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  1. @sadiesmith That reddit post is goooood, dude. And it brings up some goooood questions. Love the OP's response to #2. My short response to #1: I thought it was graceful and considerate of YH to decide to leave DH (for good). She knew that DH could probably never bring himself to divorce her, no matter how much their marriage disintegrated. So, in the end, she didn't wait till DH brought up divorce (like she said she would, in ep 12). Like she said herself, living with DH was hell (after the confession / fallout). So she freed herself, and DH, from that hell by letting go. IMO, in ep 15, when DH looked like his world was breaking apart, and right then he brought up JA (instead of discussing their marriage), the look on YH's face told me that's when their marriage had officially died. That was the point of no return. Remember that we saw YH tearing up multiple times (I can think of four instances) after she discovered the extent of their... intimacy (ep 12-16) - after talking to JY on the rooftop, with the ahjussis at the bar, while she drives away from the bar, and at the police station when JA talks about her jealousy point-blank. Don't tell me these tears were "no big deal"! --- I've been wondering something... This question goes out to all My Ahjussi fans. What are some specific instances involving DH-JA that can ONLY be interpreted from a romantic angle? Conversely, what are some DH-JA instances that weaken the romance stance? @t123han brought up a great example. For me, I don't know why DH would avoid his regular bar / hangout with his bros and pals for a prolonged period if not to avoid having his feelings / intimacy with JA shown. I mean, why would he maintain a physical distance with his "best friend"? Your turn.
  2. Haaalp. I can't help but be reminded of MA in my everyday life. Was reading a TED article on "Lust vs Love", and all three examples reminded me of Park Dong Hoon: 1. He was mad when she didn't consult him before deciding to move to Gangnam or Busan. 2. She is the only person he has a heart-to-heart with after he found about his wife's unfaithfulness. 3. He couldn't stop thinking about her before/during/after his promotion. But sure yeah whatever, people-who-call-Ji-An-his-best-friend. --- Btw where have our fanfic writers disappearred to?
  3. I wonder if someone has pointed this out before, but the Buy-Me-Slippers confession occurs right by Ji An's house. Now this confession seems so much more intimate to me. The fact that Ahjussi runs all the way to her home to demand his slippers from her. Aigoooo. This dude is pretty damn cute in his own Mark Darcy ways. --- @justamom @mushroomsoupie Has anyone here or at DC Inside tried mapping the Hoogye neighborhood? I'd love to have a visual of where the rail tracks, Jung Hee's bar and Ji An's place are in relation to each other.
  4. Thank you for breaking down the timeline episode-by-episode. Maybe I refuse to admit that our OTP couldn't see each other for over a year, but I still think it was Spring 2019 when they reunited. I agree with what you wrote as quoted above. But the calendar in ep 16 actually shows 3-4-5, with April highlighted. Lots of calendars present the date like this - the present month in between, or in larger print, along with the previous and next months. I'm pretty sure it's April here and during the goodbye hug. The rest of the timeline, according to my understanding: June or July 2018 "(after the farewell hug, raining in omma's house, it’s likely in autumn). (means several months has passed since JA left for Busan, hence KH asked DH how is JA doing, which DH said he didn't hear anything from her). [my heart..breaks for him and her, *sob*]" According to Wikipedia, Korea receives its monsoon rains between June-September, but it's most likely to rain between June-July, while it's still summertime. So I think it's still summer when it rains in Omma's House. It doesn't make sense to me that PD Kim would let 6 months of MA time happen off-screen, especially when he bothered to clearly show us the change in seasons (exactly four seasons = 1 year of MA time). --- July / August 2018 to February 2019 "(from summer 2018, to autumn/raining 2018, to late winter/snowing 2019, showing through KH's room, the weather during his heartbreak and break up phone call moment with YR)." April / May 2019 (definitely spring) "(DH thriving as a CEO in his own company, JA transfered to HQ, presenting report of Q1 to her supervisor). (reunion of JA DH, JA said that she was transfered to Seoul since last March, so that scene is taking place after March)." --- Also, IU TV really convinced me that it was indeed a one-year time skip. JA was 21 for the majority of the show, and is shown to be 22 at the cafe scene. 22 - 21 = 1 --- @mushroomsoupie Still very much obsessed with MA. I've decided that it is the best drama I've ever seen. I would rate it 12/10 if I could. It's perfect, and so is that photoshopped DC Inside photo.
  5. @ladyrini Those clips (where LSK is styled well) were two or three 7-second-long videos of LSK & IU promoting the drama in Japan. That's all. @africandramalover Can you or someone else analyze what the panning family photos mean in the drama? I need to go back to RL soon, so I don't think I can commit myself to a couple more rewatches lol.
