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  1. @Kimbley2134 ... true ... moreover , minoz are waiting for LMH new drama. @gets0meair ... perhaps because the drama rating was not very good, that's d reason you didn't notice it anyway back to MOTA, i hope that the 2nd season of MOTA will be a movie... i think it will become a huge hit (well, it's just my thought) ...
  2. @gets0meairthe title of SYJ previous drama with MH is Personal Taste ... and regarding Legend of The Blue Sea, although I watched the drama the story didn’t really catch my attention (I watched the drama bcoz of the casts) ...
  3. HB confirmed for a new drama pairing wd Son Ye Jin ... I don’t know whether i’d watch d drama or not b’coz I didn’t find interesting in SYJ’s previous work with Lee Min Ho (the reason I watched Negotiation is only because HB ... his acting in Negotiation is superb) and ... i still couldn’t move on from Zinu ottoke
  4. SJJ is so selfish ... i do understand that writer has ‘ego’ ... still she has to consider that MOA script is a tv drama script where the customer is d viewer (d higher rating means more income)
  5. What an ending .... Aaaaaaa ... maybe there’s MOA season 2 there’s a possibility bcoz the ending is hanging just like that
  6. Annyeong chinggu... it’s raining and i’m so gloomy (after watching last night ep n preview of tonight) ... tbh, i dont have d courage to watch tonight’s last ep (watching longing eyes of JW n HJ, watching their love that grows stronger yet have to be part) Kudos for HB n PSH superb acting, superb directing from director nim ...how they interpreted script is marvelous... @Kasmic as Se Joo said that there’s someone who has finished the quest, ur 2nd poll is obvious, right?
  7. MOA is almost at the end ... one thing for sure, i’m gonna have a withdrawal syndrome If you don’t mind me asking ... please please stay for a while at this thread As much as i’ll miss our OTP love , i will also miss our chit chat here our fantasies our joy ... so please ... please stay for a while ps : when i close my eyes , i imagine JW kneel down in front of me hold my hands look me in the eyes and say ‘everything shall be fine’ gosh ... i’m sorry HJ ... i stole your hubby only for a few second ...
  8. Happy watching chingu-ya ... (I really really fall with this vid ... i hope you all also love it) cr. to the owner of this vid
  9. Annyeong HJ - JW please dont let me down for d next episode i wanna see a wedding party and both of you with your adorable kids ... note : dear zombies... please dont haunt them
  10. Thank you @Kasmic ; @katakwasabi ; @ktcjdrama ... i hope that kiss wasn’t the last kiss for JW - HJ ... bcoz everytime they kissed were not in d happy time ... If I’m not mistaken, director once said that there’ll be a mature scene for PSH ... i wonder what would it be (i would love to see ... JW n HJ cuddling in bed ... stroke his wife hair and said ‘annyeong wifey ... thank you for believing and understanding me... you’re d love of my life) ....
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