. I've been wanting to dance for a while, especially after I'm done this big work project since I'll be able make time for it. But, I think I need to nourish some intrinsic motivation to do it. I do like body movements and I have a couple of songs that really get me going, but somehow, in my life, I haven't really progressed into it besides the rare cathartic experience when I put up my tune as I am home alone. How about you all? Have you gone through a similar experience? Please share!
  2. Did you recently get it? I sometimes would get that, too, when my eyes get itchy and I am not careful when rubbing my right eye. But sometimes I am able to fix it by using that eyelid tool that comes with double eyelid tape and tracing over where the double eyelid should be. I'd do about 20-30 traces in the morning. Maybe that will help you, too?
  3. A person in their 30s is a tough one. A lot of things change because I think our priorities adjusts as we leave our 20s. I hope things are going better for you. I would say pay attention to what makes you emotional... whether it is a positive emotion or negative. Both will gleam secrets into who you are as a 30 yr old person.
  4. I've recently decided to go back online and enjoy some of the chatting that's here. I'm from Canada and it is really cold right now to be going outside to chill... you will be literally chilled if you stay out there for too long.
  5. These days I've been interested in architecture and making models. The thing I love about architecture is the sense of appreciation for space and it's beauty. Although anything can be consider beautful -- since beauty is in the eye of the beholder -- I just like how there is so much wisdom and subjectivity in the discipline of architecture. So now on to my current project: A community center The materials I used so far are: - 2mm architecture model cardboard - drafting table - cutting knife - white glue - straight ruler - pencil - scissors - protractor - t-square ruler
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