  6. Seriously, this is mind-blowing. It shows (1) how determined Dong Hoon is to maintain a physical boundary with Lee Ji An pre-time skip, and (2) how close Jung Hee and Ji An must have gotten during these 2 months. Using tvN's 1080p YouTube video screencaps, it definitely says February and then April in the calendar. Oh, and Lee Ji An's hand is no longer in a cast. Amazing attention to detail.
  7. @ann04 If you've read @justamom's translation of the HaruHana interview, then yes, she did say something along those lines. And LSK called IU his Lee Ji An. I basically died there. Here's the translated interview: https://givemeslippers.wordpress.com/2018/08/03/lee-seon-gyun-shes-my-lee-ji-an/
  8. I thought the Caution: Electricity sign was exclusive to the Ep 14 farewell phone call, but I see it on the far right in the Ep 10 confession scene. And it's not just a momentary thingy. (Go rewatch this scene, haha) *gasp* I think this sign indicates that Dong Hoon's emotions are running dangerously high. Any thoughts?
  9. Aww. That promo vid gave me all the feels. Why can't we get access to tvN Asia's subs, dammit!
  10. I think that's a beautiful photo. Knowing that they're in character as Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An, "Park Dong Hoon would never do such pose with Lee Ji An or any other women if he is still married." As @dotonly said. And that's pretty much a couple shot. Old-school style. Look at this similar couple shot from the 80s lol:
  11. An interesting parallel: The Ep 10 Live-By-Your-Name scene parallels the Ep 11 Buy-Me-Slippers confession in a way. Ahjussi demands that Ji An do something (Live by your name. / Buy me another pair of slippers.) then stomps off, while Ji An stays rooted to her spot, visibly affected.
  12. LOL. Bruhhh, you're welcome. I finished another rewatch session today with my cousin today. When I showed her DH's un-platonic imprints on JA's hand afterward, she said it reminded her of the way Indian PM Modi shakes people's hands. No worries, though. She's a 100% shipper hahaha. @arctichare @ann04 That scene we love, GIF-ified. And yup! Traffic lights changing from red to green! Signaling they can be together. Ahhh. I think the look in his eyes is more curiosity than longing here. The longing gets intense just before the confession and afterwards. I absolutely love their visuals in the walk after this scene. *heart eyes*
  13. I have two questions for our MA detectives: In this Ep 14 scene, starting at ~ 0:22, what's the song playing in the background? Please post the lyrics here if you figure it out. I can't help but think this has some significance after all the mindblowing commentary on Dong Hoon & Yoon Hee's soundtrack, Joon Young & Yoon Hee's soundtrack and Dong Hoon's Yearning to be Free. At Halmeoni's funeral, why does Choon Dae (the custodian guardian) hesitate to hug / comfort Ji An (at the 0:32 mark)? I still can't figure it out after multiple rewatches. --- For future reference / rewatches, here are the episode-by-episode playlists of all the official tvN clips for MA, courtesy of uri @miracle525 ❤
  14. @sadiesmith OMG that is some hot stuff. Thanks for clarifying the suggestive part. Speaking of hot stuff, check out @justamom's fanfic update. My pervy mind can totally imagine them. @ccl82 Odiyaaa? I've compiled Ahjussi's longing looks, like you suggested sometime back. Here are two of my favorites: Their sexiness kills me Dong Hoon’s had it with subtle stares. Cue blatant stares. More eye-candy: https://givemeslippers.wordpress.com/2018/07/24/gif-ahjussis-longing-looks/
  15. Haha, I know right? If they were the same sign, then I grouped them under the same heading. By the Stop + Caution signs, I meant the group of three signs by the railway tracks (see below). The Caution sign in Ep 3 is technically the same, but it appears in a different place, without any other sign. (The little yellow triangle you see as Ji An stomps off.) All other times, the Caution sign is the one by the railway tracks (I've circled the Caution sign): Interestingly, in this Ep 6 scene above, the Caution sign doesn't appear at all! But it's shown clearly in the Ep 15 flashback (same scene but from a different perspective) when Ji An remembers Dong Hoon saying the exact same words he told her, and then apologizes over and over. How can I not think that the PD-nim consciously put this sign in?! Yes, so intimate. I know this doesn't compare, but the other day I was strolling with my best friend through her neighborhood during sunset, and it felt like such an intimate moment. I can only imagine how much more intimate and cozy it felt for two soulmates to stroll together, in the dead of winter, so late at night. Wow, this is such an honor. I seriously think you're one of THE wisest posters here. Like @sadiesmith said, it's amazing how well this show is holding up no matter how much scrutiny we put it through. Just goes to show it's A+++++ quality.
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